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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 441


Chapter 441: Chapter 441 - The Demon King's Valley

Chapter 441 - The Demon King’s Valley

“Such an imperious ability!”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered.

Since he had awakened the divine Battle Spirit, apart from being able to rank up, it did not have any unique ability. This new ability of suppressing every Martial Spirit with the same rank or lower was quite remarkable.

“That being said, it’s still very strange. Why was the drop of blood alone able to rank up the Martial Spirit to fifth-grade Di ranked?”

Qin Nan’s eyes were filled with a hint of doubt.

Previously, after merging with the left eye of the divine God of Battle, the rank of his Martial Spirit had skyrocketed all the way to seventh-grade Xuan ranked from first-grade Xuan ranked, striding over six grades. Today, the drop of blood alone allowed him to stride over another six grades.

Most importantly, there existed an insane difference between a Di ranked Martial Spirit and a Xuan ranked Martial Spirit, thus the resources needed to rank up between the two ranks was expected to be huge as well.

Judging from this, it was highly possible that there was something more to this drop of the divine God of Battle’s blood than met the eye.

“The blood of the divine God of Battle was given by Sacred Leader Qinglong. Only he can answer my doubts!”

Qin Nan shook his head and glanced toward the sky above while mumbling, “Only a day has passed since I started cultivating, which means there are two days remaining until Princess Miao Miao needs my assistance. I shall continue to improve my Nascent Soul!”

Qin Nan’s focus immediately landed onto the Chaos Qi.

As the Copper Mirror had taken eight streams before, there were now fifteen streams of Chaos Qi left, which was sufficient to boost the Nineteen-Dragon-Lined Golden Nascent Soul to another level.

That being said, Qin Nan did consider using these streams of Chaos Qi to assist Lei Bao, Huo Ba, and the others. However, he soon shook his head. Even if Lei Bao and Huo Ba were to become Martial Highnesses, it would not bring him any good in the upcoming battle in six months’ time.


Qin Nan commanded the fifteen streams of Chaos Qi to merge with his Nineteen-Dragon-Lined Golden Nascent Soul.

The entire Nascent Soul was immersed in a brilliant glow as its aura rose rapidly.

Two days after, the rising aura of the Nascent Soul finally came to a stop when it fired rays of golden light that transformed into three golden dragon lines coiling on the surface of the Nascent Soul.

In just the blink of an eye, Qin Nan’s strength had improved once again.

His current strength was equivalent to a fifth-layer Martial Dominator Realm cultivator!

“Strange, strange, I’m still at the peak Martial Emperor Realm, but I cannot sense the Tribulation of the Heavens and Earth at all…”

Qin Nan raised his head. Instead of a joyful expression, he wore a stern look on his face.

There was definitely something wrong!

Due to his extraordinary Nascent Soul, his strength had improved at a crazy pace without any barriers in the process, greatly surpassing the limits of a Martial Spirit.

“Qin Nan!”

Princess Miao Miao’s pleasant voice could be heard.

A vague smile could be seen on her attractive face, hinting her to be in a good mood. However, the smile immediately froze when she set her eyes onto Qin Nan’s figure, her eyes filled with astonishment, “Your cultivation…”

From Princess Miao Miao’s perspective, Qin Nan was like a black hole capable of devouring anything in the surroundings, giving him an intimidating aura.

What more shocking was that when she had first met Qin Nan, he was only in the Xiantian Realm!

And now his cultivation was already stronger than hers?

“Three days have passed, what is it that you want me to help with?” Qin Nan said with a smile after withdrawing his aura.

“Humph, I never expected my servant’s cultivation to improve so quickly!” Princess Miao Miao snapped with pursed lips in a slightly unhappy tone, “The Princess is about to rank up to the Martial Dominator Realm, thus I will need your protection for the time being!”

“Rank up to the Martial Dominator Realm? Protection?” Qin Nan was startled.

“That’s right, the Princess is different than you stupid humans. When I rank up to the Martial Dominator Realm, I will need to face my first Predestined Lightning Tribulation!” Princess Miao Miao was immersed in joy after saying this, “If I succeed in surviving this Tribulation, my cultivation will greatly recover, allowing me to reach the peak Martial Dominator Realm. Therefore, I would no longer be helpless facing a Martial Highness!”


Qin Nan’s eyes showed a hint of shock.

Following this, he immediately recollected Princess Miao Miao’s identity as a Nine-spirited Ascended Ginseng who was already a powerful presence before she was severely injured. Hence, it was reasonable for her cultivation to skyrocket after overcoming her Natal Lightning Tribulation.

“On a side note, this is a great opportunity for you too. Aren’t you cultivating the Art of Thunder? You would receive extraordinary benefits if you were able to absorb my Natal Lightning Tribulation! Allow me to remind you that I would not easily give anyone else such a precious opportunity!”

Princess Miao Miao wore a proud look on her face.

Qin Nan directly ignored half of the sentence and replied, “Fine, I’ll keep you safe!”

“Follow me!”

Princess Miao Miao reached out her hand and dragged Qin Nan forward, flying out of the Qinglong Sacred Area.

“Where are we going?” Qin Nan glanced at Princess Miao Miao’s soft hand and let out a cough, before he asked in a curious tone.

“To the Demon King’s Valley.” Princess Miao Miao said. “The Demon King’s Valley is ranked last among the Ten Great Forbidden Places of the lower district. It’s not that hazardous compared to the other places, but there exists a Spirit-sealing Dojo deep inside the valley, which is helpful in assisting me to rank up to the Martial Dominator Realm!”

“I see…”

Qin Nan had heard about the Demon King’s Valley before.

It was said that the entire Demon King’s Valley was formed after an atavistic Demon King died here, giving birth to countless demons;thus the place was filled with dangers. Any ordinary cultivators would be demonized upon entering the place, causing them to lose their consciousness, turning them into demons forever.

However, what Qin Nan and Princess Miao Miao had not expected was that when their figures left the Qinglong Sacred Area, two vague figures flickered across the sky and vanished.

These two figures were none other than the Shadows of the Trading Alliance!



...In Feiyang City, inside the First Genius’ Palace!

Xiao Zhonghuang sat at the leading seat like an emperor while glancing down coldly at the people before him and snapped, “Jiang Bilan, now I’ve received the support of this many experts, and I’m about to become the disciple of the Eastern Continent of the upper district soon! No one in the lower district is able to match my authority, but you are still not willing to marry me?”

“Big Brother Xiao, as long as Qin Nan is alive, Bilan has no intention to marry anyone.” Jiang Bilan wore a dull look.

The Feiyang Sacred Area had established the Feiyang Alliance and the Genius Alliance to support Xiao Zhonghuang. Even with her identity as the Saintess of the Trading Alliance, her power was limited standing in front of the man before her.

That being said, she insisted on following her thoughts.

“Qin Nan, Qin Nan, Qin Nan again!” Green veins popped out on Xiao Zhonghuang’s forehead as he uttered a roar like that of a Demon God, “My third brother turned into a maniac because of him, while my second brother was killed by him, and you still dare to mention his name? Even though he has no place in my eyes, as I will definitely beat him to death in the duel taking place in six months’ time! However, I’m about to go into seclusion today, how would I have the time to deal with that trash!”


Jiang Bilan shuddered violently after hearing the roar. Her adorable face was filled with a hint of confusion.

Although she insisted on killing Qin Nan, but would she be willing to marry Xiao Zhonghuang after Qin Nan was slain?

Xiao Zhonghuang was a peerless genius without a doubt, but there existed some sort of resistance in her heart.

“What about you? Tell me, are you in love with someone else?”

Xiao Zhonghuang wore a murderous look.

“In love with someone else?” Jiang Bilan wanted to shake her head subconsciously, but the figure that had rejected her countless of times, defeating her one time after another began to appear in her mind. The thought alone caused her to be covered in cold sweat.

At that instant, the Sound-Conducting Badge on her waist suddenly emitted a glow.

Jiang Bilan grabbed the badge in a panicked manner and inspected it, before blurting out, “Qin Nan is heading out from the Qinglong Sacred Area?”


Xiao Zhonghuang was stunned for a moment, before he squinted his eyes as a menacing grin appeared on his face.

Oh Qin Nan!

Why weren’t you hiding in the Qinglong Sacred Area so the old man could protect you!

You dare to come out at this time?

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