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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 480


Chapter 480: Chapter 480 - The Tribulation Arrives

Chapter 480 - The Tribulation Arrives

Jiang Bilan, the Saintess of the Trading Alliance whom everyone had forgotten after she had been crippled by Qin Nan.

Who would have thought the Death Emperor to be Jiang Bilan!

Did that mean the Death Emperor had devoured Jiang Bilan?


Jiang Bilan’s eyes turned icy as her gaze landed onto Xiao Zhonghuang’s figure.

Flames began to burst out from Xiao Zhonghuang’s body, causing him to cry out in agony and struggle on the Reaper’s Platform. A moment later, his body had turned into a pile of ash.

The crowd could feel a chill being sent down their spines while they witnessed this.

Had she just eliminated a peerless genius with a single sentence?

The eyelids of Progenitor Wen Dao and his crew jumped, but they did not say anything. To them, Xiao Zhonghuang had lost his usefulness.

“So… you’re Qin Nan?”

Jiang Bilan turned around and stared at Qin Nan’s direction. Her eyes were filled with an icy murderous intent.

“Are you the Death Emperor?”

Qin Nan frowned.

He could tell that the person before him was not Jiang Bilan.

Could it be that Jiang Bilan’s soul had been devoured after she took the black path?

“HAHAHA, I am the Death Emperor and Jiang Bilan at the same time!” Jiang Bilan burst out laughing while her aura caused the surroundings to quaver, “That being said, I’m not satisfied with this body. I’m more than happy to take yours!”

Just as the crowd had thought;the Death Emperor had taken Jiang Bilan’s flesh.

However, something had gone wrong in the devouring process, causing Jiang Bilan’s soul to merge with the Death Emperor’s.

And now, the Death Emperor had set his eyes onto Qin Nan’s flesh!

The reason being that he could sense a terrifying yet mysterious force being concealed within Qin Nan’s Martial Spirit!

That was definitely not the force possessed by an ordinary sixth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit!

If he were to acquire Qin Nan’s flesh, not only would he be able to retain his previous glory, he could also breakthrough his previous limits and reach a greater height in cultivation!

In the midst of his speech, the terrifying murderous intent instantly encapsulated Qin Nan’s figure.

Princess Miao Miao, Gong Yang, Zhao Fang, and Sima Kong standing beside Qin Nan wore pale expressions on their face.

“Are you planning to occupy my flesh?”

Although Qin Nan was not affected by the suppression, his hair uncontrollably stood on its end while his heart was filled with coldness.


Jiang Bilan let out a blasting roar.

An invisible force descended from the sky aimed at Qin Nan’s figure.

However, the force was different than the one that Jiang Bilan had used against Xiao Zhonghuang, as she had no intention to destroy Qin Nan’s flesh. She was only planning to erase his soul.

“Death Emperor, your strength now is not even a hundredth of your full strength, and you dare to act so scornfully?”

At that instant, a raging roar could be heard, which turned out to be from Sacred Leader Qinglong, who flung his hand and summoned gusts of ferocious wind that shattered the force.

“Old prick, you dare to interrupt my plan. Progenitor Wen Dao, I’ll be joining forces with you!”

Jiang Bilan’s expression turned incredibly dark.


Progenitor Wen Dao was immersed in joy.

Previously, when the Death Emperor had awakened, he had already transmitted his voice to her, but she had not accepted his suggestion.

The Death Emperor was only aiming to rob Qin Nan of his flesh;he had no intention to target Sacred Leader Qinglong.

Since Sacred Leader Qinglong was protecting Qin Nan now, the Death Emperor was left with no choice but to cooperate with Progenitor Wen Dao!

“Progenitor Wen Dao, deal with that old prick. I’ll need to recover my cultivation first!” Jiang Bilan wore an icy look as she sat down with her legs crossed.

The entire Ocean of Death began to vibrate vigorously as countless black rays flowed into her body like a surging tide, causing her aura to grow significantly stronger.

The black color of the Ocean of Death gradually turned faint as time passed.

It appeared that the Death Emperor had already planned this all along, so she could easily recover her cultivation after being awakened!

“The Dao-Seeking Strike of the Boundless World!”

Progenitor Wen Dao snapped as his figure was engulfed in blazing flames, setting the surroundings within a few hundred li on fire. Meanwhile, the formidable force of the Martial Sacred Realm was accumulated on his figure, causing his body to shine brightly.

Following this, the accumulated force was fired, aimed in Sacred Leader Qinglong’s direction.

“You alone are no match against me!”

Sacred Leader Qinglong harrumphed as he flung his sleeves without showing any sign of being intimidated.

The eyes of Tang Qingshan and his crew flickered ferociously as they locked their gazes onto Jiang Bilan’s figure and charged forward, but were interrupted by Sacred Leader Feiyang halfway.

An epic battle had taken place once again!

The crowd and the three geniuses were utterly astonished.

They had not expected the situation to develop in such manner after the trial ended!

What was going to happen next?

“Qin Nan, leave now!”

Tang Qingshan let out a roar all of a sudden, who threw his black saber. It appeared that the saber could understand Tang Qingshan’s intentions, which emitted a saber aura that encapsulated Qin Nan and his crew’s figures before bringing them away from the place.

The Death Emperor’s target had been Qin Nan all along!

If Qin Nan were able to escape, the battle would come to an end too, as the Death Emperor would no longer work with Progenitor Wen Dao!

“Are you trying to take away my prey? Even though I’ve yet to recover my cultivation, you ants are still no match against me!”

Jiang Bilan raised her tone toward the end of her sentence.

The black saber shuddered violently as an explosion took place within it, causing its glow to turn dim.

Since the Black Saber had initially been Meng Jiangnu, the Death Emperor could easily restrain her using her aura.

“Come here!”

Jiang Bilan snapped while summoning a giant claw, enclosing Qin Nan’s figure.

The eyes of Sacred Leader Qinglong, who was in the midst of the battle against Progenitor Wen Dao, turned icy as he planned to make his move.

However, Qin Nan’s expression changed tremendously at that instant.

A series of explosions took place within his body, before his Nascent Soul broke out from his control and came out from his body.


With Jiang Bilan targeting him, if the Tribulation were to occur now, it would be the worst scenario.

“Mm?” Jiang Bilan was taken by surprise, who then burst out laughing, “HAHAHA, what a great time to summon the Tribulation! If that’s the case, I shall take my time recovering my cultivation before stealing your flesh!”

Jiang Bilan immediately sat down with her legs crossed and started recovering her cultivation.

Tang Qingshan and his crew were astounded too. Such ‘perfect’ timing for the Tribulation to be summoned.

Meanwhile, the Nascent Soul floating in mid-air emitted a terrifying force absorbing the force of the Heavens and Earth, which covered the area within fifty li!

Fifty li was equivalent to over eight thousand zhang, and this was only the beginning!

The crowd, including the three geniuses, were absolutely astounded once again.

Are seriously you telling me that this was only the Tribulation of the Martial Ancestor Realm?


Jiang Bilan’s eyes flickered with excitement once again.

She had not expected her prey to possess such an outstanding cultivation apart from his Martial Spirit, to be able to form such a law-defying Nascent Soul!

Once she acquired his flesh, she would surely be able to achieve an unimaginable height on the path of cultivation!

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