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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 482


Chapter 482: Chapter 482 - The Fallen Nascent Soul

Chapter 482 - The Fallen Nascent Soul

The ranks of cultivation were split into: the Body Tempering Realm, the Xiantian Realm, the Martial Emperor Realm, the Martial Ancestor Realm, the Martial Dominator Realm, the Martial Highness Realm, the Martial Sacred Realm, the Martial Progenitor Realm, the Martial Monarch Realm, and the Martial God Realm;ten realms in total.

The Death Emperor’s cultivation had reached the Martial Monarch Realm, which was considered the most powerful presence in the entire lower district without a doubt. Even the rulers of the upper district’s Eastern Continent would not dare to oppose him.

And now, a mere peak Martial Emperor Realm cultivator had plotted a scheme against him!


Countless rays of lightning descended like a raging downpour, consuming the figures of Jiang Bilan and Qin Nan.

Although the Death Emperor had now occupied Jiang Bilan’s body, his aura as an expert still remained, which allowed the Tribulation to detect the presence of an external expert. It then assumed Jiang Bilan to be someone trying to help Qin Nan to overcome the Tribulation. Therefore, most of the lightning rays were aimed at her figure.

As for Qin Nan, the pressure he was experiencing was significantly weaker, thus he was able to resist it with his control of the Sky Thunder.

Rakshasas[1] of Hell, the Cry of Death!”

Jiang Bilan spat out a drop of blood and used it as the trigger to unleash a powerful technique. It was as if countless Rakshasas phantoms were being awakened from Hell, uttering a blasting cry.

The lightning rays descending from above vanished instantly, but it only lasted for a breath’s time, as more rays began to descend from above and swallowed her figure.

Jiang Bilan’s face turned pale as she observed the endless terrifying lightning rays descending upon her.

Qin Nan was absolutely vicious!

“Underworld Bridge!”

Jiang Bilan uttered a roar while flinging her hand. An ancient bridge could be seen flying toward her from the Ocean of Death, forming a barrier above her while emitting an ancient aura.

Upon detecting the aura, the Tribulation became angrier as more powerful lightning rays struck down continuously.

Currently, the Death Emperor only possessed a hundredth—or maybe even a thousandth—of his full strength, and since he did not have enough time to restore his cultivation, he was unable to unleash the full potential of the Underworld Bridge.

Less than three breaths later, the Underworld Bridge was knocked backward into Jiang Bilan’s body.


It felt like her chest was about to explode.

She had managed to restore some of her cultivation through the plan she had set up previously by absorbing the force of the Ocean of Death. However, it had now been depleted in order to resist the power of the Tribulation, not to mention the severe injury she had acquired in the process.

Since when had the Death Emperor been this helpless?

Progenitor Wen Dao and his crew wore confused looks seeing this.

Was the Tribulation too terrifying, or was the Death Emperor’s cultivation not as frightening as the rumors had mentioned?

If the Tribulation ended up blasting the Death Emperor away, it would be impossible for them to refine Sacred Leader Qinglong.

Progenitor Wen Dao was only siding with the Death Emperor as they were mutually benefiting from it. However, if the Death Emperor appeared to be this useless, why would Progenitor Wen Dao join forces with him?

Qin Nan’s eyes were immersed in joy.

He had not expected that not only would the Death Emperor’s appearance not bring him any harm, it would serve as a great help to him instead.

Not only had he managed to resist the Tribulation now;the Death Emperor was also severely injured!

“Qin Nan!”

Jiang Bilan opened her eyes wide all of a sudden, which turned bloodshot, giving her a terrifying look.

An ancient force began to accumulate on her figure in a rapid manner.

As the terrifying rays of lightning landed onto her figure, their power dissipated when it was around three inches away from her head due to the ancient aura being emitted, leaving her unharmed.

At that instant, Tang Qingshan’s pupils contracted, while he cried out in a loud tone.

“Qin Nan, run away now. He is going mad!”

Qin Nan was taken by surprise hearing this.

The Death Emperor was going mad?

A Martial Monarch, although he had yet to regain his cultivation, would be extremely terrifying if he were to go mad.

Before Qin Nan had time to react, countless black clouds burst out from her figure accompanied by the suppression of the Martial Monarch Realm, as she snapped, “An ant like you dares to offend me? I will teach you the meaning of a Martial Monarch, the definition of an expert! Ocean of Death, hear my commands!”

Many among the crowd could feel a great pain from their brains.

Their divine Sense—which had almost shattered—vibrated vigorously due to the roar!


A shocking scene took place. It was as if the boundless Ocean of Death had been awakened, as an endless stream of water was emitted from the ocean, covering the entire area. In just the blink of an eye, the area within ten thousand li was flooded, as if the Dragon King[2] had uttered the command to drown the humans on Earth!

When all is said and done, death to all creations!”

Jiang Bilan fired her aura into the sky as the boundless streams of water were compressed rapidly into a drop of water the size of a fist.

The drop of water was extremely black, as if it were able to consume any light. It felt like an endless hole, which was impossible to see the end of, nor learn its true characteristics!


It was as if Jiang Bilan had exerted all her strength, causing her face to turn pale instantly as she slapped in the direction of the drop of water.


Under the crowd’s gaze, the terrifying drop of water was fired into the sky, shattering the rays of lightning in a destructive manner.

“This ain’t good!”

Tang Qingshan, Princess Miao Miao, and the rest were shocked.

Qin Nan could feel his brain shuddering as a shocking thought came to him.

The Death Emperor!

He was planning to shatter the Tribulation with brute force using his strongest attack!

The same thought flashed across the crowd’s minds, and before they could react, everything in the surroundings apart from the Tribulation and the rising drop of water had completely vanished!


It was as if the sky had been struck by a giant hammer.

The drop of liquid unleashed a terrifying power that violently penetrated all three layers of the Tribulation, resulting in a huge hole with a circumference of over ten li!

The Tribulation had been shattered!


A painful scream echoed into the sky.

The Tribulation had been shattered!

The process of overcoming the Tribulation had failed!

Qin Nan’s Nascent Soul received a tremendous impact as it exploded, causing its surface to be filled with countless cracks while its aura became extremely weakened. Meanwhile, Qin Nan was experiencing an extreme pain that devoured him like a surging tide.


A series of explosions took place on Qin Nan’s figure, which caused him to be thoroughly covered in blood in just the blink of an eye!

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: A mystical being in Hindu mythology that was later incorporated into Buddhism. For more information:

[2] TL Note: The Dragon King is the God of Rain in Chinese Mythology.


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