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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 462


Chapter 462: Chapter 462 - Zero

Chapter 462 - Zero

Qin Nan swiftly moved between the graves.

Not every grave had Primary Stones in it. Some had herbs, art manuals, skill manuals, etc., but every loot was incredibly precious.

Qin Nan had combed over four hundred graves, and he was incredibly excited seeing the loot that he had found.

“Three thousand Primary Stones and lots of herbs. Since there’s still some time remaining, I shall continue to search the graves…”

Qin Nan’s eyes turned fiery while his figure moved between the graves like a ferocious tiger.

However, Qin Nan had no idea that his actions were stirring a great shock among the spectators outside the cemetery.

Death’s Servant, Peak Leader Yang, and his crew, and the rogue cultivators were thoroughly astonished.

The leading participant on the leaderboard was no longer Xiao Zhonghuang, but Qin Nan instead, and the figure behind his name continued to rise at a crazy speed.

“Five hundred!”

“F**k me, six hundred! He has entered six hundred graves!”

“Damn, how did he manage to enter six hundred correct graves?”

“Heavens! Seven hundred, and the other scores are rapidly increasing too!”


The crowd was utterly amazed.

Qin Nan was guaranteed to come first as he had now entered a thousand and twenty graves. Behind him were Princess Miao Miao, the Longhu Dominator Beast, Sima Kong, and Zhao Fang. All of them had achieved a score higher than five hundred.

They all possessed certain tricks which allowed them to determine if a grave was filled with dangers.

Although their methods were not as efficient as Qin Nan’s left eye of the divine God of Battle, their results were exceedingly impressive in the eyes of the crowd.

Besides that, there was a mysterious man with the name ‘Zero’ ranked behind Zhao Fang, who had entered more than four hundred graves, and the number was still increasing.

As for Xiao Zhonghuang, he was now ranked seventh, with a score of merely over three hundred graves!

At that instant, Death’s Servant, Peak Leader Yang, and the others were left in awe.

Even a peerless genius like Xiao Zhonghuang could not achieve one of the top five spots among the participants?

What kind of monsters were they!

...Meanwhile, outside the Ocean of Death….

Sacred Leader Feiyang suddenly rose from his seat and said smilingly, “Judging from the time, the participants should have entered the white path by now, and are currently taking the first trial at the Bloodshed Tomb. I do have a piece of an artifact here that will allow us to take a look at the situation taking place inside. Let’s see what kind of result Xiao ZHonghuang is able to achieve!”

Tang Qingshan and the others of the Qinglong Sacred Area were startled hearing this.

In previous years, no one had been able to observe the progress of the trials from outside. However, Sacred Leader Feiyang ‘happened’ to have a piece of an artifact which was capable of doing so this time.

Was it just a mere coincidence?

Tang Qingshan and his crew immediately came to a realization that the Feiyang Sacred Area surely had planned something that would allow Xiao Zhonghuang to achieve an outstanding result in the first trial!

As such, Sacred Leader Feiyang would purposely want the crowd to see the result.

What’s the point of this?

Imagine if Xiao Zhonghuang was leading by a great margin in the first trial, the crowd would assume that Qin Nan was no match against Xiao Zhonghuang, thus provoking them to utter mocking comments.

When that happened, Tang Qingshan and his crew and Sacred Leader Qinglong would feel disturbed due to the circumstances.

It was important to remain calm especially during high-leveled battles.

If the experts of the Qinglong Sacred Area were unable to retain their calmness, it would be easier to defeat them.

That being said, Miao Yuxin, Song Yu, Lu Jian, and the crowd were unaware of the conspiracy. Their eyes flickered after hearing Sacred Leader Feiyang’s words, and they could not wait to see the scene taking place in the first trial.

“According to our plan, Xiao Zhonghuang would have at least entered more than three hundred graves, while Qin Nan and his team could only enter more than ten graves…” A grin appeared on Sacred Leader Feiyang’s face while he glanced vaguely toward Progenitor Wen Dao.

Progenitor Wen Dao raised his head slightly.

“Everyone, this is the Beast of Death that I acquired coincidentally, which will allow us to spectate the first trial!”

Sacred Leader Feiyang yelled while he took out a little beast. Its appearance was similar to that of a toad, except that it was black in color, with a pair of reddened eyes.

As Sacred Leader Feiyang channelled his Qi into the beast, it was as if it had been awakened, causing it to let out a few cries. Its reddened eyes emitted two rays of light into the sky, which formed a red screen.

Through the screen, the crowd immediately saw the Bloodshed Tomb, Death’s Servant, Peak Leader Yang, and the others.

“Death’s Servant…”

Tang Qingshan and his crew had no chance of stopping Sacred Leader Feiyang. They raised their heads and saw Death’s Servant’s figure on the screen. Following this, Tang Qingshan’s expression darkened instantly while his eyes were filled with boiling murderous intent.

Even after a few hundred years, that guy was still not thoroughly devoured by the Ocean of Death!

“If Qin Nan were able to turn the tide around, Death’s Servant, I swear I will make you pay!”

Tang Qingshan took a deep breath to withhold his anger, before he took a closer look at the screen.

In addition to him, the crowd unconsciously glanced toward the screen and checked the leaderboard summoned by Death’s Servant.

However, with a glance, the smirk on Sacred Leader Feiyang’s face froze. The calm expression on Progenitor Wen Dao’s face changed tremendously as well.

The crowd’s faces were filled with utter astonishment.

Could… Could someone explain what was happening?

The entire place was immersed in dead silence for over ten breaths’ time, before an uproar took place.

“My god, Qin Nan has entered a thousand five hundred graves!”

Gasp, scary, absolutely scary!”

“HAHA, did you notice, Xiao Zhonghuang is ranked seventh instead!”

“F**k, Princess Miao Miao, Longhu Dominator Beast, Sima Kong, Yu Luosha, and that Zero, what kind of monsters are they?”

“These people are on Qin Nan’s side. Could it be that they are all peerless geniuses too?”


The crowd was left speechless!

Xiao Zhonghuang had a first-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit! It’s acceptable if he was being suppressed by Qin Nan the Maniac, but he was outmatched by the other five participants too?

How was that possible!


Tang Qingshan and his crew who were initially wearing displeased looks burst out laughing.

Sacred Leader Feiyang purposely took out the Beast of Death just so the crowd would be amazed by how outstanding Xiao Zhonghuang’s talents were, but he had not expected it to be a total bust!


Sacred Leader Feiyang’s face reddened instantly. If it weren’t for his ability to remain calm as a Sacred Leader, he would have completely lost his ground immediately.


Progenitor Wen Dao harrumphed with a twisted expression.

“Don’t get too excited yet. I don’t care how many peerless geniuses you have, the Qinglong Sacred Area will face total destruction this time!”

Progenitor Wen Dao mumbled to himself, whose expression turned calm as a sudden thought came up to him.

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