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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 459


Chapter 459: Chapter 459 - An Intimidating Line-up

Chapter 459 - An Intimidating Line-up


Lu Jian, Song Yu, and Miao Xinyu withdrew their moves at the same time. Now that the Door of Death was opened, they would not fight Qin Nan any further, as he was about to have a final duel with Xiao Zhonghuang inside the Death Emperor’s Palace. If they were to interfere now, Sacred Leader Qinglong would probably kill them on the spot.

“Junior Brother Xiao, we shall continue our fight with Qin Nan after this!”

Lu Jian, Song Yu, and Miao Yuxin spoke immediately.

Xiao Zhonghuang’s eyes flickered as he nodded his head.

After acquiring the godly object at the Ocean of Death, Progenitor Wen Dao would then eliminate Sacred Leader Qinglong with its help, while the Feiyang Sacred Area would wage war against the Qinglong Sacred Area.

The experts of the Martial Highness Realm and above would take part in it, thus they would not have the time to focus on killing Qin Nan.

Therefore, in order to slay Qin Nan, he would need the help of these Martial Dominator Realm experts.

Meanwhile, unlike usual, the crowd of cultivators did not rush toward the Ocean of Death, but turned their heads glancing at Qin Nan and Xiao Zhonghuang.

The reason being that the Ocean of Death was the stage for the two to compete against one another!

“Let’s go!”

Xiao Zhonghuang glanced at Qin Nan disdainfully before his figure entered the Door of Death with a kick.

At that instant, Peak Leader Yang and the resteighteen Peak Leaders in totalmade their way toward the door as well.

“Hmm? What’s the meaning of this?”

“What are these Peak Leaders thinking? Are they going to start a war?”

“Unlikely, why would they do that now…”

The crowd was startled.

Qin Nan and his companions glanced at the Peak Leaders too.

“Blood Devouring Magic!”

Peak Leader Yang and the others uttered a roar as countless bloody snakes appeared from their bodies emitting terrifying hissing sounds. Following this, the bloody snakes coiled around their figures, causing them to be covered in blood. Their initial auras of the Martial Highness Realm rapidly dropped to the peak of the Martial Dominator Realm!

The cultivators were extremely shocked.

Suppressing the cultivation of the Martial Highness Realm to the Martial Dominator Realm...

Didn’t that mean that these eighteen experts would be going into the Ocean of Death too?


Peak Leader Duanmu and the others were astonished seeing this. They had not expected the Feiyang Sacred Area to have such a plan.

These were eighteen Peak Leaders! Not only did they all possess powerful Martial Spirits, their strength was terrifying too, surpassing the strength of ordinary peak Martial Dominator Realm cultivators!

Only Sacred Leader Qinglong remained calm as usual with a deathly aura, as if he was not aware of the shocking conspiracy.

“HAHA, Qin Nan, I’ll be waiting for you inside!”

Peak Leader Yang let out a hideous grin.

He hated Qin Nan to the core, and felt like crushing him into pieces even in his dreams. However, as Qin Nan was protected by Sacred Leader Qinglong, the Imperial Exterminator, and the others, he had never had the chance to do so. Although his cultivation was being suppressed, he now finally had the chance to kill Qin Nan in the Ocean of Death!

At that instant, the figures of the Peak Leaders flew toward the Door of Death.

“Let’s go!”

A peak Martial Dominator Realm expert of the Feiyang Sacred Area yelled out.

Following this, over a thousand Martial Dominator Realm disciples sprang into the sky while glancing coldly at Qin Nan, before they headed toward the Door of Death like a long dragon!

The crowd of rogue cultivators was left speechless seeing this.

Such a formidable line-up!

The line-up consisting of eighteen Peak Leaders and over a thousand disciples had never appeared before when the Door of Death had been opened in previous years!

The crowd immediately collected their thoughts. With such a line-up, not only would Qin Nan fail to slay Xiao Zhonghuang at the Reaper’s Platform, he would be eliminated by these people before he reached the end!

“Qin Nan, I would like to witness with my own eyes the splash you are able to stir this time!” Progenitor Wen Dao spoke with icy eyes sitting on the golden-purple throne. His voice was like an explosion, shocking the entire crowd.

“Is that so?”

Qin Nan’s expression remained the same.

It was the truth that he had not expected the Peak Leaders to enter the Ocean of Death as well, but it did not matter how many or how strong his opponents were, he was never intimidated.

“Qin Nan, this trip to the Ocean of Death is extremely dangerous. You must be careful at all times. We of the Qinglong Sacred Area cannot offer any more help to you, you are on your own. By the way, keep in mind that Death’s Servant inside is on their side. Once you’ve reached the Reaper’s Platform, you must acquire the first reward, and the Reincarnation Badge…” At that instant, Tang Qingshan spoke to Qin Nan in a serious tone.

“Death’s Servant?

“The first reward and the Reincarnation Badge, huh?”

Qin Nan nodded his head and took a deep breath, before he brought his fists together facing Tang Qingshan and Sacred Leader Qinglong.

“Let’s go!”

Qin Nan’s figure sprang into the sky at lightning speed with a kick.

“HAHA, Ocean of Death, here I come!”

The Longhu Ancestor Beast uttered a yell and flew toward the Door of Death carrying Princess Miao Miao and Sima Kong.

In comparison to the enormous line-up of the Feiyang Sacred Area, their group of four appeared to be quite insignificant.

“Let’s move out!”

“We must head there at once!”

“We have to spectate their duel!”


The crowd became lively as many of them entered the Door of Death.

In the blink of an eye, half of the crowd was gone. Despite that, there were still more than ten thousand people staying there, who were all here to witness the duel of the century!

“Qin Nan…’

Tang Qingshan, Peak Leader Duanmu, and the others subconsciously clenched their fists tightly.

The remaining hope of the Qinglong Sacred Area lay in Qin Nan.

It would determine the fate of Sacred Leader Qinglong and their Junior Sister!

Even though they were aware that Qin Nan only possessed a tenth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit, and thus his Martial Skill Talent was most likely no match against Xiao Zhonghuang’s, not to mention the fact that Xiao Zhonghuang was now under the protection of eighteen Peak Leaders and countless disciples.

However, they were left with no other choice. They could only believe in Qin Nan to produce a miracle!

Cough cough!”

At that instant, a series of intense coughs could be heard, which turned out to be from Sacred Leader Qinglong.

The coughs grew stronger, to an extent that he began to vomit blood. As the blood splattered onto the ground, it caused the ground’s color to turn black as if it was extremely corrosive.

The crowd could feel their hearts tightening seeing this.

The eyes of Song Yu, Miao Yuxin, and Lu Jian flickered slightly.

Judging from his appearance, It was highly possible that Sacred Leader Qinglong would not have long to live.

“Sacred Leader Qinglong…”

Progenitor Wen Dao wore a cold grin after seeing this.

This time, Sacred Leader Qinglong would never escape from his palm!

As for that trashy Qin Nan, was he still trying to be the Qinglong Sacred Area’s savior?

In his dreams!

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