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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 464


Chapter 464: Chapter 464 - The Underworld Bridge

Chapter 464 - The Underworld Bridge

The eyes of Song Yu, Miao Yuxin, and Lu Jian glistened.

As expected of Progenitor Wen Dao, even though Xiao Zhonghuang was sure to win with his first-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit, he would not allow anyone to disrupt his plan.

The breathing of the crowd halted.

Just like how Progenitor Wen Dao mentioned, how powerful would Xiao Zhonghuang be after acquiring the Heart of Bodhi?

Qin Nan would be completely outmatched in the duel against him at the Reaper’s Platform, without a doubt!

“Shameless to the max!”

Tang Qingshan and his crew emitted tremendous murderous intent.

They were all outstanding geniuses a few hundred years ago as well, thus they could no longer stand it after being picked on like this.

“Why are you being bothered by such a mere trick?” As the four were about to become enraged, Sacred Leader Qinglong calmly spoke, “Be calm at all times, and control your temper.”


Tang Qingshan and the others were about to something, but chose to shut their mouths after seeing the gaze from Sacred Leader Qinglong. They had no choice but to gulp their anger back into their stomachs.

A cold grin appeared on the face of Progenitor Wen Dao, This Sacred Leader Qinglong was still acting calm now.

He was eager to see if Sacred Leader Qinglong could remain calm when the participants arrived at the Reaper’s Platform!



...The Ocean of Death, first trial, the Bloodshed Tomb...

Death’s Servant ignored the looks from the crowd and flicked his finger. A magical fruit the size of a brain with a crystal-like appearance landed in Xiao Zhonghuang’s hand.

Xiao Zhonghuang burst out laughing after receiving the fruit, “Qin Nan, so what if you’ve come first in the trial? The Heart of Bodhi is still mine in the end!”

In the midst of his laugh, Xiao Zhonghuang did not lose track of his priorities. He swiftly devoured the Heart of Bodhi.


A few mystical rays of light were emitted from Xiao Zhonghuang’s body, causing his aura to turn mysterious.

“Son of a b*tch!”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered with lightning.

He took a step forward while his aura swiftly caused the Heavens and Earth to tremble as if an atavistic beast had awakened.

Peak Leader Yang and his companions who were immersed in laughter immediately switched their focus onto Qin Nan.

This Qin Nan dared to disrespect them!

Despite the presence of eighteen Peak Leaders and many Martial Dominator Realm experts, he dared to attack them still?

“How bold!” Death’s Servant snapped, “No one is allowed to use violence in the first trial. Anyone who breaks the rule will be prohibited from reaching the Reaper’s Platform!”

Qin Nan’s footsteps came to a halt as he raised his head and glared at Death’s Servant coldly.

“Qin Nan, don’t do it.” At that instant, Sima Kong suddenly transmitted his voice to him, “Death’s Servant was appointed among countless dead souls to take charge of the trials, thus he was given great authority. We cannot afford to go against his will now, but don’t you worry;if Death’s Servant did anything stupid at the Reaper’s Platform, he would be punished by the Ocean of Death.”

Qin Nan was startled by the words, before he glanced at Sima Kong with a surprised look.

He had not expected Sima Kong to know all this.

“This Death’s Servant targeted the Imperial Exterminator before, and is obviously being partial to Xiao Zhonghuang now. He is surely planning something, but they have no idea that I possess a fifth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit. Therefore, Xiao Zhonghuang would not stand a chance against me in terms of Martial Skill Talent…”

Qin Nan’s murderous intent gradually dissipated.

As Progenitor Wen Dao and Death’s Servant were working together, he could not expose too much about his Martial Spirit yet. He could only do so at the Reaper’s Platform!

Although he did not feel pleasant, he had to endure it for the sake of the Imperial Exterminator and Sacred Leader Qinglong.


Peak Leader Yang and the others wore mocking looks after seeing that Qin Nan did not dare to make his move.

Did he really think he had the right to challenge them?

Without Sacred Leader Qinglong’s protection, Qin Nan was nothing worth mentioning in their eyes!

“The second trial begins now!” Death’s Servant glanced at Qin Nan scornfully before he spoke, “I forgot to mention that those who are selected by me are allowed to proceed to the second trial without participating in the first trial. You, and you…”

The Death’s Servant pointed at the Peak Leaders and ten other Martial Dominator Realm experts.

The crowd became enraged after seeing this!


Shameless to the max!

This Death’s Servant was being completely unfair!

Death’s Servant was aware of the crowd’s gazes, who turned around and snapped, “Any objections?”

Despite being furious, the crowd could not help but feel their hearts shiver after being stared at by Death’s Servant.

After all, this Death’s Servant was at the half-Martial Sacred Realm. The suppression he emitted was not to be underestimated.

“This asshole…”

Princess Miao Miao squinted her eyes.

The Longhu Dominator Beast and Zhao Fang wore icy expressions.

Although they were extremely infuriated, they clearly knew that they must endure it for the time being!

“Let’s proceed to the second trial!”

Death’s Servant waved his hand, causing clouds of black smoke to transform into a giant beast that encapsulated the figures of Xiao Zhonghuang’s crew, Qin Nan’s team, the mysterious Zero, and over ten rogue cultivators.

Qin Nan could feel his figure turning light, before he sank downward and he felt his feet touching the ground. The black clouds had disappeared.


Qin Nan could vaguely feel something, thus he raised his head to take a look. With a glimpse, his expression changed greatly.

Before them lay a terrifying river, which was more than a thousand zhang wide, branching off into all directions as if it had been slashed open by a godly sword!

The water of the river was covered in the color of blood, and deep within it were countless pitch-black figures struggling and uttering cries in agony, causing the crowd’s scalps to turn numb.

These figures were all dead souls!


As the crowd was immersed in astonishment, a loud explosion took place on the terrifying river. Following it, a black glow was emitted from it which extended to the area before the crowd.

The black glow shuddered violently, before transforming into a stone bridge.

The bridge was eight zhang wide, with a dark red color, as if it had been formed with condensed blood. Apart from that, the bridge was filled with eye-catching ravines, as if a tragic battle had taken place there a long time ago.

A boulder appeared before the crowd, which was the height of three men. On it was written three bloody letters:

The Underworld Bridge!

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