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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 438


Chapter 438: Chapter 438 - Six Months

Chapter 438 - Six Months

Qin Nan and Princess Miao Miao’s faces were filled with astonishment.

They would never have thought Sacred Leader Qinglong was the transmogrification of a godly object from the Ocean of Death!

What was even more surprising was that the Feiyang Sacred Area and the Trading Alliance were teaming up under the command of some authority from the upper district!

In the meantime, it was unlucky for the Imperial Exterminator and Qin Nan to be dragged right into the center of the conspiracy!

“Qin Nan!” Tang Qingshan said in a low tone, “The Sacred Leader is my master, thus I’m utterly grateful toward him. If it’s possible, I hope that you will be able to defeat Xiao Zhonghuang! Even if Master’s death is approaching, I would not allow him to be devoured by anyone! I wish that you would help me rescue my Junior Sister and Master, are you willing to do so?”

Qin Nan recovered from the shock and glanced at Tang Qingshan, before nodding his head.

Since he had joined the Qinglong Sacred Area, Sacred Leader Qinglong had been taking good care of him.

He told him that the divine Battle Spirit needed Primary Stones to rank up!

He left a drop of the divine God of Battle’s blood in the Qinglong Mystical Ground!

Even when facing the threatening of Peak Leader Yang and the others, he insisted on protecting him!

Therefore, it would make sense for him to side with Sacred Leader Qinglong!

Hang on a second...

Qin Nan realized something important all of a sudden.

If Sacred Leader Qinglong was the transmogrification of some godly object from the Ocean of Death, what was the relationship between him and the divine Battle Spirit?

Why would he know so much about the divine Battle Spirit, and even possess a drop of the divine God of Battle’s blood?

Could it be that the primary form of Sacred Leader Qinglong is a presence similar to that of the divine Battle Spirit?

And it somehow shared some kind of relationship with the divine God of Battle?

“That’s strange.”

Qin Nan shook his head after a slight ponder.

Now that Sacred Leader Qinglong was not willing to tell him the truth, there was no way he could figure it out on his own.

“The Ocean of Death experienced some extraordinary phenomenon. It will be accessible in half a year’s time,” Tang Qingshan said, “Within this period, you should try your best to improve your cultivation as much as possible since everyone below the Martial Highness Realm is allowed to enter the Ocean of Death. From what I’ve heard, Xiao Zhonghuang has now reached the Martial Dominator Realm. I believe there will be more news regarding that soon.”

“Only half a year left, huh?”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered.

Be it the doubts in his mind or the enemies targeting him, he would settle them all in half a year’s time at the Ocean of Death when everyone was gathered there. It was time for him to finish everything!

In the meantime, all his doubts would be cleared as well!

“I’ll now head to the Ocean of Death to assist First Brother and Third Brother to find out the truth about the rare phenomenon.”

Tang Qingshan gave Qin Nan a thoughtful look. At this stage, Qin Nan was their final hope, and he too believed that Qin Nan would shock everyone at the Ocean of Death when the time came in half a year’s time!

He did not stay any longer after finishing his words. His figure disappeared with a flicker.

“I should go into seclusion now!”

Qin Nan blurted out. He could not wait to refine the blood of the divine God of Battle.

“Wait up.” Princess Miao Miao rolled her eyes while extending her arms toward the sky as if she were trying to hug the Heavens, thoroughly displaying her outstanding physique to Qin Nan. Following this, she said with a pair of squinting eyes, “Qin Nan, are you dumb? Those white-eyed wolves[1] did betray the Qinglong Sacred Area, but I bet they didn’t have the time to take all their stuff with them.”

“You mean…”

Qin Nan was startled.

“That’s right, let’s rob all those mountains!”

Princess Miao Miao wore an excited expression.

“Let’s go, time doesn’t wait!”

Princess Miao Miao reached out her tender hand and grabbed Qin Nan’s before hurrying up the peak. Qin Nan was stunned as he felt the warmth coming from her hand.

In the entire Qinglong Sacred Area, Sacred Leader Qinglong was the only one left in the deepest region, while the sixteen mountains were completely empty.

Princess Miao Miao swept across the sixteen mountains like a tornado, leaving nothing valuable behind.

“Three thousand Primary Stones…”

Qin Nan’s breathing intensified.

Although most of the stuff could not be taken easily, they had managed to acquire three thousand Primary Stones!

That being said, the amount of herbs, pill manuals, artifacts, etc. that Princess Miao Miao had acquired was incredible too.

“How naive,” Princess Miao Miao rolled her eyes and said, “I’ve got four thousand Primary Stones on me!”


Qin Nan was shocked, but he quickly remembered that Princess Miao Miao had managed to acquire over sixty fortunate encounters within the Qinglong Mystical Ground!

“You want these Primary Stones?” Princess Miao Miao’s eyes glistened.

“I need every single one of them!” Qin Nan replied, “These Primary Stones are extremely important to me!”

Three thousand Primary Stones!

Plus another four thousand Primary Stones!

And a drop of the divine God of Battle’s blood!

How far would the divine Battle Spirit grow?

The thought alone caused Qin Nan’s heart to turn fiery!

It did not matter if he were facing Xiao Zhonghuang, Zhou Xuan, or those Prospective Saints. In just half a year’s time, he would smash them all!

“I can give them all to you, but you have to do me a favor in three days.” Princess Miao Miao’s expression turned serious as she continued in a dull tone, “Qin Nan, this is extremely important to my future. I really need your help.”

Qin Nan was stunned after seeing the incredibly rare hint of pleading from her eyes.

“You’re not willing to?” Princess Miao Miao immediately turned unhappy.


Qin Nan shook his head as a faint grin appeared on his face. He did not expect Princess Miao Miao to only ask for such a tiny favor.

A favor?

It wouldn’t be a problem if she had asked for three or five favors, let alone one.



When the news regarding the Qinglong Sacred Area was spread throughout the lower district, everyone was flabbergasted.

Ten Peak Leaders—including Peak Leader Yang—led twenty vice-Peak Leaders, seven Prospective Saints, the Saint Zhou Xuan, over three thousand envoys, custodians, and disciples and joined the Feiyang Sacred Area!

Sacred Leader Qinglong was about to reach his limit;he could at most live for another half a year!

Among the geniuses of the Qinglong Sacred Area, only Qin Nan and Princess Miao Miao stayed!

“Gasp! This is too shocking!”

“In just the blink of an eye, Qin Nan and Princess Miao Miao are the only geniuses left in the previously magnificent Qinglong Sacred Area?”

“That’s not the end of it, only two Peak Leaders remained!”

“Who would have thought the incredible Qinglong Sacred Area would experience such a tragedy!”

“What dirty trick did the Feiyang Sacred Area use to make this many people betray their Sacred Area?”

“Are you dumb? Sacred Leader Qinglong is dying. The day he dies will be the same day that the Qinglong Sacred Area faces its destruction. Why wouldn’t they leave?”

Among the cultivators of the lower district, some let out a sigh, some shook their heads, some gloated over the tragedy;everyone reacted differently.

However, another shocking piece of news suddenly shook the entire lower district!

Slaughter City, Gambling City and the Trading Alliance had declared their intentions to team up with the Feiyang Sacred Area to form the Feiyang Alliance!

Furthermore, the Prospective Saints of both Sacred Areas, the two Saints, and the Saintess of the Trading Alliance had formed the Genius Alliance!

Both the Feiyang Alliance and the Genius Alliance would be fully supporting Xiao Zhonghuang!

Xiao Zhonghuang was now trying to rank up to the Martial Dominator Realm. Besides this, he had also unleashed his Martial Spirit in front of the crowd of the Feiyang Alliance. Instead of a half-Di rank Martial Spirit that the rumors said, it was in fact a first-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit!

At that instant, the entire lower district exploded!

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: This is referring to the people who betray for their personal benefits and gains.


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