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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 439


Chapter 439: Chapter 439 - Loss of Radiance

Chapter 439 - Loss of Radiance

First-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit!

How significant was that?

Without a doubt, it was the highest rank in the entire lower district—nobody could be compared to him!

Previously, when the people were told that Xiao Zhonghuang possessed a half-Di ranked Martial Spirit, it did not stir a great chaos as the half-Di rank was still not actually a Di rank!

That being said, who would have expected the Feiyang Sacred Area to hide the truth from the beginning, and only reveal it today!

“F**k me!”

“Xiao Zhonghuang’s talent is unbelievable, there is no way Qin Nan would stand a chance against him!”

“Qin Nan? Qin Nan only possesses an eighth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit. How could he even compete with Xiao Zhonghuang?”

“Well, for your information, Qin Nan’s Martial Spirit is actually tenth-grade Xuan ranked! But does that even matter now? Xiao Zhonghuang is without a doubt the top genius!”

“Feiyang Sacred Area is making such a bold move. Both the Feiyang Alliance and the Genius Alliance are only supports for Xiao Zhonghuang!”

“With a first-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit, he could even achieve greatness in the Eastern Continent of the upper district!”

Countless voices filled with astonishment could be heard everywhere in the lower district.

The strength of a Martial Artist was most emphasized in the Canglan Continent, in which the geniuses were graded according to the ranks of their Martial Spirit!

Everyone clearly knew that no one could match Xiao Zhonghuang’s future achievements!

While the entire lower district was immersed in a great shock, another piece of news caused every cultivator to spring up from their seats.

Xiao Zhonghuang had succeeded in ranking up to the Martial Dominator Realm. In order to celebrate this, the Feiyang Sacred Area was going to hold a grand feast inviting everyone!

At that instant, countless cultivators headed straight to the lower district.

Due to the series of events, Feiyang Sacred Area’s status would most likely rise to the top spot in the lower district, while the Qinglong Sacred Area would drown in history!

...Meanwhile, in the Feiyang Sacred Area...

Unlike the Qinglong Sacred Area, the disciples of the Feiyang Sacred Area all stayed in the same huge city.

The entire city covered an incredibly-sized area with a circumference of nine thousand li. The walls were colored maroon, thus giving it a somehow murderous aura when looked upon from afar, as it stood firmly between the Heavens and Earth.

The city was named Feiyang City, which was said to be a Saint Weapon. Once activated, it would unleash incredible power capable of killing a Martial Highness.

...Currently in the middle of Feiyang City at a huge dojo...

The surroundings were crowded with Sacred Leader Feiyang, the City Lord of Slaughter City, Peak Leader Yang, and the other Peak Leaders, followed by vice-Peak Leaders, Saints, Prospective Saints, custodians, etc.

These many experts had their attention focused onto the dojo.

The center of the dojo was surrounded by a stormy cloud that was eight hundred and ninety-nine zhang wide, with countless rays of lightning striking down from it, resulting in an intimidating scene.

In the midst of the raging thunder stood a young man wearing a black coat. His hair danced wildly while a ray of golden light could be seen emitting from his back together with a pitch-black ancient beast accompanied by a mysterious yet terrifyingly imperious aura, causing the crowd to feel a hint of terror while looking at it.

The man was none other than the eldest brother among the three sons of the Xiao Clan: Xiao Zhonghuang!

The Martial Spirit behind him was a first-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit: Voodoo Martial Spirit!

“Tribulation clouds, be gone!”

Xiao Zhonghuang uttered a roar under the surging rays of thunder. Following this, the stormy cloud above him immediately dispersed as if it had just encountered some kind of terrifying presence, returning calmness to the surroundings of the dojo.

A strong aura of the Martial Dominator Realm was fired into the air from his body, causing the Prospective Saints and the two Saints to be astonished.


“Congrats, Junior Brother Xiao!”

“HAHAHA, Congrats!”

“Junior Brother Xiao is indeed a phoenix among men[1], able to drive back the stormy clouds of the Tribulation with mere words, who among the geniuses could possibly do that?”


A series of compliments filled the scene like waves on the ocean.

A faint smile appeared on the faces of Sacred Leader Feiyang, Peak Leader Yang, and the Slaughter City Lord.

The aim of holding such a grand occasion and assisting Xiao Zhonghuang in overcoming the Tribulation was to let the people of the Trading Alliance and the Qinglong Sacred Area witness how great Xiao Zhonghuang’s talents were!

At that instant, various auras flew toward Feiyang City.

The eyes of Sacred Leader Feiyang and his companions flickered. It seemed like the news had been spread to the public, attracting the rogue cultivators here.

“So he’s Xiao Zhonghuang!”

“So terrifying, didn’t he just rank up to the Martial Dominator Realm? Why do I feel like I’m facing someone with a cultivation of the third-layer Martial Dominator Realm!”

Gasp, this man is no ordinary person!”

“As expected of someone with a first-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit, his aura is already this terrifying even though he just ranked up to the Martial Dominator Realm!”

The experts among the rogue cultivators who had just arrived were utterly astounded.

Xiao Zhonghuang placed his hands behind himself while his face displayed a hint of pride. His eyes were similar to that of a divine being glancing down at the living things before him as he spoke, “Today, I’ve ranked up to the Martial Dominator Realm. Thank you for coming to witness the process! Furthermore, now that the Feiyang Alliance and the Genius Alliance were established, the tide of the lower district was going to change soon! Therefore, fellow experts and geniuses, I invite you to lend me a hand in accomplishing something remarkable in six months’ time!”

The words were spoken with an extraordinary aura, as if he was the emperor while everyone else were his courtiers!

“In addition, to all rogue cultivators who just arrived, allow me to inform you that the Ocean of Death will be activated in six months’ time!” Xiao Zhonghuang suddenly wore a disdainful look as if a sudden thought came up to him, “And when that happens, I’ll have a duel with Qin Nan on the Reaper’s Platform with everyone from the lower district being the spectators, to witness how I am going to achieve the title of the top genius of the lower district!”

Sacred Leader Feiyang and the others were quite shocked hearing this as they had not expected him to utter such a speech in the first place. However, they soon collected their thoughts;it was the truth that Xiao Zhonghuang would be facing Qin Nan after six months’ time!

That being said, Xiao Zhonghuang would definitely stand victorious!

The rogue cultivators were left in awe once again.

Xiao Zhonghuang and Qin Nan were going to have a duel at the Ocean of Death?

This was some fascinating news!

Everyone knew that both Xiao Zhonghuang and Qin Nan were peerless geniuses of the lower district, ones that only appear every hundred years. However, two of them had appeared in the same era, who were going to duel with one another. It would definitely serve as a grand occasion!

Following this, the entirety of Feiyang City was immersed in a grand celebration, resulting in a lively scene.

Meanwhile, due to someone working behind the scenes, the news regarding the duel between Xiao Zhonghuang and Qin Nan was spread to all places within the lower district!

“What? The Ocean of Death is open in six months’ time? The two peerless geniuses are going to fight one another?”

“Is this Qin Nan out of his mind trying to duel Xiao Zhonghuang? Isn’t that the same as committing suicide?”

“Yeah, Xiao Zhonghuang possesses a Di ranked Martial Spirit. The difference between him and Qin Nan is equivalent to the distance between the Heavens and Earth!”

“Qin Nan will lose without a doubt!”

“Sigh, I have no idea either. Now that the Qinglong Sacred Area is finished, Qin Nan still insists on staying there and dueling against Xiao Zhonghuang. Is he trying to kill himself?”


Many in the lower district shook their heads.

Qin Nan was like a bright comet that only appeared a few months ago, who skyrocketed to the peak of the lower district, earning the respect of many cultivators.

Meanwhile, Xiao Zhonghuang was like a blazing sun scorching the Earth. In comparison, Qin Nan’s light was relatively weak.

In the current era, it was unfortunate for the Prospective Saints, Saints, and Qin Nan to stumble into Xiao Zhonghuang!

The reason being that Xiao Zhonghuang was deemed to be the strongest genius in this era!

...However, in the Luohe Kingdom at this particular moment...

A man wearing a black robe in an inn put down his cup while listening to the gossiping of the people around him. He then rose from his seat and exited the inn. A hint of a murderous look could be seen from his eyes.

It seems like a tenth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit is nowhere enough!

I must continue ranking up!

A mere Xiao Zhonghuang dares to bully Qin Nan?

How bold!

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: A phoenix among humans is a Chinese Idiom, which usually describes a person with outstanding talents.


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