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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 443


Chapter 443: Chapter 443 - The Purple-Clouded Tribulation

Chapter 443 - The Purple-Clouded Tribulation

“Heaven-Illuminating Godly Mirror, stride across the Heavens and Earth!”

Peak Leader Yang waved his hand, causing the mirror to rise into the air and fire a divine light into the sky. A brief moment later, the mirror displayed the Demon King’s Valley on its surface, locking onto the figures of Qin Nan and Princess Miao Miao.

“Everyone, move out at once. May the secrets of the Heavens be concealed!”

Peak Leader Yang let out a roar and following it, all eighteen Peak Leaders then gathered their auras targeting the mirror.

At that instant, the space above the Demon King’s Valley twisted all of a sudden, before turning calm again as if nothing had happened.

A cold grin appeared on Jiang Bilan’s face.

This was her plan!

The Peak Leaders were in charge of shrouding the aura of the Demon King’s Valley as the geniuses were transported into it in order to slay Qin Nan.

All these complicated procedures were necessary as Sacred Leader Qinglong was still present in the Qinglong Sacred Area.

Even though Sacred Leader Qinglong’s death was approaching, he was still the transmogrification of a godly object from the Ocean of Death, the reason why his cultivation was extremely terrifying. Even the authority of the upper district, or Sacred Leader Feiyang, did not dare to battle against him directly.

If the Peak Leaders were to descend upon the Demon King’s Valley, Sacred Leader Qinglong would surely notice despite them shrouding the area.

As such, the Peak Leaders were arranged to conceal the area while the geniuses were transported there. Even if Sacred Leader Qinglong did manage to notice something, it would take him at least half the period of time it took for an incense to burn!

“With such a great plan and myself personally in charge of the hunt, this will grant Qin Nan an honorable death!”

Xiao Zhonghuang’s face was filled with disdain.

The Peak Leaders agreed with Jiang Bilan’s plan as they were afraid that Qin Nan would pose a threat toward their plan at the Ocean of Death, but Xiao Zhonghuang’s thoughts differed. Qin Nan only has a tenth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit, there’s no way he would be comparable with him!

The difference between a Xuan ranked Martial Spirit and a Di ranked Martial Spirit was similar to the distance between the Heavens and Earth!

The reason he was willing to take charge of the hunt was merely because he was extremely unfond of Qin Nan, who murdered his second brother and turned his third brother into a maniac. Furthermore, Qin Nan was the reason that he could not get his hands on Jiang Bilan!

Therefore, if he did not kill Qin Nan with his own hands, it would be difficult for him to resolve his hatred.

“Shattering of the space, the Great Formation of Transportation!”

At that instant, the Slaughter City Lord made his move. His fists emitted countless bloody glows that hit the sky and summoned a huge formation constructed with bloody runes, with an appearance similar to that of a whirlpool.

“Move out!”

Xiao Zhonghuang let out a forceful roar and led the group by stepping into the formation.

Behind him, Jiang Bilan, Zhou Xuan, Lu Tiangang, and the others exchanged glances with one another before swiftly entering the formation as well.



…In the Demon King’s Valley...

Qin Nan and Princess Miao Miao had no idea what was happening outside.

“It’s impossible to kill all the mobs here!”

Qin Nan mumbled to himself.

Countless demonized cultivators continued to charge toward them from the surroundings like swarms of locusts. Their cultivations kept on increasing, which had reached the first-layer Martial Ancestor Realm now.

QIn Nan had tried using his left eye of the divine God of Battle to discover the secrets of the Demon King’s Valley, but the aura inside was too mysterious, prohibiting him from taking a peek.

“I am the Princess of the Lost Herb Garden, forming a pact with the Heavens for the past ten thousand years. I suffered a great crisis, but managed to survive and achieve the Martial Dominator Realm once again. May the Heavens grant me the Tribulation of the Godly Herb considering the contribution of my ancestors and the calamity of the Lost Herb Garden. If I’m able to reach the peak once again and evolve into a Godly Herb, I will definitely express my gratitude…”

Princess Miao Miao displayed an extraordinary aura as she held her hands together while uttering a soft chant.

At that instant, her body emitted a gentle white glow that was exceptionally bright in the midst of the Demonic Qi, giving her the appearance of a fairy, fully cleansed from the demonic presence.

Following her chant, waves of energy appeared in the air.


Qin Nan had just sent eight three-layer Martial Ancestor Realm demons flying with a kick when he became aware of something. He raised his head and with a glimpse, his face was filled with astonishment.

A stern aura spread out from the sky as a pale purple cloud that appeared from nowhere slowly floated toward the dojo while ignoring the abundant Demonic Qi.

“Purple Thunder Cloud?”

Qin Nan took a deep breath. It was his first time seeing this.

Following this, the purple cloud grew thicker rapidly, as if a whirlpool had appeared above Princess Miao Miao sucking the thunder clouds around the area to the center.

In just the blink of an eye, the purple cloud was now covering an area of three thousand three hundred and thirty-three li, including the two mountains beside the Demon King’s Valley.

Within the purple cloud were the continuous roars of ancient thunder, resulting in a series of terrifying explosions that caused one’s ears to be filled with rumbling noise.

Qin Nan was startled.

Even he would be struck to death immediately by the terrifying Tribulation despite his strength!

“Soul-sealing Formation!”

Princess Miao Miao yelled while reaching out her left hand and absorbing the herbs in her surroundings into her palm, forming an illusionary six-colored flower. She then slapped her hand down at the ground.


A buzz could be heard as an ancient formation was summoned onto the dojo.

Even though the Purple Cloud Tribulation was terrifying enough, the aura emitted from the formation was nothing weaker.


Princess Miao Miao tapped at the space in front with her finger, causing the ancient formation to rise into the sky, enveloping the three thousand three hundred and thirty-three li Purple Cloud Tribulation instantly. Countless magical lights swiftly intertwined with one another into an atavistic magical dragon striking the center of the cloud, causing the aura of the Tribulation to drop rapidly.

In just the blink of an eye, the aura of the Tribulation had dropped over ten times.

“Qin Nan, lend me a hand!”

Princess Miao Miao let out a roar.


Qin Nan spit out Phoenix Flame from his mouth engulfing the demons, before he leaped toward the dojo.

Although the majority of the Tribulation’s force was sealed off, Qin Nan could still feel his scalp going numb standing right under it.


It was as if the Purple Cloud Tribulation possessed some sort of intelligence. The rumbling rays of thunder struck crazily downward like a surging flood, as if it was aware that it had been sealed off, thoroughly lighting the Demon King’s Valley up!

“Left eye of the divine God of Battle, The Thunder of the Galaxy!”

Qin Nan instantly uttered a roar while his Twenty-Two-Dragon-Lined Golden Nascent Soul was unleashed, causing his left eye to emit a brilliant glow that summoned a galaxy in the space before him. Strikes of lightning were fired from the galaxy opposing the Purple Cloud Tribulation!

“Be gone!”

Princess Miao Miao raised her head while boundless Sword Intent was fired from her body, together with many artifacts, resulting in various-colored light firing into the sky shattering the cloud.

However, at that instant, a rare phenomenon took place!

Numerous bloody runes could be seen creeping out at a rapid pace in the Demon King’s Valley. Following this, the space at the center of the runes shattered, before one figure after another with powerful auras jumped out from the gap!

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