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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 452


Chapter 452: Chapter 452 - Snowball

Chapter 452 - Snowball

The people of the Feiyang Sacred Area were dumbstruck, as no one had expected Jiang Bilan to show herself at this time.

Wasn’t she supposed to run away when she had the chance, since Qin Nan’s strength was unmatched?

They had no idea that the sly Jiang Bilan had already come up with a plan in her mind. She chose to charge forward instead of fleeing away under such circumstances in order to take advantage of this rare opportunity to get rid of Qin Nan completely!

“All Prospective Saints of the Feiyang Sacred Area, I’ve got a plan. Tell me the Martial Skills that you are good at and relax your souls so as to place yourself under the control of my Martial Spirit, so I can set up a powerful formation to eliminate him!”

Jiang Bilan immediately transmitted her voice to the Prospective Saints.

These Prospective Satins were already staggered after witnessing Qin Nan’s strength. They immediately agreed to Jiang Bilan’s plan after hearing her suggestion.

If they allowed Qin Nan to continue acting recklessly, not only would the reputation of their Feiyang Sacred Area be damaged, resulting in a great loss, the Sacred Leader and the Peak Leaders would definitely place the blame on them too.

It was better if they were to cooperate with one another and kill Qin Nan now. If they succeeded, they would even be rewarded tremendously.

Despite how law-defying Qin Nan’s strength was, there’s no way he would stand a chance against them all, right?

“Heart-Devouring Martial Spirit!”

Under the crowd’s attention, Jiang Bilan let out a cry while unleashing her Martial Spirit. She directly manipulated the ten Prospective Saints of the Feiyang Sacred Area into her puppets with the help of her Martial Spirit.

“Four-Sided Destructive Spear Formation!”

It was as if Jiang Bilan had transformed into a female general commanding her troops, placing the ten Prospective Saints into their respective positions in four directions. Following this, each of the Prospective Saints began to unleash their Martial Spirit while executing their weapons and Martial Skills, resulting in a magnificent scene.

Meanwhile, Jiang Bilan performed various hand gestures summoning formation flags behind each of the Prospective Saints in order to establish a great formation.


As the formation was established, the ten Prospective Saints were organized into a four-sided formation. The aura emitted from it gradually formed a giant spear floating in mid-air, covered in the color of blood. A strong murderous intent could be sensed from it, causing the crowd to shiver in fear!

“Nice one Jiang Bilan!”

Sacred Leader Feiyang and the Peak Leaders became energetic and joyful after seeing the formation. Even Xiao Zhonghuang would not be able to defend himself against this formation, thus it could eliminate Qin Nan without a doubt!

Furthermore, Qin Nan had already consumed a significant amount of energy!

The Leader of the Trading Alliance wore a prideful look as well. The reason he was willing to invest huge amount of resources on Jiang Bilan was not only because of her talent, but her wisdom too!

“Qin Nan… die!”

A slight hint of hesitation flickered past Jiang Bilan’s eyes, which was immediately replaced with excitement. She had failed countless times trying to eliminate Qin Nan previously, placing her in a miserable state.

Now that the formation was established, how could Qin Nan survive this time?


The ten Prospective Saints charged forward in a synchronized manner. The illusionary giant spear was even more terrifying as a raging storm was summoned at its tip, encapsulating an area of fifty meters square with Qin Nan in the center, preventing him from escaping.

At that instant, the people of the Feiyang Sacred Area were greatly astonished. Their hearts were filled with joy.

“HAHA, the Saintess is utterly impressive!”

“Such a powerful formation. Even a fourth-layer Martial Dominator would be killed straight away!”

“Qin Nan, this is what you get for being too proud of yourself. Die!”

“After he’s dead, we must hang his corpse on Feiyang City for a hundred years!”


The disciples were infuriated after witnessing Qin Nan’s attitude, thus they immediately mocked him after seeing the tide changing.

Meanwhile, Tang Qingshan and Sacred Leader Qinglong wore calm expressions on their faces, as if they were not worried at all.

“Trying to kill me with a mere formation? Great timing, it’s easier for me to slay you all this way!”

Qin Nan showed no sign of fear. Instead, a boundless battle intent burst out from his eyes!


His figure was propelled toward the formation with a kick.

“What is he trying to do?”

Sacred Leader Feiyang and the Peak Leaders were left in awe.

Was this guy out of his mind?

Was he trying to oppose the formation with brute force?

“All kinds of formation shall be suppressed by the law-defying Nascent Soul!”

Qin Nan immediately discovered the weak point of the formation to be located at the center with a single glimpse using his left eye. He then spat out his Nascent Soul with twenty-two Golden Dragons coiling around it into the sky, which suppressed the center of the formation with an unimaginable force!


The Nascent Soul emitted boundless thunderous flames encapsulating the formation, sealing its power.


Sacred Leader Feiyang and the rest were left speechless.

Even Jiang Bilan’s expression froze.

They had not expected Qin Nan’s Nascent Soul to possess such a terrifying capability!

It was only a Nascent Soul;a mere Nascent Soul that was formed in the Martial Ancestor Realm!

“Heavenly Accumulating Strike!”

Following the roar, Qin Nan thoroughly accumulated the strength of the flames, thunder, Saber Intent and his will, forming a light dot on the tip of his finger which was fired into the formation with a flick.


The crowd was dumbfounded.

The formation that they assumed to be powerful enough to eliminate Qin Nan was destroyed with a single blow!

How...was this possible!?

How was his strength this ridiculous!?

As the formation was destroyed, the Prospective Saints were severely injured as their figures crashed into the ground. Jiang Bilan, who was controlling the formation, suffered a tremendous impact, causing her aura to drop rapidly.

“How could this be? Qin Nan, you should have consumed most of your energy. How do you still have such formidable strength? This doesn’t make sense at all…” Jiang Bilan completely lost her mind after witnessing this.

Her plan had failed once again!

“Cut the nonsense!”

Before Jiang Bilan could finish her sentence, Qin Nan—whose breathing had intensified and forehead was covered in sweat—let out a roar and fired his fists toward her face without mercy.


Following the crash, Jiang Bilan’s nose was broken by the impact, causing her to let out a cry in agony.

Qin Nan was further infuriated seeing her reaction!

Since he had stumbled into her, this woman kept on drawing more enemies to him with her schemes!


It was as if Qin Nan had gone mad, as he continued to land the punches on his target. The sound of bones cracking sent chills down the spines of the crowd.

“From today onward, I’ll let you have a taste of living a crippled life!”

Qin Nan was quite tired after throwing more than a hundred punches. He immediately drew out his saber and slashed at Jiang Bilan and the ten Prospective Saints with a bursting Saber Intent to cripple them!

“Stop it!”

Sacred Leader Feiyang and the Peak Leaders were shocked.

If these ten Prospective Saints and Jiang Bilan were to be killed here, Xiao Zhonghuang would be the only genius remaining in the Feiyang Sacred Area!

They would never let this happen!


Both Sacred Leader Qinglong and Tang Qingshan squinted their eyes while glaring coldly at Sacred Leader Feiyang and the others, causing them to freeze in their place!

At that instant, Qin Nan’s saber was flung downward, and was only less than three inches away from the targets!

However, a rare occurrence took place at that instant!

“Stop it!”

A roar exploded above Feiyang City, as if it had descended from the Nine Heavens.

At that instant, the scene experienced a tremendous change!

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