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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 46


Chapter 46 - Flying Saber Art

After entering the third floor of the Skills Library, Qin Nan was astonished at the sight before him

The entire third floor was built from an ancient wood together with the blood red color of it, there was a special scent from it. The scent enabled people to feel relaxed.

On the third floor, there were around ten large bookshelves;every single shelf was filled with ancient-looking books.

Qin Nan immediately approached one of the shelves and took a random book from it. A surprised expression appeared on his face after he took his first glimpse.

He saw a line in the book saying, ’’Jiang Liu, inner disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect had remarkable thoughts while practicing the Ultimate Martial Skill: Mystic Homing Saber Art. Thus, they are recorded in this book to be kept in the Skills Library.’’

’’I never thought that the book I randomly selected on this third floor would transpire to be a cultivation note from a Martial Emperor inner disciple.’’ Qin Nan exclaimed, after recovering from the surprise.

Immediately after, he could not help but feel excited.

The cultivation notes of Martial Emperor Realm experts were incredibly precious and rare;ordinary people would have a hard time finding one.

In the meantime, a voice full of curiosity was heard, ’’A new disciple?’’

Upon hearing the voice, Qin Nan turned around and saw an ordinary-looking young man.

However, Qin Nan's vision was no longer the same as before it had a special capability. He instantly detected the presence of a strong force within the young man's body.

Qin Nan was slightly staggered;the cultivation base of this young man had reached the Martial Emperor Realm it felt stronger than Mo Li's, even significantly stronger than Xiao Qingxue's.

What Qin Nan did not know was that the young man experienced an even bigger shock in his mind.

This was the third floor of the Skills Library;it was extremely difficult for even an outer disciple to enter here.

This one before him was only a new disciple with a cultivation of the fifth-layer Body Tempering Realm. How did he enter the third floor?

Just as the young man was filled with doubt, his eyes discovered the Scarlet-Fanged Purple Dragon Badge hanging on Qin Nan's waist.

With this glimpse, the face of the ordinary young man changed immediately it was filled with utter shock.

Could this be the badge of a great elder?

This new disciple before me, why does he have the great elder's badge? Who on Earth is this guy?

Luckily, the ordinary-looking young man had a strong mind, and soon recovered from the shock, before smilingly said, ’’I'm Gong Yang, an inner disciple of the sect. How should I address you?’’

It was the first time Qin Nan had met Gong Yang. Qin Nan kind of liked his easy-going attitude;he held his fists together and said, ’’Senior Brother Gong Yang, my name is Qin Nan.’’

’’Ah, so you're Brother Qin Nan.’’ Gong Yang nodded his head and grinned saying, ’’Brother Qin Nan, the badge on your waist;please avoid showing it so easily, it's quite terrifying.’’

Qin Nan was stunned, but soon came to understand, and smilingly said, ’’Thank you for the reminder.’’

This Scarlet-Fanged Purple Dragon Badge was nothing ordinary with the power it possessed;if other disciples were to see it, it was sure that Qin Nan's name would be made known to the whole Mystic Spirit Sect.

With Qin Nan's low-key personality, he would not like to be under the spotlight, causing rumors to spread.

’’Brother Qin Nan, did you come to the third floor to look for cultivation notes or skill books?’’ Gong Yang smiled and changed the topic.

This Qin Nan is not conceited;he's a straightforward guy that doesn't disguise his personality. Gong Yang had a good impression of Qin Nan;hence, he didn't mind being friends with Qin Nan.

Being friends with someone who had the great elder's badge was never a bad thing.

Qin Nan nodded his head and said, ’’To be honest with you, I am here to look for cultivation notes about Saber Arts. I'm happy if there are skill books related to Saber Martial Skills too.

’’Saber Martial Skills?’’ Gong Yang paused for a while, and said hesitatingly, ’’I do know there's a Saber Martial Skill. It's a self-invented skill, and contains cultivation notes describing the experience of practicing it too. It's one of the best if you want to improve your mastery of the Saber Art. The thing is, you would need a great Martial Skill Talent to learn it...’’

Upon hearing these words, Qin Nan's eyes flickered. He had never expected to find a self-invented Saber Martial Skill on the third floor of the Skills Library.

Qin Nan instantly ignored Gong Yang's last sentence and urged him, ’’Can brother help me find this skill book?’’

’’No... No problem at all.’’ Gong Yang hesitated briefly. He did not expect this Qin Nan to interrupt his last sentence like that;he then said, ’’If you are keen, I'll go and get it for you.’’

Gong Yang then turned around and flipped through one of the bookshelves, and pulled out a book from it.

Qin Nan immediately took the book and glanced at the title;on the front of the book was written: ’’A self-invented Martial Skill: Flying Saber Art. Learning it will grant you the ability to kill opponents stronger than yourself.’’

Even though there were not much description, a sense of confidence and domination could be felt.

With just this glimpse, Qin Nan was immediately attracted to it.

’’Senior brother, allow me to check this 'Flying Saber Art' out.’’ Qin Nan gave Gong Yang a heads up and sat down instantly. He could not wait to start reading the ancient-looking skill book.

Gong Yang was stunned once again;he never thought that this Junior Brother Qin Nan would have such outstanding behavior desperate to learn the Martial Skill just after he got the skill book.

Gong Yang found it quite hilarious, but when his gaze fell onto Qin Nan, a surprised expression was seen in his eyes again, ’’Natural born Martial Addict?’’

Qin Nan was fully focused on reading the skill book;at times, he would smirk, or have deep thoughts, or release a murderous aura. He appeared to be completely lost in his own world, separated from reality.

Gong Yang took another deep breath.

In his first glimpse of Qin Nan, he had been staggered after seeing the Great Elder's badge on him. However, at that moment, he only guessed that Qin Nan had a powerful background.

Hence, Gong Yang had never expected Qin Nan to be a natural born Martial Addict. If someone were to be fond of Martial Skill since being born, the person would have a great Martial Skill Talent.

The others might not know, but Gong Yang was clear on the significance of being a natural born Martial Addict the significance of having great Martial Skill Talent.

Even though in the Canglan Continent, being a natural born Martial Addict was not as important as the grade of one's Martial Spirit. However, natural born Martial Addicts had the capability to have breakthroughs in battle, causing one's power to increase incredibly to turn the tables it was terrifying indeed.

’’When the time comes, I'll make sure to be good friends with Qin Nan.’’ Gong Yang made up his mind. The reason was that Qin Nan possessed a Great Elder's badge, which alone was enough to let Gong Yang be fearful toward Qin Nan's identity.

Now, Qin Nan had won Gong Yang's favor after making this good impression.

If the outer and inner disciples of the Mystic Spirit Sect knew that the new disciple Qin Nan had won the favor of Gong Yang, it would cause a huge uproar in the Mystic Spirit Sect;Qin Nan's name would be famous too.

Despite that, Qin Nan in his current stance found it impossible to know Gong Yang's thought process;his mind was fully focused on the Flying Saber Art.

This ancient skill book did not merely record the Martial Skill, Flying Saber Art;it also contained the discoveries and cultivation notes of the skill book's author.

Both the Flying Saber Art and the cultivation notes regarding the skill were seen as delicacies for Qin Nan;it continued to attract Qin Nan, causing him to be fully immersed in learning the Martial Skill, unable to control himself.

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