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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 451


Chapter 451: Chapter 451 - A Total Sweep

Chapter 451 - A Total Sweep

“How is Qin Nan this powerful…”

Sacred Leader Feiyang and the Peak Leaders were shocked.

Didn’t Xiao Zhonghuang defeat Qin Nan with ease?

The strength that Qin Nan just displayed was equivalent to the third-layer Martial Dominator Realm!

Did Xiao Zhonghuang lie to them?

At that instant, Sacred Leader Feiyang and the others came to a realization, leaving a twisted expression on their faces.

That being said, since Xiao Zhonghuang was currently in seclusion, they were not able to confront him now. Besides, now that Qin Nan was challenging the entire Feiyang Sacred Area, if no one dared to battle against him, it would serve as a great humiliation if this were made known to the public!

“Lu Tiangang, Zhou Xuan!”

There was no way Qin Nan would wait for people to volunteer. His eyes locked onto two figures while his figure sprang forward with a kick.


The faces of Lu Tiangang and Zhou Xuan turned pale as they immediately executed their body technique, trying to flee from the scene.

“Trying to escape? Not on my watch!”

Qin Nan’s figure was engulfed in scorching Phoenix Flame, which transformed into two giant fiery flames that grabbed at the two escaping figures and pulled them toward him. Following this, countless rays of Sky Thunder encapsulated his fists as he hurled them at the two figures before him.

“Martial Spirit unleash!”

Lu Tiangang and Zhou Xuan were both eighth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit experts. Due to the extraordinary strength of their Martial Spirits, they both relied on their Martial Spirits in battles.

“Heavenly Accumulating Strike!”

Qin Nan uttered a roar while executing the Heavenly Accumulating Strike by gathering the force of the Phoenix Flame and the Sky Thunder onto his fists, transforming them into fists of thunder and fire before throwing out punches at his enemies.


A series of rapid explosions took place.

The two Saints of the two Sacred Areas stood no chance against Qin Nan even after unleashing their Martial Spirits as they were being beaten up like stray dogs.

“This is for myself!

“This is for Miao Miao!

“This is for the Qinglong Sacred Area!”

Qin Nan unleashed his anger as he continued to land the punches on his targets.

The people of the Feiyang Sacred Area could only see the two Saints crashing into the ground after being struck by Qin Nan in mid-air, leaving a huge pit. The cries of agony gradually dissipated following the punches. Only the sound of the impact remained in the hearts of the crowd.

At that instant, the faces of Sacred Leader Feiyang and the Peak Leaders began twitching while they clenched their fists tightly as green veins popped out on their foreheads. Not only was Qin Nan’s action humiliating the two Saints, he was also humiliating them at the same time!

That being said, they had no choice but to withhold their anger after seeing Sacred Leader Qinglong and Tang Qingshan staring at them.

It’s fine that these three are insane, but if we went crazy too, the plan that we put all our efforts into would be in vain!

“It’s too generous to murder you too. I shall turn you into cripples instead!”

Qin Nan drew out his saber and emitted a powerful Saber Intent shattering the meridians, Dantian, etc. of the two Saints. It was impossible for them to recover!

After dealing with the two Saints, Qin Nan glanced at the surroundings.

The disciples were utterly terrified when his eyes met with theirs, causing them to step backward.

Even the two Saints were mismatched against him. They would never stand a chance!

“Wan Changyan, Dao Poli, Long Shuang, Long Xuan, Lu Jin!”

Qin Nan immediately discovered the figures of the five Prospective Saints of the Qinglong Sacred Area!

The five could feel a chill being sent down their spines after Qin Nan located their figures. Without any hesitation, they reacted the same way as the previous two Saints did, running away in five different directions.

“HAHA, aren’t you acting scornful when you betrayed the Qinglong Sacred Area? Why are you running now?”

Qin Nan burst out laughing. Under the crowd’s gaze, five ancient sabers were fired into the sky from his back, each emitting a terrifying Saber Intent!”

“Hundred Steps Soaring Saber!”

Qin Nan pushed the five sabers forward at a rapid speed.


The five sabers propelled forward at a terrifying speed like five rays of lightning. Before the five Prospective Saints could react, their chests were penetrated by the sabers, causing them to let out cries of pain.

“Come here!”

Qin Nan did not stop there. His hands transformed into five giant fiery hands, grabbing their figures and pulling them toward him. He then threw the sabers aside and threw punches at his targets in a ferocious manner.

“Not only did you betray the Qinglong Sacred Area!

“You dared to assist Xiao Zhonghuang in hunting me down!

“Where are your f**king manners?”

Qin Nan became infuriated as he hurled out punches like a demon!

The entire place was still immersed in a dead silence!

The expressions on the faces of Sacred Leader Feiyang and the Peak Leaders were even more twisted. Green veins continued to pop out on their foreheads, while their auras were about to burst out from their bodies.


We must endure it!

We would fail the plan if we aren’t able to withhold our anger here!

“Not only did you ungrateful pricks betray the sect, you dared to set me up too!”

Qin Nan somehow managed to release his anger slightly through the punches. He then glanced at the five and picked up his saber and thoroughly destroyed their meridians!

At that instant, he showed no sign of hesitation!

This was how you treat your enemies!

If you decided to show some mercy, your enemies would abuse the chance to pay you back!

Hell yeah!”

Qin Nan let out a huge roar. Although he had consumed some of his energy due to the attacks, his battle intent was reaching its peak. He scanned the crowd and uttered a yell, “Is there no one else in the Feiyang Sacred Area? Where is Xiao Zhonghuang? Where is Jiang Bilan? How about the Prospective Saints of the Feiyang Sacred Area? Come out now and fight me all at once! I’ll defeat you alone!”


Absolutely conceited!

Sacred Leader Feiyang and the Peak Leaders clenched their teeth while their eyes spat fire!

A mere Qin Nan dared to disrespect the entire Feiyang Sacred Area!

Despite the fury of the disciples, many of them were utterly helpless and agitated.

Too strong!

Qin Nan was too strong!

Apart from Senior Brother Xiao Zhonghuang, no one would be able to match his strength.

However…Senior Brother Xiao Zhonghuang was now in seclusion!

“Qin Nan, don’t you be too full of yourself. Your life will be kept here today!”

At that instant, a loud roar could be heard.

The person was none other than Jiang Bilan.

When Qin Nan arrived with Sacred Leader Qinglong and Tang Qingshan, she had already guessed their intentions. Therefore, she instantly returned to her palace to grab the weapon capable of killing Qin Nan.

“Is that so?”

Qin Nan squinted his eyes. Countless icy glows flickered vigorously inside them!

Jiang Bilan!

You finally showed yourself!

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