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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 448


Chapter 448: Chapter 448 - A Single Man Stunning the Sacred Are

Chapter 448 - A Single Man Stunning the Sacred Area

The entirety of Feiyang City covered a huge area, resulting in a magnificent scene under the sunlight, astonishing anyone gazing at it.

In Feiyang City were various-sized palaces including the Alchemy Palace, the Martial Skill Palace, and other palaces specifically built for disciples, elders, and Peak Leaders.

For the Feiyang Sacred Area, a higher cultivation would result in a greater status, thus granting the person a better palace to live in.

As such, Feiyang City was filled with countless battles every single day. In order to acquire a better palace and greater power, the disciples cultivated crazily to improve their strength.

That being said, Feiyang City played an important role in it as well.

Feiyang City was a Sacred Weapon. Apart from its terrifying strength that was capable of eliminating a Peak Leader, it also possessed a great force that absorbed all the Qi within ten thousand li of the city whilst it remained stationary, thus allowing the city to be filled with abundant Qi.

The first Sacred Leader Feiyang utilized this fact and constructed various-sized palaces. A bigger palace would have a stronger presence of Qi, thus it was quite similar to the Mystic Spirit Sect.

However, for the past two days, there were no battles taking place in Feiyang City.

The disciples were immersed in great joy.

The main reason being that after Xiao Zhonghuang had managed to defeat Qin Nan with a single move and murdered Qin Nan’s beloved woman, Sacred Leader Feiyang was incredibly joyful, thus he immediately granted everyone of the Feiyang Sacred Area—including the Peak Leaders and all disciples—tremendous resources as rewards!

As a result, the cultivators all spent their time cultivating instead of battling against one another.

They were even more motivated after knowing that Xiao Zhonghuang immediately had gone into seclusion to cultivate after defeating Qin Nan.

Xiao Zhonghuang continued to cultivate diligently despite his outstanding strength. What excuse did they have to keep on slacking?

No way!

We must work hard on our cultivation too!

The disciples that were more talented worked even harder!

The Ocean of Death would be activated in six months’ time, which would provide them with a chance to display their talents. If they were able to acquire some kind of fortunate encounter there, or managed to defeat Qin Nan by working together, they would be rewarded with endless benefits.

...Meanwhile, on the walls of Feiyang City disciples stood in an orderly fashion...

Although the disciples seemed to be on duty, they were nothing but decorations.

With Sacred Leader Feiyang and the Peak Leaders residing in Feiyang City, why would they need any defenders guarding the city?

A single scan with divine Sense could easily observe the surroundings.

Furthermore, the Feiyang Sacred Area was no longer the same now. Who would have the guts to offend us?

Even a Martial Highness Realm expert would not dare to do such thing!

At that moment, Ying Xunlong stood on the wall while staring into the distance. An unpleasant look could be seen on his face.

Although he could not help but admit that it was quite relaxing when the wind blew as he was standing on a three hundred zhang tall wall while staring into the distance, he was currently in a terrible mood.

“What is it? Do you still believe in that trashy Qin Nan? Brother Ying, no offense;I do respect you and I do admit that Qin Nan’s talents are outstanding, but he is nothing comparing to our Senior Brother Xiao!” A young man who was appointed to be on guard here today spoke.

The young man was Jia Wei, who was quite well known among the geniuses of Feiyang City.

“Hehe, I don’t care what you say. I will not believe the rumors.”

Ying Xunlong let out a hollow laugh.

He had never been impressed by anyone in his life, apart from Qin Nan!

Who did Xiao Zhonghuang think he was? He was only abusing the rank of his Martial Spirit!

Send him to the Triple Door, and he wouldn’t even reach the three hundredth step, but Qin Nan was able to do it without any external assistance. Therefore, his first reaction after hearing the news regarding how Qin Nan was defeated by a single attack was assuming it to be fake while feeling melancholic.

If only Qin Nan’s Martial Spirit’s rank could be a little bit higher.

Maybe, he could turn the tables around.

“Brother Ying, not that I’m nagging you, since you’ve already joined the Feiyang Sacred Area, you are one of us now. Stop mentioning Qin Nan’s name again. If the Prospective Saints, the Saints, or Senior Brother Xiao heard it, you would be in grave danger.” Jia Wei gave a piece of his advice.

Ying Xunlong nodded his head, but he did not agree in his heart. He was willing to join the Feiyang Sacred Area because he had decided to be a spy. There was no way he would be willing to surrender himself to the Feiyang Sacred Area!


Jia Wei exclaimed all of a sudden, “Why is there a sandstorm in front of us?”

“A sandstorm?”

Ying Xunlong was startled as he raised his head. There was indeed a sandstorm occurring before them which was approaching Feiyang City like a huge dragon.

This was quite a rare sight. It was the first time such a phenomenon had occurred within ten thousand li of the city!

“Don’t worry, anything would be crushed into pieces within a hundred li of the city!”

Jia Wei waved his hand.

Ying Xunlong nodded in agreement. He could not help but admit that this Feiyang City that was classified as a Sacred Weapon possessed superb power.

However, their expressions changed greatly in the next moment. The sandstorm was getting closer to the city. It was like a demon aiming to devour them, resulting in an intimidating sight.

“It’s now within a hundred li of the city? What’s going on?”

JIa Wei was astounded.

The sandstorm was only fifty li away from them!

How…was this possible?

In the midst of his astonishment, the sandstorm vanished all of a sudden, returning calmness to the area.

Jia Wei immediately let out a sigh of relief before he said with a smile, “As expected of Feiyang City, that was only a mere accident. Everyone knew that in the history of the Feiyang Sacred Area, when we once declared war against the Qinglong Sacred Area, this Feiyang City managed to eliminate two Martial Highnesses. Since then, everyone knows how powerful it is…”


A weak crashing sound could be heard.

Ying Xunlong interrupted Jia Wei and asked with a hint of doubt, “Did you hear something? Is someone attacking the city gate?”

“Impossible!” Jia Wei burst out laughing, “Don’t you know how powerful our Feiyang Sacred Area is now? Who would dare to attack our city…”


The initially faint crashing sound became blasting all of a sudden, causing Jia Wei to halt his sentence halfway.

“Someone is trying to break the gate!”

Ying Xunlong and Jia Wei exchanged glances with one another. Their eyes were filled with utter astonishment.

Who would have the guts to attack the city gate of Feiyang City?

Meanwhile, the loud bang could be heard throughout the entire Feiyang City.

Countless disciples and geniuses were awakened from their cultivation, leaving them in awe.

What was that sound?

In the meantime, Peak Leader Yang was enjoying his time with three female disciples inside a palace. One of the disciples suddenly asked, “Peak Leader, didn’t you hear the explosion?”

“Who cares about the explosion, come here right now!”

Peak Leader Yang let out a yell. As he was about to continue enjoying himself, a great explosion took place within Feiyang City, giving him a great fright.




A series of explosions took place, which became louder with every explosion, as if bombs were being detonated within Feiyang City.

The entire Feiyang City was shocked.

“Who? Who’s that?”

“How bold!”

“I believe he is tired of living!”


Powerful figures were startled, before their faces were filled with fury.

Someone from the lower district dared to attack their city gate—unforgivable!

As the entire city was startled, Ying Xunlong and Jia Wei collected their thoughts and glanced toward the entrance of the city.

They could only see a figure engulfed in Phoenix Flames and surrounded by Sky Thunder landing a series of punches on the three-hundred-zhang-tall wall!

“Is that… Qin Nan?”

Ying Xunlong was dumbstruck with a glimpse.

“Qin Nan?”

Jia Wei was utterly terrified.

At that instant, a series of raging roars took place in Feiyang City, while countless divine Senses accompanied by murderous intent swept across the city gate, causing the atmosphere to turn intense!

Following this, Ying Xunlong and Jia Wei witnessed a scene that they would never forget in their lives.

“Phoenix Flame, Sky Thunder, combining into the Godly Fist!”

Qin Nan’s figure expanded greatly into a giant while the force of his Phoenix Flame and Sky Thunder was accumulated on his fist. His aura skyrocketed rapidly as if he had transformed into the divine God of Battle from the ancient era, becoming one with the Heavens and Earth, before he hurled his punch aiming at the city gate!


A shocking explosion penetrated the cultivators of Feiyang City like a curse!

Everyone had witnessed an unforgettable scene!

The giant gate that was over three hundred zhang tall, penetrating the clouds as if it were an enormous mountain, was shattered into pieces by brute force. The fragments were fired in all directions, as if a terrifying calamity had taken place!

At that instant, both Peak Leaders and the disciples were left speechless!

The city gate of Feiyang City… was destroyed!

At that instant, in the midst of the tremendous explosion, a figure accompanied by a magnificent aura held a long saber in his hand. He uttered a blasting roar, “Sons of bitches of the Feiyang Sacred Area, get your asses out here at once! If a pair comes, I’ll kill a pair. If a thousand comes, I’ll kill a thousand!”

One man and one saber stunned the entire Sacred Area!

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