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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 466


Chapter 466: Chapter 466 - The Successor of the Nine Symbolic W

Chapter 466 - The Successor of the Nine Symbolic Words

...Outside the Ocean of Death, the place where the two Sacred Areas were gathered...

The Beast of Death in the hand of Sacred Leader Feiyang turned into a cloud of black smoke following an explosion, causing the crowd to glance toward him with doubtful looks. Sacred Leader Feiyang glanced at the Imperial Exterminator and his crew, before he said in a calm tone, “My Beast of Death could only observe the situation in the first trial, thus we won’t be able to see what’s happening in the second trial. That being said, everyone is allowed to use violence in the second trial…”

Although the crowd could not spectate on the situation of the second trial, the last few words caused them to turn energetic.

Violence was allowed!

Xiao Zhonghuang’s cohort consisted of eighteen Peak Leaders and ten peak Martial Dominator Realm experts, while Qin Nan’s group only consisted of five people. If the two groups were to fight against one another, Qin Nan would definitely find himself in a disadvantaged position!

The eyes of Tang Qingshan and the rest glistened.

“The reward in the second trial is a drop of the Dao Liquid, which is capable of raising one’s Martial Skill Talent.” Progenitor Wen Dao ‘coincidentally’ explained to the crowd.

The words served as a great explosion.

Song Yu, Lu Jian, and Miao Yuxin could not help but admit that this Progenitor Wen Dao was indeed a cunning fox.

With the help of the Heart of Bodhi in the first trial and the Dao Liquid in the second, how outstanding would Xiao Zhonghuang’s Martial Skill Talent be when he arrived at the Reaper’s Platform?

Even they would not stand a chance against him.

“Sacred Leader Qinglong, what do you say? Will Qin Nan be able to reach the Reaper’s Platform?” Progenitor Wen Dao asked all of a sudden, with a disdainful look in his eyes.

Sacred Leader Qinglong gave him a calm look without saying anything.

The crowd could not help but let out sighs.

Qin Nan would definitely be targeted on the Underworld Bridge!

Furthermore, even if Qin Nan managed to survive the line-up of eighteen Peak Leaders and ten Martial Dominator Realm experts, he would surely be outmatched by Xiao Zhonghuang at the Reaper’s Platform!

The result of the duel was no longer in doubt.



...The Ocean of Death, the second trial: the Underworld Bridge.

“Imbecile, die at once!”

Among the eighteen Peak Leaders, three of them uttered raging roars before their figures expanded at the same time, emitting powerful might.

These three Peak Leaders were experts in the path of Body Techniques. Even after being suppressed by the Blood Magic, their flesh remained utterly terrifying, which felt like three huge mountains crushing downward toward Qin Nan’s crew.


The Longhu Dominator Beast uttered a roar while his enormous figure emitted a golden glow that encapsulated himself, before he crashed into the Peak Leaders without hesitation.


A great force appeared on the Underworld Bridge, resulting in a shockwave that swept into the surroundings.

The three Peak Leaders were utterly astonished as they had not expected the flesh of the Longhu Dominator Beast to be this outstanding, to able to match their combined strength.

Little did they know that the Longhu Dominator Beast had devoured the body of a dragon while he was cultivating in seclusion for a few months at the Qinglong Sacred Area, which allowed his body to improve tremendously. He could even resist the attacks of a first-layer Martial Highness Realm cultivator now, let alone three peak Martial Dominator Realm Peak Leaders!


Peak Leader Yang and the rest of his team emitted shocking murderous intent while unleashing various Martial Spirits, Martial Skills, and mystical weapons, resulting in a continuous glow shining upon the area as a great force was fired toward Qin Nan and his crew like a surging tide.

“The endless flower blossoms, Seven Deadly Sword Auras!”

Princess Miao Miao was the first to utter a cry, who fired countless pink rays toward her enemies with a flick. Following this, a demonic-looking seven colored flower blossomed on their figures, accompanied by powerful sword auras.

Previously, Princess Miao Miao had failed to rank up to the Martial Dominator Realm, thus her cultivation was still the peak Martial Ancestor Realm. However, she had managed to recover her Primary Force with the help of Qin Nan’s Chaos Qi, thus her strength was now equivalent to the fifth-layer Martial Dominator Realm.

Although a cultivation of the fifth-layer Martial Dominator Realm was not significant enough in this battle, it was sufficient to delay the actions of her opponents.

Even a minor delay would be considered as a great advantage in a situation like this.

“Heart-Confusing Smoke!”

Zhao Fang spat out a cloud of smoke that spread out rapidly, encapsulating their enemies.

This Heart-Confusing Smoke was an ancient forbidden drug. Once a person was encapsulated in it, even a peak Martial Dominator Realm expert would experience a period of dizziness. He had been initially planning to use the drug on Qin Nan, but he had not expected it would come in handy now.

“Dao-Breaking Talisman!”

Sima Kong uttered a roar while flinging his sleeves, causing twenty-five talismans to land on the seven-colored flowers. Following this, the talismans exploded, resulting in ferocious flames thoroughly enclosing the figures of the twenty-five experts.

The series of attacks were executed at a rapid pace, which only took a single breath’s time.

Although Princess Miao Miao, Zhao Fang, and Sima Kong’s cultivations were only equivalent to the fourth or fifth-layer Martial Dominator Realm, they were able to cooperate with one another without flaws due to their rich battle experience.

Despite the formidable cultivation of their enemies, their actions were delayed due to the wave of attacks.

At that instant, Qin Nan made his move.

Since he was the strongest presence on the team, as the Longhu Dominator Beast held off the opponents with his flesh, while Princess Miao Miao and the others took ahold of the opportunity to delay their actions, his job was to attack!

“Sky Thunder, Phoenix Flame, Boundless Saber Aura, Nascent Soul Suppression!”

Qin Nan uttered a roar and spat out his Nascent Soul.

As soon as the Nascent Soul appeared, the smile on Death’s Servant’s face instantly froze, while his eyes were opened wide.

What kind of Nascent Soul was that?

The Nascent Soul soared above the crowd with thirty-three shining golden dragon-lines on its surface. It emitted a dragon cry, before countless Sky Thunder, Phoenix Flames, and icy saber intents poured down onto the enemies like a thunderstorm!


Peak Leader Yang and the rest were astounded.

To their surprise, Qin Nan’s Nascent Soul had improved once again.

“Unleash your killing blows!”

Peak Leader Yang snapped.

The Peak Leaders immediately gathered their strength and unleashed various moves aimed at the Nascent Soul in a continuous fashion.

A cultivator of the Martial Highness Realm would possess terrifying understanding of Martial Arts. Although their attacks seemed to be simple, they all contained formidable power.

Even Qin Nan’s Thirty-Three-Dragon-Lined Golden Nascent Soul began to tremble vigorously facing the incoming attacks.

“HAHAHA! Qin Nan, are you seriously trying to fight us with merely two peak Martial Dominator Realm cultivators? What a ridiculous joke, prepare to die…” Peak Leader Yang burst out laughing.

The expressions of Princess Miao Miao and the others changed instantly.

Peak Leader Yang was right. No matter how law-defying Qin Nan’s Nascent Soul was, he could only hold out for a while!

After all, Qin Nan was facing them on his own!

“Cut the nonsense!”

Qin Nan’s eyes were filled with a boundless battle intent before Peak Leader Yang had finished laughing!

So what if you have twenty-eight people?

Even if there were one hundred enemies today, I would fight until I ran out of energy, and would never back off!

However, at that instant, a rare occurrence took place.


An incredible glow appeared, which formed into a terrifying giant dragon arriving among the Peak Leaders, before thoroughly exploding. The force of the explosion greatly astonished them,

The occurrence took place in a far too sudden of a manner. Even Qin Nan’s crew had not expected it.


Following a raging cry, a figure descended from above with a terrifying aura, while lashing out a punch ferociously.

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