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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 45


Chapter 45 - The Scarlet-Fanged Purple Dragon Badge

The reasons why Qin Nan wanted to try were;firstly, to get the badge which would allow him to enter the Skill Library freely;and secondly, he knew that the divine Battle Spirit could boost his Martial Skill talent, and he was confident enough in the capability of his divine Battle Spirit.

However, Qin Nan had never expected it to turn out like this.

In the end, not only did he not trigger the rare occurrence of the Ocean Crescent Boulder, did he really just end up shattering the boulder into pieces?

After collecting his thoughts, Qin Nan swallowed his saliva and looked cautiously toward where Old Shan stood.

Old Shan appeared to be staring at the pieces of the Ocean Crescent Boulder;his face alternating between turning pale-white and furious-red, as if he were performing a rapid face-changing trick.

This scene caused Qin Nan's heart to beat faster.

This Old Shan, will he ask me for compensation?

Old Shan's face kept twitching.

Previously, in order to get a hold of the Ocean Crescent Boulder, he had paid a huge price for it.

Since then, he had treated the Ocean Crescent Boulder as one of his most precious treasures;even when some expert cultivators expressed their interest with insane prices, he had never thought of selling it.

However, today just a moment ago his most precious treasure had shattered into pieces, and in such a ridiculous way.

It made him feel like his heart was bleeding.

’’Qin Nan...’’ Old Shan took a deep breath, trying his very best to remain calm, and said, ’’What happened just then isn't your fault. I will not ask you for compensation.’’

Although he had tried his best to make himself sound calm, Qin Nan was able to detect a hint of murderous intent from the words.

After saying these words, Old Shan appeared to have a sudden realization his expression changed instantly, as he looked at Qin Nan with a gaze burning with intensity.

Before that, Old Shan was heartbroken as his Ocean Crescent Boulder had just shattered before him, which distracted him from the most important question.

This Qin Nan before him only possessed a cultivation of the fifth-layer Body Tempering Realm;even if he consumed all his energy, it should still be impossible to shatter the Ocean Crescent Boulder to pieces.

If so, why did the Ocean Crescent Boulder shatter all of a sudden?

The only explanation was that, when Qin Nan unleashed his Martial Spirit, his Martial Skill talent had exceeded the limit the Ocean Crescent Boulder was able to withstand.

This gaze from Old Shan caused Qin Nan's expression to change, as he said, ’’Old Shan, I didn't mean to do this. If you want me to compensate, I'll pay you after I have enough money in the future.’’

Upon hearing this, Old Shan recovered from the shock and tried his best to conceal his astonishment. He calmly said, ’’Qin Nan, you are mistaken. I won't force you to compensate me for the Ocean Crescent Boulder. Quite the opposite I'll give you the Scarlet-Fanged Purple Dragon Badge. With this badge, from today onward, you are allowed to enter every floor of the Skills Library at your own discretion;you can choose whatever Martial Skills you want.

’’Huh?’’ Qin Nan was stunned. What happened to Old Shan? Instead of blaming me, he is giving me such a valuable gift?

After seeing Qin Nan's reaction, Old Shan could not help but snicker, while saying, ’’Qin Nan, why do you think the Ocean Crescent Boulder shattered all of a sudden? There's only one possibility your Martial Skill talent has exceeded the limit of the Ocean Crescent Boulder.’’

After hearing these words, Qin Nan finally understood. No wonder Old Shan did not blame me, but chose to give me the Scarlet-Fanged Purple Dragon Badge. It's because my Martial Skill talent has exceeded the limit of the Ocean Crescent Boulder.

With this, Qin Nan finally felt relieved;at the same time, a thought came to him once again his divine Battle Spirit was absolutely terrifying.

As Old Shan waved his hand, a badge appeared in it.

The badge was similar to the previous one;it was purple in color, like a cloud of purple smoke. In addition to that, a roaring scarlet dragon head could be seen on the badge;it looked alive, and intimidating.

Old Shan smiled gently and said, ’’Qin Nan, this badge is the Scarlet-Fanged Purple Dragon Badge. Apart from being able to enter the Skills Library freely, you are also allowed to enter the Treasure Vault. However, if you want to enter the other halls, you would have to become a real disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect after participating in the Trial of Versatility.'

’’I can even enter the Treasure Vault?’’ Qin Nan's expression changed.

After he heard this, Qin Nan immediately realized that the power granted by this small Scarlet-Fanged Purple Dragon Badge was more terrifying than his expectations.

’’Thank you, Old Shan. I will remember your kindness for sure.’’ After hesitating momentarily, Qin Nan had decided to accept the badge without any further qualms.

This badge was far too useful to Qin Nan.

Old Shan nodded his head and said, ’’Qin Nan, even though you now have this Scarlet-Fanged Purple Dragon Badge, you can only enter the third floor of the Skills Library. After your cultivation base improves, you will then be able to proceed to higher floors with this badge.’’

After saying this, instead of wasting any more time talking, Old Shan waved his hand at Qin Nan and said, ’’It's not long before the Trial of Versatility take place. You should stop wasting time here, and leave now go and improve your cultivation.’’

Qin Nan immediately gave Old Shan a respectful bow after hearing these words;he then left without saying anything else.

In Qin Nan's view, Old Shan had given him such a huge gift on their first encounter;he would only be able to return such a favor after he had become an expert in the future.

However, what Qin Nan did not know was that after he left, Old Shan was unable to conceal his feelings anymore he raised his head and burst out laughing.

’’HAHAHAHA, I've always thought that, in this world, it would be impossible to meet a disciple with a Martial Skill talent that can reach the highest-grade of the Ocean Crescent Boulder. However, someone has actually done it he even shattered the Ocean Crescent Boulder into pieces!’’ After saying this, he raised his head again and his eyes turned teary, ’’Senior Brother, I've found the one you were looking for. When are you coming back?’’

The surroundings fell into silence;only the rustling of the trees could be heard as the wind blew past. There was no sign of anyone.



After excusing himself from Old Shan's place, Qin Nan headed straight toward the third floor of the Skills Library without hesitation.

In Qin Nan's view, there was no longer any reason to go to the first and second floors of the Skills Library;he was excited and curious to see what he could find on the third floor.

What kind of Martial Skills and cultivation notes can I find on this third floor?

However, as he was about to enter the third floor, an old man dressed in a black robe appeared before him.

This old man in a black robe was the guardian of the third floor.

The old man glanced at Qin Nan a sense of disgust could be seen in his eyes. Disrespectful and shameless new disciples were disliked most by him.

This is the third floor of the Skills Library;do these new disciples really think they are worthy enough to enter?

The old man straightened his face and said in a cold tone, ’’New disciples are not allowed to enter the third floor. Leave now, or be prepared to be disciplined according to the sect rules.’’

Qin Nan immediately raised the Scarlet-Fanged Purple Dragon Badge and calmly said, ’’Elder, I'm not sure, but am I allowed to enter with this badge?’’

’’Leave at....’’ The old man snapped instantly, as he was too lazy to take a look. In his view, this new disciple had merely a cultivation base of the fifth-layer Body Tempering Realm what kind of background could he possess?

Despite that, before the old man could finish his sentence with the word 'once', his expression changed rapidly after he glimpsed the badge accidentally. Countless droplets of cold sweat started to flow down his forehead.

'Is... Is this...’’ The old man's body started to tremble, while staring at the badge with an utterly shocked expression.

The Scarlet-Fanged Purple Dragon Badge? Is this really the badge? Where did this little new disciple get this Scarlet-Fanged Purple Dragon Badge from?

After seeing the old man's reaction, Qin Nan instantly knew that this Scarlet-Fanged Purple Dragon Badge was nothing ordinary;he then said, ’’So elder, am I allowed to enter?’’

’’Yes-yes-yes-yes....’’ The old man in the black robe nodded his head like a pecking chick. Despite being an elder, he somehow felt scared of Qin Nan he even made a polite gesture while telling him to enter.

’’Thank you, elder.’’ Qin Nan held his fists toward the old man and entered the third floor.

The old man was stunned on the spot, staring at the disappearing Qin Nan. It took a while for him to recover, before he then said to himself, ’’Where did this guy come from? A new disciple with a fifth-layer Body Tempering Realm cultivation appeared to have the legendary badge of a great elder. Does it mean... this young man... is the great elder's...’’

At this moment, the old man shut his mouth immediately, not daring to continue.

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