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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 474


Chapter 474: Chapter 474 - Death's Servant Going Mad

Chapter 474 - Death’s Servant Going Mad

“Nine white rays!”

Gasp, a ninth-grade Martial Skill Talent!”

“The highest possible grade in this trial is the thirteenth-grade. Nobody in the history of the lower district has achieved a ninth-grade Martial Skill Talent!”

“Xiao Zhonghuang is doomed!”


The rogue cultivators spectating the duel possessed a cultivation of at least the Martial Ancestor Realm or above, thus they were relatively knowledgeable. When they saw the ninth white ray being emitted, they were utterly astonished.

Tang Qingshan and his crew were left in awe.

They had not expected the geniuswho was somehow representing their sect due to Qin Nan’s absenceto end up triggering nine rays of light!

Maybe with this result of nine rays, he could outmatch Xiao Zhonghuang and come first in the trial, turning the tables around!

...Meanwhile, on the Reaper’s Platform...

The colorful glow emitting from the crystal coffin was fired toward a certain spot all of a sudden, resulting in an explosion. An ancient treasure box could be seen appearing from it.

In the treasure box lay various Sacred Weapons, ancient mysterious elixirs, and Martial Arts with formidable power—eighteen different treasures in total.

Death’s Servant’s face was filled with great shock. However, he was obliged to carry out his duty, as he forced the words out, “Nine white rays, you are allowed to pick two treasures out of the pile!”

The trial of the Reaper’s Platform;the greater the number of rays triggered, the better the reward would be.

That being said, if one were to trigger more than eight rays and come first in the trial, the person would be rewarded again by the Reaper’s Platform.

The treasure and the herb that Progenitor Wen Dao and the other three factions of the Eastern Continent were aiming for were among the treasures assigned to the winner of the trial!

“I’ll pick these two.”

Gong Yang wore a calm expression as he flicked his finger. The two treasures that he had chosen instantly flew out from the treasure box and entered his body.

Even after acquiring two pieces of treasure, he did not seem to be happy, but let out a sigh in his heart.

“Nine rays of light is not quite enough, Xiao Zhonghuang still stands a chance…”

Gong Yang shook his head.

The time he had was too little for him. He had only acquired the Spirits of the Nine Symbolic Words eight months ago, and despite the huge effort he had invested, he could only raise his Martial Spirit to the first-grade Di ranked. If he had more time, he would be able to raise the rank of his Martial Spirit further.

However, since he had taken his attempt, he could only wait for Xiao Zhonghuang’s turn.

“Your turn!”

Gong Yang glanced at Xiao Zhonghuang with a calm look.

Xiao Zhonghuang’s heart skipped a beat as his eyes showed a nervous look.

Initially, with Progenitor Wen Dao and Death’s Servant teaming up, he was able to acquire the Heart of Bodhi and Dao Liquid just so that he could trigger nine white rays. However, from the current situation, the duel would be a draw if that happened.

If it ended up as a draw, the two would be allowed to choose the treasures in the end, thus making the situation complicated.

In other words, he had to beat the result of nine rays of light by triggering at least ten rays in order to secure the victory!

We’re speaking of ten rays of light. Even one with a fourth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit would not be able to do so!

How could he achieve that?

Obviously, Progenitor Wen Dao, Sacred Leader Feiyang, Song Yu, Lu Jian, Miao Yuxin, and the rest were aware of the same problem, thus their expressions had turned dark.

“Screw it!”

Xiao Zhonghuang clenched his teeth. He had no other choice at this stage. There was no way he could wimp out after coming so far.

Under the crowd’s attention, he took a step forward and placed his hand on the pillar.

At that instant, the entire place fall silent. Everyone held their breaths.

One ray!

Two rays!

Three rays!

The dazzling white light continued to be emitted from the bottom of the pillar, and soon reached the sixth light, causing the crowd’s hearts to beat vigorously.

The growing light soon stopped at the ninth ray.

Although nine rays of light could be considered an outstanding result, the minds of Progenitor Wen Dao, Sacred Leader Feiyang, Death’s Servant, and Xiao Zhonghuang were filled with an explosion!

Nine rays of light, a draw against Gong Yang!

The final reward of the Reaper’s Platform would be split equally among them!

Tang Qingshan and his crew clenched their fists tightly as they had not expected it to come to this.

Even though this mysterious genius had failed to defeat Xiao Zhonghuang, it was surprising enough for the duel to end in a draw!

It would serve as a great hindrance to the conspiracy that Progenitor Wen Dao had planned!

“I’ve been waiting for several hundred years. How would I allow this to be the final result? Burn my life force, let my soul be cleansed!” At that instant, Death’s Servant suddenly burst out screaming.

He had waited several hundred years!

In order for the plan to succeed, he had abused his authority to give Xiao Zhonghuang the Heart of Bodhi and the Dao Liquid, and had even kicked Qin Nan into the Mengpo River!

If the duel between Xiao Zhonghuang and Gong Yang ended in a draw, Progenitor Wen Dao would surely forfeit the plan!

How would he allow that to happen!?

At that instant, his figure was engulfed in a layer of illusionary flames.

He was sacrificing his life force!


Death’s Servant opened his mouth wide while three drops of blood containing his cultivation experience were fired onto Xiao Zhonghuang’s figure. At the same time, his aura dropped rapidly. His hair turned pale white as if he had just aged a few hundred years.

On the other hand, Xiao Zhonghuang’s aura rose tremendously after being baptized by Death’s Servant’s blood. His cultivation grew rapidly from the seventh-layer Martial Dominator Realm to the peak.

His eyes glistened ferociously in an extraordinary manner.


The ray of light that had stopped increasing on the black pillar flickered suddenly, before it rose again and reached the tenth ray!

Although the light was extremely weak, it was still considered the tenth ray!

Buzz Buzz Buzz!

The crystal coffin on the pillar began to vibrate vigorously, and instead of emitting a colorful glow, countless rays of purple light were emitted, causing the area within ten li to be dyed purple.

The demons floating in mid-air beat their chests with their hands while uttering furious roars!


The entire Ocean of Death was filled with explosions due to the cries, causing huge splashes everywhere.

The crowd was dumbfounded seeing this!

Ten rays of light!

Tenth-grade Martial Skill Talent!

The purple light of the crystal coffin, the wild dance of the demons!


Progenitor Wen Dao and Sacred Leader Feiyang did not expect Death’s Servant to sacrifice his life force at the end in order to increase Xiao Zhonghuang’s Martial Skill Talent with brute force just so he could defeat Gong Yang!

However, their expressions instantly became excited.

Either way, Xiao Zhonghuang had come first in the trial with his result of ten white rays!

They would be acquiring the treasure, the herb, and the Reincarnation Badge that Death’s Servant desired!

They were the winners of the ultimate duel!

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Editor: DOCuinn


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