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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 461


Chapter 461: Chapter 461 - The Godly Eye's Display of Strength

Chapter 461 - The Godly Eye’s Display of Strength

Among the eighty-seven thousand bloody graves, only seven thousand were safe to enter. In other words, in every twelve graves, only one was free from dangers.

Apart from that, the first trial required its participants to enter at least ten of them.

“The Heart of Bodhi?” Princess Miao Miao’s eyes flickered with surprise, “This Heart of Bodhi is extremely precious. Once consumed, it will permanently improve one’s comprehension, Martial Skill Talent, etc…”

“Improve one’s Martial Skill Talent?”

Qin Nan keenly detected something strange.

Everyone knew that the trial of the Reaper’s Platform emphasized the participants’ Martial Skill Talent. Since the person coming first in this trial would be given the Heart of Bodhi, didn’t that mean that the winner of the first round would be able to achieve a better result later at the Reaper’s Platform?

“Senior Imperial Exterminator did remind me to be cautious of this Death’s Servant, and with the Heart of Bodhi coming into play…”

Qin Nan frowned as he stared at the middle-aged man wearing an eerie smile in mid-air.

“The first trial starts now. You have one hour!” Death’s Servant uttered a roar while his eyes glanced faintly in Qin Nan’s direction, before he gazed at Xiao Zhonghuang and gave him a nod.

Qin Nan immediately captured the interaction between the two, thus validating his speculation.

“HAHAHA, Qin Nan, I’ll surely come first in this trial. By the way, you should be more careful so you won’t die in the first trial!” Xiao Zhonghuang burst out laughing all of a sudden, while staring at Qin Nan with a conceited expression.

Peak Leader Yang and the others standing behind him laughed hollowly.

Before entering the Ocean of Death, they had spent over a hundred years investigating the place. They had managed to discover two hundred and thirty graves that were safe to enter.

There was no doubt that Xiao Zhonghuang would come first in the trial with the result of two hundred and thirty graves.

Under the crowd’s gaze, Xiao Zhonghuang sprang into the air and dived into one of the graves without hesitating.

The crowd’s hearts sank after seeing this.

They were not dumb and had figured out that Xiao Zhonghuang had somehow discovered a certain amount of graves to be danger-free.

“I must be careful in this trial!”

“Damn, does that mean I can’t even pass the first trial?”

“How would I be able to witness their duels without advancing to the next trial!”


The rogue cultivators of the lower district expressed their agony. They were here to witness the duel between the two peerless geniuses, but the first trial alone was already this difficult, thus they were hesitant to make a decision.

“Let’s see if the left eye of the divine God of Battle works!”

His left eye emitted a thunderous glow as he scanned at the graves, and immediately discovered a significant difference.

The grave that Xiao Zhonghuang had entered contained a mysterious force inside it, which most of the graves lacked.

“It appears that those with the presence of the force are safe, and vice versa!”

Qin Nan thoroughly scanned the rest of the graves and reached a conclusion. A faint grin appeared on his face.

Xiao Zhonghuang, I’m afraid the outcome of the first trial will not go according to your plan.

“Princess Miao Miao, listen carefully. These five hundred graves on the east are the right ones…”

Qin Nan swiftly transmitted his voice to his companions, including Zhao Fang. After all, he had saved his life at the Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains.

“Qin Nan, that’s very impressive.”

The Longhu Dominator Beast’s eyes subconsciously glistened, while Zhao Fang gazed at Qin Nan in admiration.

“Let’s go, time is running short.”

Qin Nan shook his head as he prepared to enter the graves. At that instant, his side glance captured a familiar figure, but before he could take a closer look, the figure had disappeared.

“Who could that be?”

Qin Nan wore a confused look, but did not overthink it. He went into one of the graves.

As soon as he stepped into the grave, his eyes flickered with excitement when he saw three hundred Primary Stones lying on the ground.

“If each grave has three hundred Primary Stones, five hundred graves would have…”

Qin Nan’s heart instantly turned fiery.

...Meanwhile, above the cemetery...

Death’s Servant flicked his finger causing a screen to appear. On the screen were over a hundred names switching positions continuously.

The one ranked first was none other than Xiao Zhonghuang, and after his name was a dazzling number: ninety-eight.

Gasp, a score of ninety-eight. He has entered ninety-eight danger-free graves in just a brief moment!”

“F**k, he is definitely cheating!”

Sigh, what can do you about it? This world is never fair to begin with.”

“Hehe, if Xiao Zhonghuang were to acquire the Heart of Bodhi, his Martial Skill Talent would be even more terrifying on the Reaper’s Platform.”


The rogue cultivators who had decided not to take part in the trial could not help but let out sighs.

Meanwhile, their eyes glanced toward their left with a hint of doubt.

The reason being that Peak Leader Yang and the rest of the Peak Leaders had yet to enter the graves, even though Death’s Servant had mentioned that anyone who wished to advance to the next trial must enter at least ten of the graves.

If they were not planning to advance to the next round, what’s the point for them to come here?

Peak Leader Yang and his crew ignored the crowd’s gazes. Their face was filled with grins when they saw Xiao Zhonghuang’s name in the first spot on the leaderboard. They then exchanged glances with Death’s Servant and nodded.

The Death’s Servant nodded in reply, while his initially eerie grin turned icy.

“With the help of the map, Xiao Zhonghuang will surely win the Heart of Bodhi, which would allow his Martial Skill Talent to improve further…” Death’s Servant took a deep breath as his eyes turned fiery.

However, at that instant, a rare occurrence took place.

The figures behind a few names at the bottom of the leaderboard rose rapidly.

The sudden change served as an explosion among the crowd.

“What’s going on? Princess Miao Miao has entered fifty-six graves?”

“Oh my, fifty-eight, no, sixty!”

“Longhu Dominator Beast’s ranking is rising too!”

Qin Nan too, he has reached the hundredth!”


Death’s Servant, Peak Leader Yang, and the others were stunned.

After a prolonged period, the initially lively scene turned incredibly quiet. The people stared at the first name on the leaderboard with their eyes open wide.

How… was this possible!

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