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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 44


Chapter 44 - The Shattering of the Boulder

Old Shan included, no one had expected Qin Nan's Martial Skill talent to turn from the lowest-rank red color to the highest-rank violet color!

Ling Zixiao's eyes were wide open and his body felt stiff;all that was left in his mind was the dazzling violet color.

The whole area was quiet, no one made any noise;only violet light rays could be seen on the surface of the shining Ocean Crescent Boulder.

At last, Old Shan collected his thoughts.

His pair of skinny hands trembled slightly;his deep-looking eyes were astonished, but filled with excitement.

How many years had it been?

How many years had it been?

How many years had passed since the last person with a violet Martial Skill talent was seen?

’’Qin Nan... ...’’ Old Shan's voice was slightly trembling, as he ended the silence and said, ’’Remove your palm now;your Martial Skill talent has indeed surpassed Ling Zixiao's it's the highest-grade in fact. For this Martial Talent Battle, you are the winner!’’

The new disciples at the scene recovered from the shock after hearing this.

Their gazes toward Qin Nan were different now;they were filled with respect and fear, as if they were looking at the top genius of the world.

Not only that, they were incredibly regretful;Why were we mocking Qin Nan before? Why did we mock a super genius with the highest-grade Martial Skill talent?

Such a joke it's ridiculous!

Ling Zixiao had collected his thoughts too. However, his eyes still had a blank appearance an unbelieving appearance.

I, Ling Zixiao, have failed?

I, Ling Zixiao, have been defeated by Qin Nan?

This Qin Nan's Martial Skill talent has reached the highest-grade, surpassing even those geniuses with Xuan ranked Martial Spirits?

How... How is this possible? Is this... Is this a dream?

Qin Nan nodded at Old Shan and withdrew his hand. The violet light rays which filled the whole Hall of Crystal were finally vanishing, returning it to a calm state.

Qin Nan's sight was directed toward Ling Zixiao;it was expressionless, filled with coldness.

This Ling Zixiao took the initiative to challenge me to a Martial Talent Battle;not only that, did he really try to mock me?

I, Qin Nan, am a natural born Martial Addict, and with the help of my divine Battle Spirit... where did this Ling Zixiao get his courage from to challenge me to a Martial Talent Battle?

If you're looking for a quick death, don't blame me if I show no mercy.

Qin Nan let out a cold smirk. Instead of saying anything excessive, he only said two words in a cold tone, ’’Piss off!’’

After hearing the words, Ling Zixiao's face contorted and his body quivered.

An enormous sense of disgrace rose up in Ling Zixiao's heart, causing him to build a murderous intent;he was consumed by the flames of anger, driving him to verge of losing his mind.

Since when had he Ling Zixiao, a ninth-grade Huang ranked genius faced such disgrace before?

At the same time, Old Shan who was aware of Ling Zixiao's reaction said coldly, ’’Qin Nan is the winner in this Martial Talent Battle. Ling Zixiao, from today onward, you are prohibited from entering the Skills Library for the rest of your life. If you dare to come, death will be your penalty!’’

After hearing these words, Ling Zixiao's body shivered, his eyes filled with fear.

Even though he felt like exploding in fury, he would not dare be disrespectful toward this mysterious Old Shan.


Ling Zixiao squeezed the word out from his teeth with a dull expression;he gave Qin Nan a death stare while clenching his fists.

Now that the outcome had been declared, it would be more embarrassing if he continued to stay in this Skills Library.

’’Qin Nan, during the Trial of Versatility, I'll make sure you suffer and beg for your death!’’

Ling Zixiao growled in his heart and exited the Skills Library swiftly.

Those new disciples who were following Ling Zixiao previously looked at each other as they felt their faces burning red;without any further intention to stay in the Skills Library, they pushed toward the exit in a rush.

After Ling Zixiao and his group of new disciples left, a deafening hubbub broke out suddenly among the others who came to spectate.

’’Oh my god, it's incredible this Qin Nan's Martial Skill talent is so terrifying!’’

’’Even Ling Zixiao, who had a natural born great Martial Skill talent, together with the support from his ninth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit...... even he lost to Qin Nan.’’

’’Whew, this violet-grade Martial Skill talent is even considered rare in the Mystic Spirit Sect, right?’’


Qin Nan's face remained neutral as he listened to the discussion;not even the littlest sense of happiness was felt in his heart.

This was because he clearly knew that these people only respected him after he had shown his power. If you appeared to be weak, they would bully, mock, and make fun of you.

Therefore as usual Qin Nan chose to ignore them.

Old Shan gave Qin Nan a thoughtful look;he had now calmed himself down, and he smilingly said, ’’This is not the place to talk. So, would you be interested in coming with me?’’

Qin Nan was respectful toward Old Shan at all times, and he said while holding his fists together, ’’Disciple Qin Nan awaits your order.’’

’’What order? Come follow me. I have something to say.’’

After saying this, Old Shan immediately pulled Qin Nan's hand and rushed toward the exit.

The new disciples in the Skills Library had their eyes filled with jealousy after they saw this.

Through Old Shan's navigation, Qin Nan followed him to a pagoda located beside the Skills Library.

The pagoda was two levels tall, with numerous large trees planted around it, which rustled as the wind started blowing. In front of the pagoda, there lay a pond with colorful fish swimming around in it.

’’Unbelievable.’’ Qin Nan exclaimed before saying, ’’To find such elegant pagoda in the Mystic Spirit Sect.’’

’’Stop with the flattering;I know I'm poor to have built it like this.’’ Old Shan snapped jokingly, but then in a serious tone he said, ’’Qin Nan, the reason I invited you here is because I have something for you.’’

’’Something for me?’’ Qin Nan was slightly flabbergasted.

’’Yes it is this badge.’’ Old Shan took out a red badge, and said with a smile, ’’If you hold on to this badge, you are free to enter the first floor and the second floor in the Skills Library;you are free to choose as many Martial Skills as you want, without any time constraint.’’

’’What?’’ Qin Nan blurted out with a surprised expression.

Normally, one would have to pay a huge price to be able to choose a Martial Skill from the Skills Library of the Mystic Spirit Sect.

Even they, as new disciples, only had a chance to choose one.

Despite that, with this badge which Old Shan simply took out, he would be able to pick any Martial Skill, at any time?

Qin Nan took a deep breath;he did not take the badge, but instead replied in a serious manner, ’’Old Shan, this gift is too valuable. I could not accept it if you haven't even told me the reason.’’

Old Shan smiled, and said with a nostalgic expression, ’’The reason? Nothing special really. It's just that I admire disciples with high Martial Skill talent. If your Martial Skill talent were able to trigger the rare occurrence of the Ocean Crescent Boulder, I would give you a much more powerful badge, giving you unlimited access to the whole Skills Library.’’

After finishing the sentence, Old Shan added, ’’Apart from the seven color grades, there's actually an eighth grade on top of them, which is known as the 'rare occurrence' of the Ocean Crescent Boulder.’’

’’An unlimited-access badge to the Skills Library if one's Martial Skill talent is able to trigger the rare occurrence of the Ocean Crescent Boulder?’’ Qin Nan reacted immediately;his eyes burned with passion as his stare was locked onto Old Shan.

It was as if he were asking, Old Shan, you're not kidding right?

After seeing Qin Nan's reaction, Old Shan burst out laughing and said, ’’I have never given false hope with my words. So? Do you really think your Martial Skill talent is able to trigger the rare occurrence of the Ocean Crescent Boulder?’’

As he was saying this, there was no sign of expectation on Old Shan's face.

What a joke, how terrifying would his Martial Skill talent be if he was able to trigger the rare occurrence of the Ocean Crescent Boulder?

At least within the past hundred years, Old Shan had never witnessed any genius disciple able to trigger the rare occurrence of the Ocean Crescent Boulder.

Even the core disciples of the Mystic Spirit Sect failed to do so!

Qin Nan, what makes you think that you can do it?

Qin Nan smiled gently and said, ’’Old Shan, I want to give it a try. You do know that I haven't unleashed my Martial Spirit yet.’’

’’Unleash your Martial Spirit?’’ Old Shan was slightly surprised, before he then said, ’’I didn't know that your Martial Spirit could boost your Martial Skill talent too, huh? Tsk, tsk, Qin Nan, maybe you are the most talented in Martial Skills I have ever seen. However, even if your Martial Spirit can boost your Martial Skill talent, you still won't trigger the rare occurrence of the Ocean Crescent Boulder.’’

After saying this, Old Shan shook his head.

From Qin Nan's cultivation base, Old Shan could almost guess his Martial Spirit's grade to be within the seventh-grade Huang rank to ninth-grade Huang rank.

Without a Xuan ranked Martial Spirit, even if your Martial Spirit could boost Martial Skill talent, by what margin could it improve?

’’Old Shan, you will know the answer once I give it a try.’’ Qin Nan said with a calm tone, which still contained a hint of pride, ’’I think that it will not be a problem to trigger the rare occurrence with the help of my Martial Spirit.’’

’’Is that so?’’

Old Shan did not look happy, This Qin Nan, even though he has a great Martial Skill talent, he is a bit too arrogant.

Do you really think you can trigger the rare occurrence just because you have a violet-grade Martial Skill talent?

This Qin Nan has no idea the gap between the violet-grade and the triggering of the rare occurrence of the Ocean Crescent Boulder̄ he's so full of himself!

Old Shan did not hesitate further;with a wave of his hand, the Ocean Crescent Boulder appeared once again. With a cold tone, he said, ’’If you are so keen to try, then go ahead.’’

After saying this, Old Shan gave Qin Nan a placid gaze.

If you choose to be ignorant, then I'll satisfy your request.

Qin Nan was not bothered at all;he rose from his seat and placed his palm on top of the Ocean Crescent Boulder.

Same as before, the Ocean Crescent Boulder emitted red light rays, which then turned into blinding violet light rays.

With a command from his mind, eight golden rays appeared behind him;the divine Battle Spirit could be seen floating within the rays, unleashing a forceful aura.

’’What Martial Spirit is this?’’ Old Shan was slightly astonished looking at the divine Battle Spirit, before his expression changed and he said, ’’What is happening? Are you really triggering the rare occurrence?’’

Old Shan's gaze was focused on the scene before him.

After Qin Nan had unleashed his divine Battle Spirit, the Ocean Crescent Boulder started to vibrate, and released a buzzing sound, as if a mysterious force had been awakened within the boulder.

Old Shan's body started to tremble.

Ever since he had gotten a hold of the Ocean Crescent Boulder, he had never seen or heard of such reaction from it.

It can't be. Did Qin Nan really trigger the rare occurrence after unleashing his Martial Spirit?

However, following this, a 'BANG' was heard from the buzzing Ocean Crescent Boulder the huge boulder then exploded and shattered into pieces, dropping all around them.

Qin Nan and Old Shan were dumbfounded by this scene.

Did the Ocean Crescent Boulder really just shatter to pieces?

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Editor: DOCuinn


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