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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 450


Chapter 450

Chapter 450 - Slaying Three Enemies in a Row

There existed a total of over ten thousand people in the Feiyang Sacred Area, and every single one of them was astonished by the sight before them.

Although there were countless battles between the Feiyang Sacred Area and the Qinglong Sacred Area in the past, nothing like this had happened before, with the Sacred Leader arriving in person!

Were they seriously going all out?

Sacred Leader Feiyang’s eyes flickered. In the past three hundred years, he had never had the courage to attack the Qinglong Sacred Area as he was hesitant to face Sacred Leader Qinglong. Even when Sacred Leader Qinglong was approaching his death, he still did not dare to make his move.

Even the authority of the upper district did not dare to do so, let alone him!

The reason being that Sacred Leader Qinglong’s cultivation was immeasurable. He was incredibly mysterious, thus it was unknown how terrifying his strength would be if he went crazy.

“Sacred Leader Qinglong, it is unwise for us to fight against each other now. I believe you are utterly clear of the situation. We will let the younger generations settle our dispute once and for all at the Ocean of Death…” Sacred Leader Feiyang withheld the anger in his heart and spoke calmly.

The other Peak Leaders did not dare to make any noise.

If Sacred Leader Qinglong and Tang Qingshan were to go crazy now, both sides would definitely suffer great losses despite how it would turn out in the end, thus it might affect their upcoming plan at the Ocean of Death!

If Sacred Leader Qinglong decided to battle to death here, what was the point of their plan in the Ocean of Death?

Sacred Leader Qinglong and Tang Qingshan remained quiet.

“Xiao Zhonghuang, Jiang Bilan, all geniuses, get your asses here!”

At that instant, Qin Nan uttered a ferocious roar. The saber in his hand trembled vigorously.

He could not care less about how the older generations settled their disputes. The reason he had blasted the city gate was to eliminate all geniuses today!

Only their blood could extinguish his anger!

The entire Sacred Area was immersed in dead silence.

Lu Tiangang, Zhou Xuan, and the rest of the Prospective Saints clearly knew how powerful Qin Nan was. If they were to battle against him, they would surely lose and be slain in the end.

Sacred Leader Qinglong scanned his surroundings and burst out laughing, “HAHAHA, Sacred Leader Feiyang, you’re right. If a battle were to break out here today, it would greatly affect the tide of the lower district! That being said, the geniuses of the two Sacred Areas could settle their disputes today!”

The Peak Leaders of Feiyang City immediately came to a realization.

Both Tang Qingshan and Sacred Leader Qinglong were not here to start a war, but to support Qin Nan!

Just to prevent the experts of the Feiyang Sacred Area from interfering the battle among the younger generations!

With this thought, Sacred Leader Feiyang and the Peak Leaders felt relieved, before cold grins could be seen on their faces.

Was Qin Nan trying to challenge all their geniuses at once?

Everyone knew that Xiao Zhonghuang had easily defeated Qin Nan at the Demon King’s Valley!

Qin Nan stood inside the city while glancing at the crowd confidently, “Why is there no one from this enormous city willing to accept my challenge? What’s wrong? Are you geniuses nothing but mere cowards? Where was the courage you displayed while trying to hunt me down? Ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous!”

Sacred Leader Feiyang and the Peak Leaders were infuriated hearing the words.

The experts of the Feiyang Sacred Area wore icy expressions on their faces.

How disrespectful!

He dares to look down on the entire Feiyang Sacred Area!

“Senior Brother Xiao Zhonghuang is now in seclusion. Even if he weren’t here, you have no right to be scornful here!”

At that instant, a raging roar could be heard, which turned out to be a Prospective Saint of the Feiyang Sacred Area with the name Yang Jian.

Yang Jian possessed a cultivation of the first-layer Martial Dominator Realm and a sixth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit, who was quite well known among the people of the Feiyang Sacred Area. Many disciples were immersed in joy after seeing him willing to stand out.

“Stars of the creations, Savage Star Martial Spirit, attack at once!”

Yang Jian let out a roar while six rays of mystical light were emitted. In the midst of the light was a round glistening circle. The circle suddenly expanded to a height of ten zhang and emitted a blinding glow, before launching an attack in Qin Nan’s direction murderously.

Yang Jian was a cultivator focusing on the path of the Martial Spirit. His Martial Spirit was his greatest killing blow!

“Be gone!”

Qin Nan opened his eyes wide while his figure propelled forward like a rocket with a kick. With a single punch, he shattered the Savage Star Martial Spirit into pieces while his figure turned in mid-air and launched a kick aiming at Yang Jian’s chest.


A loud cry of agony could be heard.

Under the crowd’s attention, Yang Jian’s figure was immediately sent flying by the kick like an arrow being released and landed inside Feiyang City. His aura could not be sensed any longer. An instant kill!

Sacred Leader Feiyang and the Peak Leaders were utterly astonished.

The entire Feiyang City was immersed in dead silence again!

How was this possible!

Yang Jian possessed a first-layer Martial Dominator Realm cultivation. He could even stand a chance battling against Xiao Zhonghuang!

How was such a powerful Yang Jian killed with a single blow?

Are you kidding me!

“Xiao Zhonghuang, Jiang Bilan, how long do I have to wait before you show yourselves?”

Qin Nan uttered another roar while his left eye flickered with a thunderous glow as he glanced at the crowd, trying to find certain people.

At that instant, not a single genius dared to volunteer!

They clearly knew that they were no match against Qin Nan!

“Li Tao, Ye Hu, where are you trying to hide? Die!”

Qin Nan’s eyes managed to find two familiar figures within the crowd, who were two Prospective Saints that had betrayed the Qinglong Sacred Area and assisted Xiao Zhonghuang in trying to kill him at the Demon King’s Valley!

With a flicker, his figure sprang forward holding a saber in his hand before hurling a slash aiming at the two, producing a terrifying Saber Intent.

Li Tao and Ye Hu had initially decided to sneak away, but to their surprise, Qin Nan attacked them all of a sudden, causing their scalps to go numb as they screamed, “Peak Leader, save me!”

“Qin Nan, stop it!”

The Peak Leaders were utterly shocked and terrified while they burst out yelling.


Tang Qingshan took a step forward and slightly raised the black saber in his hand. The sight of it served as a great shock to the eyes of the Peak Leaders, causing them to be rooted to the ground.


Accompanied by a magnificent aura, the saber in Qin Nan’s hand was hurled downward slaying the two Prospective Saints, causing blood to be splattered everywhere.

The people of the Feiyang Sacred Area were left speechless.

Those were two Prospective Saints!

Did Qin Nan just kill them that easily?

“Xiao Zhonghuang, Jiang Bilan, get your asses over here!”

Qin Nan showed no sign of stopping after slaying two enemies. The roar he uttered was even louder, thoroughly filled with shocking battle intent!

Over ten thousand people of the Sacred Area, including more than ten geniuses, did not dare to budge!

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