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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 47


Chapter 47 - Saber Intent Perfection

’’The one invented this Flying Saber Art must be a genius. There's only one variation of this Flying Saber Art, which is named 'Hundred Steps Soaring Saber'. Once it's executed, the saber would be fired, and would decapitate the target within a range of hundred steps;it's extremely imperious, possessing terrifying power. However, to learn this skill, accurate eyesight and firm determination are compulsory.’’

’’Apart from this Flying Saber Art, there are also cultivation notes about Saber Arts written in this ancient skill book.’’

’’I see, for Saber Arts, apart from being imperious, it has to be agile and flexible with variations too, giving an opponent a hard time to defend and predict it. I misunderstood it while I was practicing the Thundercrash Saber Art before;I assumed the execution of a Saber Art must be fast, precise and powerful;nothing more. However, as the condition of a battle changes rapidly and unpredictably, it is important to execute the most suitable Saber Art according to the situation.’’


While Qin Nan was flipping through the pages of the skill book, lots of thoughts were appearing in his mind, expanding his knowledge.

However, even Qin Nan did not notice that at this same time, a ferocious saber aura could be seen floating around him.

The scene had caught the attention of Gong Yang who was standing aside;a flicker was seen in his eyes as he thought, ’’This guy is indeed a natural born Martial Addict he's able to have a grasp of Saber Intent with just a cultivation base of the fifth-layer Body Tempering Realm, and reach the Greater Success Stage of One with the Saber. Furthermore, this Saber Intent is being unleashed unconsciously;this must be the indication of a better and deeper understanding of Saber Art as Qin Nan was practicing the Flying Saber Art.’’

With this thought, Gong Yang could not help but feel a bit envious.

Even though Gong Yang could be considered a super genius with his Martial Spirit's grade, it was impossible to improve his cultivation just by reading the cultivation notes from a book.

Unless Gong Yang consumed a lot of time doing so, he would be able to refine his martial art.

Until now, Gong Yang had clearly remembered, at the time he mastered the Greater Success Stage of One with the Weapons, his cultivation base had reached the eighth-layer Body-Tempering Realm long before;he was uncomparable to this Qin Nan before him.

As Gong Yang was having random thoughts, he looked at the now fully-focused Qin Nan and a sudden thought came up to him, This Qin Nan, would he be able to reach the Perfection Stage of One with the Saber with this skill book?

Shortly after, Gong Yang giggled and shook his head at this ridiculous thought.

The difference between Greater Success Stage and Perfection Stage of One with the Saber was significant;it was not something that could be mastered in a day's time.

In other words, the difference between Perfection Stage and Greater Success Stage was like the difference between a huge boulder and an ant.

According to Gong Yang's prediction, even if it was Qin Nan even as a natural born Martial Addict it would take him at least a month of dedicated cultivation to master the Perfection Stage of One with the Saber.

’’Maybe this Qin Nan is giving me too many shocks, causing me to believe he could complete such an incredible achievement this is fascinating.’’ Gong Yang let out a grin and walked toward one of the shelves. He grabbed a book of cultivation notes and started cultivating.

Time flowed quickly;two days had passed swiftly.

Qin Nan remained at his original spot;the Saber Intent on him was getting more and more ferocious and much stronger but it was still a distance away from reaching the Perfection Stage.

During this period, it was worth mentioning that the guardian of the third floor the old man in the black robe came checking on the situation once;after seeing Qin Nan and Gong Yang were both cultivating, he left immediately without saying anything.

Following it, an announcement was made within the Mystic Spirit Sect.

The third layer of the Skills Library would be closed for renovation not open to public for ten days' time.

The news was not well received among the outer and inner disciples, as they expressed their dissatisfaction. However, they could only accept it since it was the decision made by the authority of the Skills Library.

What they did not expect was that the reason the third layer of the Skills Library was closed for ten days was because the black robe old man did not want anyone to disturb Qin Nan's cultivation.

Jokes aside how would I be able to face the consequences if the bearer of the Great Elder's Badge went berserk after his cultivation was disturbed?

Qin Nan had no clue what was happening in the external world;he had reached a crucial moment of his cultivation.

In these two days, Qin Nan had entered the Martial Addict stance;he had finished reading the whole skill book.

The reason that Qin Nan was still cultivating was because of the Hundred Steps Soaring Saber of the Flying Saber Art together with the cultivation expression in the notes was way too complicated. Even Qin Nan had to digest it step-by-step, to grasp the basics of the Martial Skill.

Do you really think the cultivation experience of a Martial Emperor can be understood and absorbed so easily?

Hence, Qin Nan was now in a tough spot.

As if there was a huge door blocking him;he was having a hard time breaking through the door to discover the secrets hiding behind it, despite trying his very best to open it.

Only after a breakthrough would he then have a bit of understanding of the cultivation notes and the Hundred Steps Soaring Saber included in this Flying Saber Art.

’’Hundred Steps Soaring Saber refers to killing the enemy within a hundred steps. How is it possible to achieve such power? That's because, it is focusing the strength of the whole body to a pinpoint, allowing the flying saber to have a range of hundred steps... No no no, Hundred Steps Soaring Saber should not be this simple.’’

’’How about these cultivation experiences?’’

’’This genius keeps on mentioning being smooth with the Saber Art. It doesn't really make any sense... Hundred Steps Soaring Saber this terrifying skill focuses on imperiousness... It has nothing to do with smoothness.’’

’’If that's the case, I should be missing something, but what is it?’’


Qin Nan's brain operated at its highest rate;but still, he could not find a way to breakthrough this huge door before him.

At that instant, a blurry human figure could be seen floating behind Qin Nan;the figure slightly raised his head, as if he was looking straight through the galaxy an incredible aura was emitted.

The divine Battle Spirit had appeared automatically.

The moment it appeared, there was a sudden flash intrusion in Qin Nan's mind.

All the questions in Qin Nan's mind, all the mysteries, were gone instantly like dust blowing away;the mist of cloud had vanished, and the secrets concealed within it had all been revealed.

A joyful expression appeared instantly on Qin Nan's face.

’’I get it! I get it now! Hundred Steps Soaring Saber is not about gathering all the strength of my body into a pinpoint;it's referring to the 'eye of a formation'. This eye is just a saying;it's real form is my Saber Intent, which would be covering the area within a hundred steps if the eye is opened, killing the enemies at will within a hundred steps!’’

’’HAHA, there's more! The cultivation notes left by the genius are not talking about smoothness;they are talking about the heart!’’

’’The saber can be smooth, twisting, ferocious, sharp;it can be anything. Hence, the Saber Intent must be released freely from the heart. Only if it's released freely, it would be my own Saber Intent which would then be the true stance of... One with the Saber!’’

At that instant, the previously closed eyes of Qin Nan burst open.

Gong Yang who was initially cultivating with his eyes closed some distance away had his expression change and opened his eyes to look at Qin Nan after sensing something.

After the glimpse, a shocked expression appeared on Gong Yang's face.

The Saber Intent emitting from Qin Nan's body had the appearance of a flame;the breakthrough had caused it to grow incredibly. It felt like the Saber Intent was stronger and more powerful now.

The most important part was that, within the Saber Intent, an untameable, firm, and impressive determination could be felt.

The Saber Intent had reached the Perfection Stage.

’’What...what...’’ Gong Yang stared at him with his mouth open wide, not knowing what to say in this moment.

It has been only a short period of four days;within this period, Qin Nan had reached the Perfection Stage of One with the Saber, with just a book of cultivation notes!

Such terrifying speed;even the core disciples who Gong Yang had met before would not be able to achieve this.

Does being a Martial Addict grant you such terrifying power?

’’No way.’’ Gong Yang took a deep breath and thought, ’’This guy's Martial Talent must have surpassed a Martial Addict's and not by a little margin.’’

As he came to this conclusion, Gong Yang's gaze toward Qin Nan changed immediately, with a hint of this great importance.

When he first saw the Great Elder's Badge, he was scared of the background Qin Nan possessed after he realized Qin Nan was a Martial Addict, he then had some respect for him.

Now, Gong Yang viewed Qin Nan as a worthy opponent on par with himself.

In other words, if Qin Nan were to become Gong Yang's opponent now, Gong Yang would not be looking down upon Qin Nan just because of his cultivation base of the fifth-layer Body-Tempering Realm;he would be incredibly cautious when facing him.

However, Gong Yang would not know that, in the Mystic Spirit Sect, there was also a disciple who had already been fully subdued by Qin Nan after making contact with him.

That disciple's name was Bai Heng.

As the difference between Bai Heng and Gong Yang was huge, the final attitude of Bai Heng toward Qin Nan was like a slave seeing his master. Bai Heng was fully impressed as if Qin Nan had become his God, whom he did not dare to sin against or offend.

’’So this is the Perfection Stage of One with the Saber?’’ Qin Nan opened his eyes, feeling the powerful Saber Intent within him and found himself immersed in joy.

After that, he found Gong Yang standing not far away with a staggered expression and said, ’’Senior Brother Gong, why are you still here? Hmm? What happened to you?’’

Qin Nan was confused, why is this Gong Yang staring at me blankly all of a sudden?

After hearing Qin Nan's question, Gong Yang collected his thoughts immediately and took a deep breath;he then let out a humble smile and said, ’’I am a straightforward guy. Qin Nan, in these few days, you have definitely impressed me. From today onward, please don't call me Senior Brother formally. Since I'm more experienced than you, how about you call me Brother Yang?’’

Qin Nan hesitated for a while before laughing out loud and saying, ’’Sure, from today onward, I'll rely on Brother Yang to take good care of me.’’

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