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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 447


Chapter 447: Chapter 447 - Tremendous Murderous Intent

Chapter 447 - Tremendous Murderous Intent

...Meanwhile at the Qinglong Sacred Area, as the lower district was immersed in chatter condemning Qin Nan...

Qin Nan and the others had their attention attracted by the wild laugh. They immediately raised their heads and saw the Longhu Ancestor Beast wearing a proud expression.

Longhu Ancestor Beast’s appearance had not experienced any significant changes;It was the same handsome face and the two bumps on his forehead, which seemed to be bigger now, resulting in quite a hilarious sight.

The Longhu Ancestor Beast was feeling extremely pleasant;The best feeling ever!

There existed an ancient corpse of a dragon within the forbidden section of the Sacred Area. The Longhu Ancestor Beast had been sent there by Peak Leader Duanmu due to his bloodline, who threatened to keep him there forever if he failed to refine the corpse.

The Longhu Ancestor Beast became enraged at once, but as he was no match against Peak Leader Duanmu, he had no choice but to refine the corpse in an honest manner. It took him several months to thoroughly refine the dragon’s corpse, which allowed his cultivation to skyrocket!

“Hmm? Where are the people? What’s going on here?”

The Longhu Ancestor Beast immediately discovered the huge Sacred Area to be immersed in silence after letting out the roar.

He quickly scanned his surroundings and found Sacred Leader Qinglong and Qin Nan’s figures, together with the utterly weak Princess Miao Miao. He instantly became enraged, “What is going on here? What exactly happened? Why is Princess Miao Miao suffering from such a serious injury?”

The series of questions were fired like the bullets of a machine gun.

Qin Nan’s initially startled expression turned dull as he glanced toward Princess Miao Miao without saying anything.

“Err, Longhu, the disciples of the Qinglong Sacred Area have betrayed us and joined the Feiyang Sacred Area…” Sima Kong knew Longhu was the one who joined Qinglong Sacred Area with Qin Nan, thus he immediately told him what had happened in the past few months.

That being said, he was not too sure why Princess Miao Miao was this severely injured. He only knew that Xiao Zhonghuang was the one responsible for it.

The Longhu Ancestor Beast stared with his eyes open wide. He had not expected all of this to happen when he was away. As he finally collected his thoughts, his eyes glared toward Qin Nan with great fury.

“Qin Nan!”

The Longhu Ancestor Beast’s eyes reddened as he uttered a raging roar, “Are you still a f**king man or not, Miao Miao has been following you for a long time, but she always ends up being injured because of you! Back at the Longhu Mountain Range! The same thing happened at the Mystic Spirit Sect! And now again! Do you think she has no choice but to follow you with her identity? She is only trying to repay your debt! She specifically stayed by your side to help you!”

No one expected the Longhu Ancestor Beast to explode suddenly. His roar caused the space before them to vibrate violently.

“Why do you always do this to her?” The Longhu Ancestor Beast’s roars were even more powerful as he continued, “Say something! When is the last time she came back unharmed? Are you f**king mute?”

Sima Kong and the others were stunned.

Qin Nan did not shift his gaze. He continued to stare at Princess Miao Miao in silence.

He finally realized that Princess Miao Miao was staying by his side to look after him.

Previously at the Longhu Mountain Range, when he was being devoured by the left eye of the divine God of Battle, it was she who had sacrificed her Primary Force just to keep him alive.

Now she specifically asked for his help to protect her during the process of her ranking up as it was extremely important to her. However, who would have thought that she would almost die because of him once again. Even though her life was no longer at stake, she would not be able to raise her cultivation in the next three years.

The Longhu Ancestor Beast was right.

I’ve always been a burden to her...


At that instant, the sky shattered as Tang Qingshan’s figure stepped out from the gap.

As soon as he arrived, he immediately scanned the surroundings and let out a sigh of relief after discovering that Princess Miao Miao was still alive, before he let out a yell, “Qin Nan, what the hell happened? The entire lower district is filled with the news that Xiao Zhonghuang defeated you in a single move. Did you guys fight one another?”

After hearing this, the Longhu Ancestor Beast became infuriated once again!


The Longhu Ancestor Beast burst out laughing wildly while staring disdainfully at Qin Nan, “Defeated by Xiao Zhonghuang with a single attack? Qin Nan, aren’t you f**king ashamed to be standing here now!?”

Upon saying this, his face turned ferocious as his roar exploded, “F**k off! Get the hell out of my sight. Otherwise, I’ll kill you with my own hands!”

It was the Longhu Ancestor Beast’s first time to be this mad since they had first met!

Previously at the Longhu Mountain Range, when he first saw Princess Miao Miao’s true identity, he had fallen in love with her. However, Princess Miao Miao had never treated him seriously. He was incredibly jealous, sorrowful, and impressed at the same time when Princess Miao Miao was willing to save Qin Nan by sacrificing her Primary Force, thus he too had lent him a hand.

Since then, after witnessing Qin Nan’s capabilities, he was slightly convinced that Qin Nan was worthy of Princess Miao Miao.

But what had happened?

Instead of helping her, all he had given her was endless pain!

How could the Longhu Ancestor Beast not be mad after learning the truth?

How could he call himself a man if he couldn’t even protect a woman!

Tang Qingshan, Sima Kong, and the others were startled, as they were clueless of the things that had happened to them previously.

Qin Nan did not look at the Longhu Ancestor Beast and continued to remain silent. He was only staring at Princess Miao Miao’s gradually recovering expression.

“Die now!”

The Longhu Ancestor Beast became crazy after seeing Qin Nan’s reaction, as a tremendous murderous intent was emitted from his body!


However, a weak voice could be heard all of a sudden, causing the Longhu Ancestor Beast’s figure to stiffen.

The voice belonged to Princess Miao Miao, who had managed to regain her conscious with the help of the Qinglong Sacred Fruit, allowing her to open her eyes.

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered after seeing this.

“Longhu...piss… piss off…” Princess Miao Miao stared at the Longhu Ancestor Beast. Although she was still in a weakened state, her eyes were filled with murderous intent as she scolded with all her might, “Who...who do you think you scold him? Stay away from him!”


The Longhu Ancestor Beast’s expression stiffened.

Tang Qingshan, Sima Kong, Xiao Qingxue, and the others raised their eyebrows.

“Qin Nan…” Princess Miao Miao turned her face around and said with a forced smile, “Don’t… don’t blame yourself… You’ve done…a great job...They are lying...You were the one who defeated Xiao Zhonghuang with a single attack...It was them who twisted the truth…”

The Longhu Ancestor Beast’s pupils contracted as he glanced toward Qin Nan.

Qin Nan continued to look at Princess Miao Miao while his breathing halted.

“Please...don’t….blame yourself… and don’t try to avenge me…” Princess Miao Miao’s voice grew weaker, “I’m fine… I just need some sleep… I’ll recover soon… Don’t forget that I’m your master… I’m strong… I won’t fall this easily… Promise me… Don’t feel guilty about it…”

Her eyes closed again in the midst of her speech as she fell deeply asleep. Her attractive face was no longer covered in a pitch-black color, and although it still appeared to be pale, it was filled with a hint of peace.

The crowd fell into a dead silence.

Even the infuriated Longhu Ancestor Beast went silent.

A while later, Qin Nan—who had kept quiet throughout the process—exhaled deeply before he rose from the ground. He handed Princess Miao Miao over to the Longhu Ancestor Beast and spoke in a calm tone, “Take good care of her.”

The Longhu Ancestor Beast subconsciously held Princess Miao Miao in her arms and said after a slight hesitation, “What are you planning to do?”

Qin Nan did not reply. He turned around and slowly walked toward the entrance of the Qinglong Sacred Area under the gaze of the crowd.

As he made his first step.

The terrifying Flames of the Phoenix engulfed his figure in a raging manner. The flames caused the stone tiles on the ground to shatter into pieces.

As he made his second step.

Immeasurable Thunder of the Galaxy struck downward rapidly on the ground around his figure!

When he made his third step.

Seven ancient sabers sprung into the sky from his storage bag while emitting tremendous icy Saber Intent!

“Qin Nan, you…”

The Longhu Ancestor Beast, Sima Kong, and Xiao Qingxue were left in awe as a thought came up to their minds.

Before they could finish their sentence, the Nascent Soul with countless golden dragons on its surface was unleashed from Qin Nan’s body, resulting in a series of roars shaking the Heavens and Earth!

At that instant, a terrifying murderous intent burst out from his body, as if he had transformed into a reaper!

He did not reply when the Longhu Ancestor Beast had scolded him, as he was waiting for Princess Miao Miao to wake up. After knowing that she was fine, the huge boulder in his heart finally dropped to the ground!

Without any concern left, he could no longer withhold the bursting rage in his heart!

Previously at the Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground, Jiang Bilan had tried to slay him with her conspiracy!

Previously at the Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains, Peak Leader Yang had set up traps to kill him!

During the trip to the Demon King’s Valley, Xiao Zhonghuang had teamed up with the geniuses and teleported there to hunt him down, resulting in Princess Miao Miao being severely injured!

Were they all trying to bully him?

Were they all trying to get rid of him?

Were they all trying to set him up?


I don’t give a f**k about your conspiracy, it’s time for a war to be waged!

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Editor: DOCuinn


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