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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 48


Chapter 48 - Mo Li's Evil Plot

During the time when Qin Nan was learning the Flying Saber Art, there were two figures standing outside the entrance of the Skills Library every day.

These two people were Lin Zixiao and Mo Li.

There was nothing much to say about Lin Zixiao, who was shamed in public and was prohibited to enter the Skills Library for the rest of his life, greatly affecting his future;it was reasonable for him to deeply hate Qin Nan.

As for Mo Li, in his view, since Lin Zixiao was a genius discovered by him, he was regarded as his subordinate.

Qin Nan, a mere ant with a cultivation of the fifth-layer Body-Tempering Realm, dares to treat Lin Zixiao like this isn't that considered a slap straight to Mo Li's face?

Apart from that, Mo Li had already planned to kill Qin Nan back at the White Jade Dojo.

Therefore, Lin Zixiao and Mo Li had been guarding the entrance of the Skills Library waiting for Qin Nan to appear so that they could work together to embarrass Qin Nan in public.

However, despite waiting for three days in a row, they had yet to see Qin Nan.

’’This Qin Nan, could it be that he knew we are waiting for him here? So he decided to remain inside?’’ Mo Li had an unpleasant look;he was not someone patient to begin with, but wasting his time by waiting for a few days straight had caused him to be hot-tempered.

Lin Zixiao's expression was nothing better, but he remained silent.

Meanwhile, two people could be seen walking out from the entrance of the Skills Library the one walking in front was none other than Qin Nan.

Mo Li and Lin Zixiao found Qin Nan in almost the same instant.

A surge of joy sparked in Mo Li's heart, who immediately went forward and said in a mocking tone, ’’Qin Nan, you dare to come out finally? I'll give you a chance;but if you don't kneel down and bow your head at me a hundred times, I'll teach you a lesson!’’

Following this, Mo Li unleashed a bursting aura toward Qin Nan with his cultivation of Martial Emperor Realm.

Beside him, Lin Zixiao had an evil grin on his face.

Now that I and Mo Li are together, what is the use of your great Martial Talent when your cultivation base is only the fifth-layer Body Tempering Realm?

Qin Nan was stunned.

He did not expect to bump into Mo Li and Lin Zixiao directly upon coming out.

As Qin Nan recovered from the shock, his face turned stone cold.

Initially, it was not a big deal between him and Mo Li;who knew that Mo Li would purposely wait for him outside the Skills Library, and the first thing he would say was to force Qin Nan to kneel down and bow his head a hundred times.

Who do you think you are;forcing me to kneel down and bow my head just because you are a Martial Emperor, and the disciple of the Third Elder?


As Qin Nan was about to refute, an icy voice appeared behind him;it was Gong Yang speaking, ’’How forceful, asking someone to kneel down straight away;do you really think you have the right to do so?’’

The words from Gong Yang were accompanied by an imperious aura;it was completely different than the calm appearance he had while interacting with Qin Nan.

Mo Li and Lin Zixiao were staggered.

They did not expect someone to back Qin Nan up at this moment.

Immediately, Mo Li and Lin Zixiao's expressions turned cold as they raised their heads looking toward the direction of the voice.

Mo Li's expression changed instantly with a glance.

Lin Zixiao who failed to sense the change let out a hollow laugh and said, ’’Who do you think you are? I would be kind and give you a piece of advice;stay away from this matter. If not, you won't have the chance to regret later!’’

As soon as Lin Zixiao finished his sentence, Mo Li shouted suddenly, ’’Lin Zixiao, shut the f**k up;this is Senior Brother Gong Yang!’’

After that, Mo Li walked up and forced a smile on his face saying, ’’What a surprise, Senior Brother Gong Yang, you're here too. If he affronted you, I hope Senior Brother Gong Yang would forgive him please forgive him.’’

Gong Yang wore a calm expression, who glanced at Ling Zixiao and said, ’’Mo Li, there's no need for that. I'm just a mere disciple;there's no reason to apologize to me.’’

Mo Li's face stiffened.

Ling Zixiao's face changed instantly;a pale tone appeared on it.

At this moment, even an idiot could tell that this Gong Yang had a formidable background if not, Mo Li would not have spoken in such a respectful tone.

Despite that, this Ling Zixiao dared to scold this powerful disciple?

Anyone would know that, in the Mystic Spirit Sect, there existed a lot of geniuses. Even if Ling Zixiao possessed a ninth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, which made him a super genius, there were lots of people in this Mystic Spirit Sect whom he could not afford to offend.

’’This is Ling Zixiao. He's new to the Mystic Spirit Sect, so he still lacks manner;I do hope that Senior Brother Gong Yang won't make a fuss with him.’’ Mo Li laughed hollowly and unnoticeably altered the topic as he said, ’’Oh right, Senior Brother Gong Yang, I hope you didn't misunderstand. The words I was saying were directed at this trash beside you;I wasn't talking about you.’’

With these words, Mo Li was trying to hint at Gong Yang secretly, what happened just then had nothing to do with you, so please don't interfere.

Upon hearing the words, Gong Yang let out a cold laugh and said, ’’Trash, did you say? Qin Nan is my brother;who gave you the right to insult him? Mo Li, I'm not wasting any more time with you;if you dare to say anything else, or continue to harass brother Qin Nan, then we shall meet in the Hall of Life and Death!’’

A murderous intent was emitted, with a sense of imperiousness fully exposed from the words.

Mo Li and Ling Zixiao's expressions turned dull immediately, as if they had just eaten something filthy.

This Qin Nan's cultivation is only the fifth-layer Body Tempering Realm, how did he become brothers with Gong Yang?

This Qin Nan is supposed to be a new disciple with no one to rely on. It's fine if Xiao Qingxue is fond of him, but even Gong Yang is looking after him now?

’’Sorry, sorry. We'll leave now.’’ Although Mo Li had a ruthless attitude, he would not dare to face Gong Yang in a duel in the Hall of Life and Death. As a result, he had no choice but to hold in his anger and give a forced smile, before leaving the place, grabbing Ling Zixiao along with him.

If they continued to stay, both of them would most likely die from depression.

They had waited for three or four days in a row just to insult Qin Nan. Now that Qin Nan had finally appeared, why did they become the embarrassed ones?

After watching the two leaving, an icy expression flashed within Qin Nan's eyes, who put his fists together and said, ’’Thank you, Brother Yang, without you, they would not give up so easily.’’

Gong Yang let out a smile and waved his hand as if it was nothing significant and said, ’’Qin Nan, stop being so polite. It's normal to help each other since we are friends. By the way, how did you and Mo Li become enemies?’’

Gong Yang wore a curious expression;logically speaking, Qin Nan is only a new disciple, and Mo Li is an inner disciple, how could they have a grudge against each other?

Qin Nan instantly told Gong Yang what had happened before.

After listening to it, Gong Yang looked at Qin Nan with a weird expression and said, ’’How come you are so close with Xiao Qingxue?’’

Qin Nan did not withhold the truth, who answered straight away, ’’Qingxue gave me a helping hand on multiple occasions throughout the journey here;it was all pure kindness.’’

Gong Yang nodded his head without saying anything;a hint of hesitation was seen in his eyes.

Should I inform Qin Nan about Xiao Qingxue?

Immediately after, as Gong Yang remembered Qin Nan possessed a Scarlet-Fanged Purple Dragon Badge, he burst out laughing and shook his head to get rid of his thought.

In the meantime, a pleasant voice was heard, ’’Qin Nan, you're done with your cultivation? Oh? Isn't this Senior Brother Gong Yang?’’

Xiao Qingxue approached from a distance;this time she was wearing a blue robe, the edges of the dress looked like a mist, which caused her to appear like a fairy. However, a confused expression was seen on her beautiful face.

It seems like Qin Nan and Gong Yang were having a friendly conversation, as if they are quite close to each other?

Since when did Qin Nan and Senior Brother Gong Yang get this close with each other?

’’Oh? It's Junior Sister Qingxue. I bumped into Qin Nan in the Skills Library, and we soon become friends with each other due to our matching personalities. Now that you're here plus the fact that I have something to attend to allow me to excuse myself.’’ Gong Yang brought his fists together and left instantly without wasting any more time.

This caused Qin Nan to be slightly surprised, why did Gong Yang leave immediately after seeing Xiao Qingxue?

Xiao Qingxue was not bothered at all, who looked at Qin Nan with a pair of flickering eyes and said, ’’Qin Nan, you're so lucky. You still don't know Senior Brother Gong Yang's identity yet, right? He is ranked top ten among the inner disciples;his Martial Spirit has reached the tenth-grade Huang rank. It's incredibly powerful.’’

Qin Nan was stunned;even though he knew Gong Yang was strong, he did not expect this Gong Yang to be this powerful.

No wonder Gong Yang had no respect for Mo Li just then;the difference between the two was huge.

’’Ok, let's put that aside.’’ Xiao Qingxue said in a serious tone, ’’Only five days are left until the Trial of Versatility. Come, follow me;you need to start practicing immediately. You must at least try your best to raise your cultivation to the sixth-layer Body Tempering Realm within these five days.’’

After hearing this, Qin Nan's face turned serious too;he nodded his head and followed Xiao Qingxue without wasting time.

My priority now is to improve my cultivation!

If not, in the upcoming Trial of Versatility, even if I have my divine Battle Spirit, and a Perfection Stage of One with the Saber, I would still be mismatched against those super geniuses with a cultivation base of eighth-layer or tenth-layer Body Tempering Realm.


...Mystic Spirit Sect, inside an abode of one of the inner disciples...


Mo Li and Ling Zixiao were seated together, with dull expressions on their faces.

In the past hour, they had barely said anything, which indicated how gloomy they were after what had happened previously.

’’Senior Brother, I don't care anymore.’’ Ling Zixiao had finally spoken up, with his eyes burning red, emitting a murderous aura, ’’As soon as the Trial of Versatility has begun, I will attack Qin Nan, suck his blood dry, and slash his bones;I want him to beg for his death;if not, my anger will not be relinquished!’’

’’Hmph!’’ Mo Li's expression was twisted, as he said, ’’Idiot! I have a plan instead. Let's collaborate with all the geniuses among the new disciples. We'll all attack Qin Nan when the Trial of Versatility starts, granting him a guaranteed death!’’

Ling Zixiao was shocked, and then refuted, ’’Working with other geniuses? Qin Nan is just a piece of trash, I can handle him by myself!’’

Mo Li stared coldly at him and said, ’’All the disciples will be spread randomly at the start of the Trial of Versatility. Are you sure that you are able to find him? This is why we must work with other geniuses;as long as Qin Nan bumps into anyone of them, with his trashy cultivation base, he would die for sure.

’’Besides that, you must keep this in mind;even if your cultivation is stronger than Qin Nan's, you must be cautious and plan ahead it's no good if Qin Nan is able to escape in the end!’’

Ling Zixiao inhaled sharply and said, ’’But, why would those geniuses be willing to help us?’’

’’You're so brainless.’’ Mo Li shook his head and said in a cold tone, ’’Don't forget, you're a super genius with a ninth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit. Why would these new disciples offend you just merely because of Qin Nan? They do not dare to offend you;instead, they would be sucking up to you. This is only the first the reason. Secondly, the Third Elder is my father. Thirdly, if we provide sufficient benefits, together with the first and second reasons;I won't need to say the rest...’’

After saying this, Mo Li wore a cruel expression, ’’But I dare to say, if there are three hundred participants in this Trial of Versatility, there will be at least two hundred and seventy people who would accept our offer and deal with Qin Nan;that trash would have nowhere to hide his death is guaranteed!’’

After hearing the words, Ling Zixiao was staggered, but wore an excited expression.

Qin Nan, with this magnificent plot, what hope do you a piece of trash have to survive it?

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Editor: DOCuinn


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