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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 471


Chapter 471: Chapter 471 - Gong Yang's Martial Spirit

Chapter 471 - Gong Yang’s Martial Spirit

...Meanwhile, on the Reaper’s Platform in the Ocean of Death...

Death’s Servant glanced at Progenitor Wen Dao and the others standing a distance away, before a grin appeared on his face as he said in a loud tone, “This is the Reaper’s Platform. The trial is split into two parts. First, you will have to ascend the nine hundred and ninety-nine steps! Only those who succeed in doing so will be able to place their hands on the black pillar to test their Martial Spirit’s rank!”

His voice was extremely loud, which served as a shocking thunder in the Ocean of Death. Even the crowd on the shore could hear it clearly.

“Let’s begin!”

Death’s Servant announced.

Xiao Zhonghuang, surrounded by Peak Leader Yang and his crew, placed his hands behind himself while ascending the steps, taking one step at a time like an emperor.

The crowd could feel their hearts hanging in their throat.

A first-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit!

The improvements to his Martial Skill Talent from the Heart of Bodhi and Dao Liquid!

How outstanding would Xiao Zhonghuang’s Martial Skill Talent be?

“Do any of you have elixirs that could raise one’s Martial Skill Talent?”

Gong Yang suddenly spoke. His eyes flickered with determination.


Princess Miao Miao and the Longhu Dominator Beast were startled.

What was he planning to do?

“I’m afraid Qin Nan would need some extra time before he arrives.” Gong Yang spoke calmly, “Therefore, before he returns, I will deal with Xiao Zhonghuang, and maybe Qin Nan won’t even need to dirty his hands against someone like Xiao Zhonghuang!”

Princess Miao Miao and the rest were stunned hearing the words.

Where did Gong Yang get his confidence from?

Everyone knew that Xiao Zhonghuang possessed a first-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit!

Death’s Servant, who was standing on the Reaper’s Platform, snapped after hearing their discussion, “Only the elixirs from the Ocean of Death are effective here. As for the elixirs you acquire somewhere else, no matter how much you consume, it will not have any effect…”

Gong Yang squinted and nodded his head slightly after hearing this.

Since he could not rely on elixirs, competing with his Martial Spirit was the only way!

Under the crowd’s gaze, Gong Yang arrived at the bottom of the steps and began ascending them.

His action immediately captured the attention of Xiao Zhonghuang’s crew and the crowd of rogue cultivators.

“Who is this guy?”

“Why have I never seen him before?”

“Is he a newly recruited genius from the Qinglong Sacred Area?”

“That’s strange, if he’s someone famous, we would know his identity!”


Progenitor Wen Dao and Sacred Leader Feiyang frowned after seeing this.

It took them a great effort just to get rid of Qin Nan. Why was there another genius now?

Xiao Zhonghuang let out a scornful laugh after seeing Gong Yang’s action, “Trying to compete against me? So, what’s the rank of your Martial Spirit? Seventh-grade Xuan ranked? Or Eighth-grade Xuan ranked?”

In Xiao Zhonghuang’s opinion, someone like Gong Yang would at most possess an eighth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit.

After all, a tenth-grade Xuan ranked genius would not be unknown to the public.

“Do you think so?”

Gong Yang’s eyes turned icy as he took a big step forward. A blinding golden glow was emitted from his back, together with nine ancient figures, combining into a terrifying aura.

At that instant, the expressions of Xiao Zhonghuang, Death’s Servant, and the rest changed tremendously.

The figures of Progenitor Wen Dao, Sacred Leader Feiyang, and the crowd shuddered violently.

A golden ray!

That man’s Martial Spirit was first-grade Di ranked?



...Ocean of Death, the Mengpo River...

Qin Nan could feel himself sinking into an abyss. He had lost track of time when a blinding light penetrated his mind and woke him up. His eyes eventually sprang open.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he could see the grey sky, which caused him to be shocked.

Where am I?

Am I dead?

As his mind was filled with doubts, a calm voice echoed in his ears, “You’re awake.”

Qin Nan was taken by surprise, and immediately raised his head. He could see a woman sitting on a stone bench three zhang away from him while being busy organizing the tea set in her hands.

Her hair was so long that it was touching the ground. She possessed attractive facial features, while her figure emitted an elegant aura. One would never feel bored after looking at her countless times.

“You are…”

Qin Nan was confused.

He immediately recalled something, and checked his body’s condition. He realized that his Thirty-Three-Dragon-Lined Golden Nascent Soul was still active in his body, while his heart continued to beat rapidly.

In other words… He wasn’t dead!

“Is she the one that saved me?”

A question flickered across his mind.

Before Qin Nan could say anything, the woman waved her hand and a few badges appeared in it. She then spoke in a calm tone, “Who are you to Tang Qingshan?”

The badges were the ones given to him by the Imperial Exterminator, Peak Leader Duanmu, and the others.

Qin Nan was startled, before a sudden thought came to him.

Tang Qingshan!

Who else would be related to Tang Qingshan in the Ocean of Death?

The only one could be his Junior Sister!

Qin Nan recalled that Senior Tang Qingshan had mentioned that his Junior Sister had turned into a dead soul in the Ocean of Death!

However, judging from the appearance of this woman before him, why didn’t she look like a dead soul?

“Senior, I’m a disciple of the Qinglong Sacred Area!” Qin Nan decided to prove his speculation, “Are you Senior Tang Qingshan’s Junior Sister?”

The woman was slightly startled. Her face was then filled with a nostalgic expression.

I’m not sure if she’s recalling her past, or something else.

“How’s the Qinglong Sacred Area?” The woman calmly spoke without answering Qin Nan’s question.

Qin Nan was convinced that this woman was Tang Qingshan’s Junior Sister judging from her reaction. As for why she could retain her appearance, he would have to wait for her explanation.

Qin Nan thoroughly explained the incidents taking place at the Qinglong Sacred Area.

“Progenitor Wen Dao, Death’s Servant, Sacred Leader Feiyang…”

The woman’s eyes turned icy as a shocking aura was emitted from her body, “Hundreds of years! It’s been a few hundred years! They still dare to target my godfather and the Qinglong Sacred Area! Very well!”

The entire place trembled vigorously due to the woman’s rage.

Qin Nan’s expression changed slightly.

He had not expected the woman to possess such a powerful aura.

The aura surpassed Death’s Servant’s without a doubt!

What... what exactly was going on?

A while later, the woman finally withdrew her aura as she glanced at Qin Nan and said, “I am Meng Jiangnu[1], Sacred Leader Qinglong’s goddaughter and Tang Qingshan’s Junior Sister. Of course, these are my past identities. As for now, I’m the spirit of the Mengpo River!”

Following the sentence, the entire place experienced a tremendous change.

Qin Nan finally came to a realization. The expression on his face froze entirely.

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: For those who are interested, the name ‘Meng Jiangnu’ (A.K.A Lady Meng Jiang) is the protagonist of a famous Chinese tale. For more information, visit


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