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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 473


Chapter 473: Chapter 473 - The Ultimate Duel

Chapter 473 - The Ultimate Duel

...On the Ocean of Death, the Reaper’s Platform...

“How is this possible!”

Progenitor Wen Dao’s figure rose up while he wore a dark expression.

Even Qin Nan only possessed a tenth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit;where did this peerless genius with a first-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit come from?

The crowd exploded at that instant too.

“A first-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit! Sh*t, how come we didn’t know of his existence!”

Gasp, the duel is going to be exciting!”

“This peerless genius is representing the Qinglong Sacred Area. What a surprise that he is the trump card that the Qinglong Sacred Area had prepared for this moment!”


The rogue cultivators were utterly astonished, as their eyes were filled with great anticipation!

Most of them had assumed Xiao Zhonghuang to have a ninety-nine percent chance of winning the duel against Qin Nan!

Currently, since both Xiao Zhonghuang and the mysterious young man possessed first-grade Di ranked Martial Spirits, the odds would be fifty-fifty!

Song Yu, Lu Jian, and Miao Yuxin were taken by surprise too. However, their thoughts were different than the crowd.

Was this mysterious young man really the trump card that the Qinglong Sacred Area had prepared?

Did that mean Qin Nan was only a decoy?

However, when Progenitor Wen Dao, Sacred Leader Feiyang and the others cast a glance toward the crew of the Qinglong Sacred Area, they too were wearing confused looks.

They had literally no idea who this mysterious young man was!

However, judging from the circumstances, it appeared that this mysterious young man was on their side!

...Meanwhile, on the Reaper’s Platform!

Gong Yang, with his Martial Spirit unleashed, glanced toward Xiao Zhonghuang and the others and spoke calmly, “Do I have the right to challenge you now?”


Xiao Zhonghuang, Peak Leader Yang, and the rest were awoken by the words, resulting in twisted expressions on their faces.

They had finally gotten rid of Qin Nan.

But another more terrifying genius had appeared!

Death’s Servant’s expression turned incredibly hideous, as he glared at Gong Yang with a boundless murderous intent.


Why did this guy have a first-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit!

“Huh? Could it be that you are trying to get rid of me?” Gong Yang stared at Death’s Servant and said coldly.

The expression of Death’s Servant face froze. He had just suffered the punishment of the Ocean of Death, and since the Reaper’s Platform was activated now, if he were to do something to Gong Yang, the Ocean of Death would not spare his life.

“Don’t be too cocky!”

At that instant, Xiao Zhonghuang’s aura burst out once again as he snapped, “The outcome of the duel is yet to be determined!”

The expressions of Peak Leader Yang and the others improved slightly.

Not only did Xiao Zhonghuang have a first-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit, he was granted the Heart of Bodhi and the Dao Liquid as well!

“I agree with that. The duel between us will be the most anticipated duel in the lower district. We shall let the others have their attempts before us!” Gong Yang placed his hands behind him while casting calm glances at Peak Leader Yang and his crew.


Xiao Zhonghuang instantly accepted the suggestion without overthinking it.

Princess Miao Miao and the others immediately came to a realization after hearing the words. It was obvious that Gong Yang was trying to drag out the time, to await Qin Nan’s arrival.

Peak Leader Yang and the rest wore unpleasant looks after being looked down upon by Gong Yang. However, there was no need for them to utter any mocking comments under such circumstances. They all ascended the nine hundred and ninety-nine steps and arrived before the black pillar!

“The trial of the Reaper’s Platform has begun!”

“Aren’t those the Peak Leaders of the Feiyang Sacred Area!”

“Why are Xiao Zhonghuang and that peerless genius not moving?’


The crowd turned energetic while spectating the trial taking place on the Reaper’s Platform, resulting in a loud chatter.

Progenitor Wen Dao and Sacred Leader Feiyang glanced toward the platform with dark expressions on their faces. They could only wait and see who would emerge victorious in the duel!

...On the Reaper’s Platform...

Peak Leader Yang let out a huge cry while seven mystical rays were emitted from his back, together with his Martial Spirit.

Following this, he reached out his hand and placed it on the black pillar.


The entire black pillar shuddered violently, as thirteen bloody runes appeared on its surface, splitting it into thirteen pieces. Following this, one white ray, two white rays, etc. began flickering, which stopped after it reached four white rays.

“Four white rays, a fourth-grade Talent!” Death’s Servant announced with a loud voice.


At the top of the pillar, the crystal coffin suddenly fired a ray of light into Peak Leader Yang’s hand.

Peak Leader Yang lowered his head to inspect the light, and was soon immersed in joy. It appeared to be a rare elixir, which was capable of curing various poisons—it was extremely valuable.

The other Peak Leaders were startled seeing this. They took turns to assess their Martial Skill Talent.

One of the Peak Leaders who possessed an eighth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit ended up triggering five white rays, granting him a half-Sacred Weapon as his reward.

This was the trial of the Reaper’s Platform!

The pillar was split into thirteen pieces by the bloody runes, which were also known as the thirteen grades. A respective grade was represented by the respective amount of rays.

A participant with a greater Martial Skill Talent would end up triggering a greater amount of rays, thus granting him a better reward!

“I can’t wait to see how many rays will you be able to trigger!”

Xiao Zhonghuang let out a roar, before he arrived at the pillar.

Gong Yang scanned his surroundings and failed to see Qin Nan’s figure. He then took a deep breath and proceeded to the black pillar with confidence.

The atmosphere of the Reaper’s Platform instantly intensified due to the duel between the two Sacred Areas!

Everyone, including Progenitor Wen Dao, Sacred Leader Feiyang, the Imperial Exterminator, the three geniuses of the upper district, and the crowd of rogue cultivators had their eyes focused onto the platform while holding their breaths, as they were unwilling to miss out on a single detail!

The top two peerless geniuses of the lower district!

Two first-grade Di ranked Martial Spirits!

Who would end up at the top?

“My turn!”

Gong Yang let out a roar on the Reaper’s Platform. His eyes flickered as he reached out his hand and placed it onto the black pillar.


At that instant, the sky was filled with a shocking explosion.

One ray, two rays, three rays… Following the increasing number of rays, the light emitted from the black pillar shone upon the entire Ocean of Death like the sun.

The number of rays continued to increase rapidly, which finally halted at the ninth ray!


At that instant, a rare phenomenon took place. The crystal coffin that had been emitting a gentle glow suddenly let out a colorful glow, while the demons surrounding the coffin gazed toward Gong Yang and uttered shocking roars.

Nine rays of light;the extraordinary behavior of the coffin, the celebration of the demons!

Progenitor Wen Dao, Sacred Leader Feiyang, Death’s Servant, and the others were dumbfounded seeing this!

How could this guy possess such a terrifying Martial Skill Talent?

Even an ordinary second-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit would not be able to trigger nine white rays!

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