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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 449


Chapter 449

Chapter 449 - One Sacred, One Highness, and One Emperor

The words exploded like claps of thunder in everyone's hearts.

At that instant, everyone including the Peak Leaders, the geniuses, and the disciples of the Feiyang Sacred Area were utterly astonished by the figure before them!

One man!

One saber!

A mere peak Martial Emperor presence!

He destroyed the city gate by himself and declared war against the entire Feiyang Sacred Area!

Who in the history of the lower district would have the guts to do such a thing!

Jiang Bilan, the seven Prospective Saints of the Qinglong Sacred Area, Zhou Xuan, Lu Tiangang, Court Master Jin of the Qinglong Sacred Area, Chen Ying, Chen Fei, and the rest in particular were utterly dumbstruck!

No one would have expected Qin Nan to be this daring!

’’Qin Nan!’’

A raging roar took place in the sky of Feiyang City, which was none other than Peak Leader Yang!

’’You chose not to pursue the path of Heaven but the path of Hell[1]. I will torture you for hundreds of years for the sins you've committed!’’ Peak Leader Yang's anger caused the space before him to vibrate vigorously. He immediately reached out his giant hand shrouding the sky, and flung it downward onto Qin Nan's figure to capture him alive.

At that instant, he was infuriated. He was even angrier than the moment when his son had been murdered by Qin Nan!

How significant was it that their city gate was destroyed?

A great Sacred Area with countless experts and authorities could not stop a mere peak Martial Emperor Realm Qin Nan from destroying their city gate. This matter alone would cause them to be ridiculed by the cultivators of the entire lower district for a long time, thus resulting in a great humiliation!


At that instant, an unmatchable sharp Saber Intent flew across the sky from a great distance away and shattered Peak Leader Yang's attack into pieces.

’’Who's there?’’

Peak Leader Yang became enraged.

The Peak Leaders and the two City Lords were left in awe.

Who would have the guts to follow Qin Nan and challenge the Feiyang Sacred Area!


Without any fascinating entry or aura, a pitch-black saber descended from above and penetrated the ground inside Feiyang City.

At that instant, Peak Leader Yang, the City Lords of Slaughter City and Gambling City, The Leader of the Trading Alliance, the Peak Leaders, and the other Martial Dominator Realm experts could feel the memories sealed off in their minds bursting out like a surging tide, causing their hearts to be filled with coldness!

This black saber was the symbol of the legend of the lower district!

This black saber was responsible of beheading countless famous cultivators in the past, resulting in it being covered in their blood stains, thus its presence alone was enough to bring terror!

’’Tang... Tang Qingshan, how are you still alive!’’

Peak Leader Yang's eyes were filled with tremendous fear as he burst out screaming.

A few hundred years ago, when he was still a Martial Dominator, he had been beaten the crap out of by Tang Qingshan. If it weren't for his trump card, his soul would have been harvested by the black saber too!

Since then, his heart had been carved with the sense of intimidation toward Tang Qingshan!

As the name was yelled out, the crowd could feel explosions taking place in their hearts!

The Imperial Exterminator!

The Imperial Exterminator had shown himself once again!

It went without saying that the news regarding Tang Qingshan was still alive had been kept among Qin Nan and his companions. It was never leaked out. Although the Feiyang Sacred Area and the Trading Alliance had tried to investigate it, they had failed to obtain any useful information!


Tang Qingshan's figure landed beside Qin Nan's as he pulled the black saber out from the ground. He slowly raised his saber as his eyes scanned the figures in the city before a great hint of murderous intent was displayed from them, ’’A few hundred years ago, due to the conspiracy that you all planned, I was forced to go into hiding for a hundred years! This time, you dare to set my Junior Brother up! Today, I'll face all Martial Highnesses you've got, so I can have a great time killing you all!’’

The terrifying murderous aura was fired into the sky, causing the entire Feiyang City to tremble vigorously!

The initially lively Feiyang Sacred Area was instantly immersed in a dead silence!

What was the definition of being imperious?

This here was a perfect example!

One man and one saber, demanding to kill every Peak Leader!

Peak Leader Yang and the rest of the Peak Leaders were stunned. Despite the rage in their hearts, despite the humiliation they were experiencing, not a single person among the group of over twenty Martial Highnesses dared to accept the challenge!

Who could bear the fury of the Imperial Exterminator Tang Qingshan that he had kept within himself for a hundred years?

’’How bold!’’

At that instant, a ferocious snap could be heard in Feiyang City, shaking the Heavens and Earth.

An old man flew into the sky before staring at Tang Qingshan and Qin Nan with an icy look in his eyes.

The man was none other than Sacred Leader Feiyang!

’’The Sacred Leader is here!’’

’’Sacred Leader, hurry up and kill them both!’’

’’Sacred Leader!’’

The silent Feiyang City was immersed in great noise once again as the Peak Leaders took turns to speak.

’’Tang Qingshan, you're lucky to have escaped a hundred years ago. I've been searching for you since then, but I did not expect you to come here today! Interesting, very interesting!’’ It was as if Sacred Leader Feiyang's aura had merged with Feiyang City and become one. His eyes wore an icy look as he continued, ’’A peak Martial Emperor Realm and a peak Martial Highness Realm. You two ants dare to act recklessly here die!’’

Following the words, the sky above Feiyang City was filled with countless roars. A greyish tornado appeared from nowhere aiming to eliminate Qin Nan and Tang Qingshan immediately.


At that instant, a giant skinny hand traveled across the sky and shattered the terrifying gust of wind with a slap.


The crowd of the Feiyang Sacred Area was thoroughly astounded by the sight before them.

A total of ten illusionary figures of Azure Dragons each with a length of a hundred zhang appeared. Their eyes displayed a ferocious look while revealing their fangs, before they let out a series of roars upward into the sky. It was as if each roar was capable of killing any living thing!

At the center of the ten Azure Dragons stood an old man in mid-air.

The old man was surrounded by a deathly aura while he wore a weakened look, as if he was going to die at any time soon. That being said, the aura emitted from his body felt like it could support the Heavens and Earth!

The man was Sacred Leader Qinglong of the Qinglong Sacred Area!

’’You...’’ Sacred Leader Feiyang's pupils contracted.


Sacred Leader Qinglong glanced at the figures in Feiyang City and burst out laughing, ’’Even though I'm old, I still have the passion of hunting prey like that of a young man.[2] You imbeciles have been trying to eliminate me for a long time. Even Qin Nan dares to crush the city gate of your Sacred Area. How could I, a Sacred Leader, be intimidated? Come, my death will be in vain if I failed to enjoy a fascinating fight today against you all!’’

The boundless battle intent caused the Heavens to tremble!


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