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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 475


Chapter 475: Chapter 475 - The Ultimate Battle

Chapter 475 - The Ultimate Battle

“Ten rays! It’s ten rays!”

“Oh my, ten white rays—a tenth-grade Martial Skill Talent!”

“Terrifying, absolutely terrifying!”


The crowd was left in awe seeing this.

They had initially thought the duel would end up in a draw. Who would have expected such a sudden change to occur at the final moment?


Tang Qingshan and the others were startled.

Death’s Servant had gone completely out of his mind, to dare and sacrifice his life force in order to boost Xiao Zhonghuang’s Martial Skill Talent!

Did that mean that their Qinglong Sacred Area had lost in the duel of the Reaper’s Platform?

“Sacred Leader Feiyang, do it now!”

At that instant, Progenitor Wen Dao snapped while his figure rose from the golden-purple throne and sprang in Sacred Leader Qinglong’s direction.

This time, it was Progenitor Wen Dao’s actual body instead of his clone. Therefore, a simple action from him caused the space within ten li to shudder violently!

Progenitor Wen Dao had long reached the peak of the Martial Sacred Realm!

“Tang Qingshan, prepare to face death!”

Sacred Leader Feiyang wore a hideous grin while his eyes were locked onto Tang Qingshan and his crew with a murderous look.

At that instant, the shores of the Ocean of Death experienced a sudden change in scenery!

The rogue cultivators could feel their souls shivering as their hearts were filled with endless terror. They immediately fled from the scene without hesitation.

A grand battle was about to take place. If they were to be involved with their measly cultivations, they would die without a doubt!

Song Yu, Lu Jian, and Miao Yuxin had not expected Progenitor Wen Dao to make his move all of a sudden. They immediately withdrew from the place.

“You’ve finally run out of patience. HAHAHA, so what if you’ve come first in the trial?”

Despite the deathly expression on Sacred Leader Qinglong’s face, he was able to utter a confident laugh echoing in the sky.

His weakened figure showed no sign of backing off. Instead, he stomped his foot on the ground and charged toward Progenitor Wen Dao!


Tang Qingshan and his crew knew that there was no other option left for them under such circumstances. They immediately unleashed their auras and charged toward Sacred Leader Feiyang.


The place was filled with violent explosions.

The area within fifty li had turned into a huge swirl, filled with ferocious gusts of wind due to the countless explosions. Even a peak Martial Dominator Realm cultivator would be killed instantly after being dragged into it.

The crowd and the three geniuses had managed to flee over a hundred li from the area. Their eyes were filled with great astonishment while they witnessed the battle.

They could never have expected such a terrifying battle to explode all of a sudden!

Little did they know that when the Ocean of Death was activated, Progenitor Wen Dao had been withholding his urge to make his move all along. After knowing that Xiao Zhonghuang had come first in the trial, he finally ran out of patience and waged war against Sacred Leader Qinglong!

The reason being that he could wear down Sacred Leader Qinglong’s energy through the battle, and when Xiao Zhonghuang was given the treasure, he would then use it to refine Sacred Leader Qinglong completely!

...Meanwhile, on the Reaper’s Platform...

Gong Yang, Princess Miao Miao, and the others felt their hearts shuddering after seeing the sight before them.


They still lost in the end!

Even though Death’s Servant had cheated in the end, they had no doubt lost in the trial!


In comparison to the shocking battle taking place on the shore, a terrifying force was emitted from the crystal coffin into the sky, tearing a gap in it, revealing a mysterious space.

Within the mysterious space lay seven ancient treasures, each emitting a powerful aura.

Death’s Servant’s pale face reddened slightly after seeing the treasures, as he used all of his might to utter a roar, “Xiao Zhonghuang has come first in the trial of the Reaper’s Platform. He will now be given the chance to pick three treasures…”

The words served as a shocking explosion in the hearts of the crowd!

Progenitor Wen Dao and the others who were involved in the battle, the three geniuses, and the crowd immediately glanced toward the treasures. Their eyes glistened after taking a glimpse!

One of them was a shaking flame with a strange crimson color, which was emitting an eerie aura.

The Soul-Consuming Fire!

This was the treasure that Progenitor Wen Dao and his crew were aiming for!

With the help of the Soul-Consuming Fire, they would be able to set up the Cauldron Formation of the Heavens and Earth, allowing them to refine Sacred Leader Qinglong!

Apart from that, the fourth treasure among the pile was none other than the herb with the shape of an umbrella that the three factions desired!

The umbrella-shaped herb: The Heaven-Shrouding Herb!

The people of the lower district might be clueless, but the Heaven-Shrouding Herb possessed amazing uses in the upper district’s Eastern Continent!

“The Reincarnation Badge…”

Death’s Servant stared at one of the treasures while his eyes reddened.

Once he acquired the Reincarnation Badge, he would be able to escape his fate as one of the dead and reincarnate as a human. When that happened, once Progenitor Wen Dao protected him from the spirit of the Ocean of Death, he would be able to escape from the control of the Death Emperor and roam freely in the upper district!


The faces of Tang Qingshan and his crew turned pale white instantly.

The Reincarnation Badge!

The Soul-Consuming Fire!

If these two treasures were to end up in the hands of Progenitor Wen Dao, both their Junior Sister and master would be in grave danger!

They were going to face utter destruction!

“HAHAHA!” Xiao Zhonghuang burst out laughing after identifying the three treasures. “I’ll be taking the second, the fourth, and the sixth treasures…”

At that instant, Xiao Zhonghuang was filled with indescribable excitement!

Once I’ve acquired these treasures...

I’ll be able to join the Dao-Seeking Mountain and be in the custody of Progenitor Wen Dao, granting me a bright future!

He might even stir a great chaos in the upper district’s Eastern Continent!

And the path to that future lay right in front of him now!

The expressions on the faces of Gong Yang and his crew stiffened, and their hearts stopped beating.

Each second felt like a century to them.

Did they lose?

Was this the end?

Qin Nan….

Qin Nan, where are you...

“These three treas——” Xiao Zhonghuang roared in excitement.

Before he could finish his words, a sudden occurrence took place.


A brilliant saber glow was emitted from the bottom of the Ocean of Death, slashing the water in half.

Following this, a black saber carrying a figure sprung into the sky like an ancient battle god.

A loud roar took place above the Ocean of Death.


Qin Nan had arrived!

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