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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 455


Chapter 455: Chapter 455 - The Opening of the Ocean of Death

Chapter 455 - The Opening of the Ocean of Death

...Feiyang City...

Since the great battle, the entirety of Feiyang City was immersed in an intensified atmosphere. The people finally felt relieved after Progenitor Wen Dao arrived in person.

...Meanwhile, inside the City Lord’s Palace of Feiyang City...

Progenitor Wen Dao sat in the leading position gazing downward at the crowd as he calmly spoke, “Qin Nan’s extraordinary strength was beyond our imagination. Now that all talented disciples were crippled by him, there is only one plan left. From today onward, I’ll personally execute a Blood Magic to limit your cultivation to the peak of the Martial Dominator Realm to prevent the Ocean of Death from detecting your presence. Any questions?”

The eyes of Sacred Leader Feiyang and the Peak Leaders glistened as they swiftly shook their heads.

Martial Highness Realm experts were not allowed to enter the Ocean of Death, as they would be killed immediately once they set foot inside. Even when one’s cultivation was concealed, the Ocean of Death was still able to detect the person’s cultivation.

At that instant, the doubts in their hearts dissipated.

Qin Nan’s strength was too overwhelming, and it would surely improve further within these six months. When the time came, there was no way Xiao Zhonghuang could defeat him on his own.

Only by abusing their experience in Martial Arts and battles would they be able to handle Qin Nan easily.

Once they were able to keep Qin Nan under their watch, Xiao Zhonghuang could easily outmatch Qin Nan in terms of Martial Skill Talent at the Reaper’s Platform!

Even though Xiao Zhonghuang’s strength was relatively weaker, he possessed a first-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit!

Progenitor Wen Dao’s eyes flickered with a hint of disdain looking at the crowd before him.

If it weren’t for the rules of the Ocean of Death, he would have brought his people from the upper district instead of relying on this bunch of idiots.

“Besides that, when the Ocean of Death is accessible, the other three factions of the Eastern Continent will be sending some representatives here to spectate the battles. Tell the people of the Feiyang Sacred Area to keep their heads down.” Progenitor Wen Dao said.

The crowd was left in awe hearing this.

The other three factions would send their representatives here?

They immediately came to a realization. For some reason, the other three factions were not allowed to interfere with the business of the lower district, but they had to keep an eye on the Dao-Seeking Mountain.

“After this trip to the Ocean of Death, I will finally be able to refine Sacred Leader Qinglong, and when that happens…”

Progenitor Wen Dao’s eyes emitted a cold glow.



...Qinglong Sacred Area...

Qin Nan sat with his legs crossed.

There was a huge Dragon Vein surrounding him.

The Dragon Vein was different than the one at the Mystic Spirit Sect. It was a few thousand li long and had awoken its intelligence. A terrifying aura was emitted from it, which showed its cultivation to be at the Martial Highness Realm.

Qin Nan was cultivating while absorbing the Qi within the Dragon Vein to improve his strength.

As for the Longhu Ancestor Beast, Sima Kong, and Princess Miao Miao, they too had gone into seclusion at the cultivating grounds of the Qinglong Sacred Area.

...Time passed gradually...

The shock that had shaken the entire lower district had long dissipated. Countless disciples looked forward to the opening day of the Ocean of Death, as they could not wait to witness the duel between Qin Nan the Maniac and Xiao Zhonghuang, the top genius of the lower district!

Five months were gone in the blink of an eye, and only ten days remained until the opening of the Ocean of Death.

The cultivators from various countries of the lower district had run out of patience and headed straight to the Ocean of Death before the day, thus causing its surroundings to turn lively before it was opened.

...Meanwhile at the Qinglong Sacred Area...


A series of explosions took place within Qin Nan’s body. The Nascent Soul in his body shuddered violently emitting a golden glow, forming the thirty-third golden dragon line!

His aura turned incredibly terrifying at that instant.

“What’s going on? I’ve already produced the thirty-third golden dragon line with the help of the Qinglong Dragon Vein, but I’ve yet to trigger the Tribulation? My strength now is equivalent to the peak Martial Dominator Realm…” Qin Nan’s eyes sprung open as he frowned, with no sign of joy on his face.

In the past six months, his strength had indeed improved a lot, but the Tribulation had yet to come, causing his heart to be covered in shade.

Could it be that he would never summon the Tribulation, and his Nascent Soul would just keep growing?

“I don’t believe this. How is it possible for a Nascent Soul alone to be improved to the Martial Highness Realm?”

Qin Nan clenched his teeth and prepared himself to cultivate further with firm determination!

At that instant, a cry of agony could be heard, “Qin Nan, you asshole, stop it at once. Don’t you dare continue cultivating, get the f**k away from me…”

The one uttering the cry was none other than the Qinglong Dragon Vein.

The Qinglong Dragon Vein no longer had its usual imperious appearance. Its original few-thousand-li figure had shrunken tremendously, while its glamorous glow had turned significantly dimmer!

The Qinglong Dragon Vein felt like dying right now!

When Tang Qingshan had brought him here to cultivate, Qin Nan did apologize in advance that his cultivating process would result in some pain to it, but it did not care in the first place. How much Qi could a mere peak Martial Emperor Realm cultivator absorb in six months’ time?

The next thing it knew, its assumption was absolutely wrong!

This Qin Nan was without a doubt a monster—a maniac!

He had managed to absorb half of its cultivation without unleashing his Martial Spirit!

“Senior…” Qin Nan felt sorry as he spoke, “Let me cultivate for ten more days, and I will take my leave. Deal?”

“Really?” The Qinglong Dragon Vein wore a doubtful look, but let out a sigh of relief after seeing Qin Nan nodding his head in a serious manner, “It’s fine then. Ten more days it is…”

Following this, Qin Nan’s gaze turned ferocious as five golden rays emerged from his back. The terrifying figure of the divine Battle Spirit stood firmly in mid-air!

At that instant, it was as if the Qi of the Heavens and Earth were thoroughly absorbed toward it. The scene of him cultivating was on par with a terrifying battle taking place!

“This is——”

The Dragon Vein wore a dumbstruck look!

Are you f**king kidding me, a fifth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit?

It then wore a blank expression on its face. If he f**king cultivates with his fifth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit for another ten days, did that mean he was going to absorb another half of my cultivation?

Qin Nan had not unleashed his divine Battle Spirit when he started cultivating here as he was worried about mistakenly absorbing the entire Qinglong Dragon Vein. Now with only ten days remaining, the Qinglong Dragon Vein should be able to survive his cultivating speed.

...Time gradually passed...

As the tenth day arrived, the previously giant Qinglong Dragon Vein had shrunk to a length of just over two hundred li, leaving it in a weakened state. However, the Qinglong Dragon Vein somehow comprehended something after seeing the divine Battle Spirit, allowing it to experience a breakthrough.

“It appears that thirty-three golden dragon lines is the limit of my Nascent Soul. I can’t improve it further…”

Qin Nan let out a sigh of relief.

If the Nascent Soul continued to rank up, it would serve as a disaster to him. The fact that the Nascent Soul could not improve any further was a sign that it had reached a certain barrier. Therefore, it would be able to summon the Tribulation when the time came!

That being said, Qin Nan could vaguely tell that the Tribulation was going to be extremely frightening.

“Six months have passed. The Ocean of Death will be opened today!”

Qin Nan’s aura turned ferocious while his sharp gaze was filled with a boundless battle intent.

Xiao Zhonghuang!

It’s time for us to settle the dispute!

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