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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 436


Chapter 436: Chapter 436 - Approaching Death

Chapter 436 - Approaching Death

Peak Leader Yang flickered with a hint of pride.

His plan this time could be considered absolutely perfect. If Sacred Leader Qinglong decided not to kill Qin Nan, it would be justifiable for them to revolt against the Sacred Leader. If Qin Nan were to be slain instead, he would no longer pose a threat to them at the Ocean of Death.

Peak Leader Yang was now seventy-percent sure that Sacred Leader Qinglong would sentence Qin Nan to his death!

As for his son?

When one died, simply give birth to another one.

However, when Sacred Leader Qinglong suddenly unleashed his anger, his expression stiffened. In addition to him, the other Peak Leaders, vice-Peak Leaders, the Saint, and the Prospective Saints wore frozen expressions while their eyes displayed a hint of fear.

It was as if they were ants facing a giant when Sacred Leader Qinglong unleashed his aura.

It was as if the figure of the Sacred Leader had become the only presence in the eyes of the crowd as he glanced downward at them and uttered a yell, “As the people of the Qinglong Sacred Area, you dare to plan this conspiracy to threaten me, how ridiculous! It doesn’t matter if you were to leave the sect, the Qinglong Sacred Area will not sentence Qin Nan to death today. Furthermore, not only was Qin Nan innocent, his actions could be considered as serving justice. Thus, the Qinglong Sacred Area will greatly reward him!”

The words penetrated the souls of the crowd.

The custodians, envoys, and disciples were utterly astonished.

They did not expect Sacred Leader Qinglong to go this far for Qin Nan’s sake!

“Rewarding instead of punishing?”

Peak Leader Yang and his crew were startled. They had never expected it to turn out like this.

Meanwhile, Qin Nan wore an astounded expression as his heart was filled with warmth.

Since he had joined the Qinglong Sacred Area, Tang Qingshan, Peak Leader Duanmu and, Peak Leader Zhang had been taking good care of him. Although this Sacred Leader Qinglong was so mysterious that he had many doubts yet to be answered, Sacred Leader Qinglong always protected him during crucial times!

He was willing to give up ten Peak Leaders, twenty vice-Peak Leaders, the Saint, and seven Prospective Saints for his sake!

Would another sect be willing to make such a sacrifice for him?

“Fine, Sacred Leader, if you insist so, then I will no longer be a part of the Qinglong Sacred Area!”

Peak Leader Yang let out a roar.

“I too will no longer be a part of the Qinglong Sacred Area!”

“From today onward, I’m no longer related to the Qinglong Sacred Area!”

“Is there any reason to say in this sect?”


The Peak Leaders, vice-Peak Leaders, and Prospective Saints spoke respectively.

It was the first time for such a huge-scaled revolt to occur in the history of the Qinglong Sacred Area!

The envoys, custodians, and disciples were dumbfounded. They could not imagine what the Qinglong Sacred Area would become due to this revolt!

“People of the Qinglong Sacred Area, the Sacred Leader is acting ruthless to protect a genius. There is no point of staying in this sect any longer. I’ve now decided to join the Feiyang Sacred Area. If any of you are planning to leave as well, feel free to follow me!” Peak Leader Yang turned around facing the Qinglong Sacred Area and uttered a yell. His voice landed in the hearts of the crowd.

The envoys, custodians, and disciples were startled, but swiftly shook their heads.

They knew that Qin Nan was not the one to be blamed, thus the Sacred Leader could not be considered to be acting ruthless. Besides, the Sacred Leader had always been kind to them, thus they would not leave easily.

“I believe you are clueless about something important.” A grin appeared on Peak Leader Yang’s face when he saw the determination of the crowd’s face, “Sacred Leader Qinglong is only a step away from his death! Therefore, when that happens, the Qinglong Sacred Area would surely be conquered by the Feiyang Sacred Area!”

The words spoken served as a shocking explosion.

The Sacred Leader was about to die?

How was this possible?

Everyone knew that the current Sacred Leader Qinglong only took the role officially three hundred years ago. There was no way his death was approaching!

Qin Nan was startled while he gazed toward Sacred Leader Qinglong, and saw a calm expression on his face.

“I know you won’t believe me, but I happen to have an artifact that will allow you to see the truth!” Peak Leader Yang let out a roar all of a sudden, “The Heaven-Illuminating Godly Mirror, let the lies be unveiled!”

A ray of mystical light shone brightly above Peak Leader Yang, which transformed into an ancient mirror that fired a ray of light onto the figure of Sacred Leader Qinglong.


Sacred Leader Qinglong’s appearance experienced a great change in the blink of an eye. His black hair turned white instantly while wrinkles appeared on his face. His powerful aura was replaced by a sense of death, like that of an old man.

On top of that, the sixteen mountains of the Qinglong Sacred Area experienced a tremendous change also.

The aura of each mountain dropped rapidly as countless trees and flowers wilted at a fast pace.

If one were to glance downward from above, the person would discover the sixteen mountains that formed the silhouette of a dragon had turned into a death zone filled with a gloomy aura.


“How could this be!”

“The Sacred Leader is really dying!”

The faces of the envoys, custodians, and disciples instantly turned pale.

The Sacred Leader’s death was approaching, what did that imply?

That meant after Sacred Leader Qinglong passed away, the Qinglong Sacred Area would be targeted by the Feiyang Sacred Area, or even the factions from the upper district!

If a Sacred Area was no longer being protected by a Martial Sacred, its survival was at stake!

An explosion took place in Qin Nan’s mind as well.

This mysterious Sacred Leader Qinglong, this old man who had been protecting him despite the pranks he pulled on him, was dying?

At that instant, Qin Nan finally came to a realization.

The reason why Peak Leader Yang and the others dared to challenge Sacred Leader Qinglong was because his death was approaching!

“Fellows, are you still planning to stay at the Qinglong Sacred Area after knowing this?”

Peak Leader Yang let out a yell.

The Peak Leaders, vice-Peak Leaders, Prospective Saints, and the Saint, Zhou Xuan, wore complicated looks. When they had first joined the Qinglong Sacred Area, they had never expected it to come down to this in the end.

Although Sacred Leader Qinglong had taken good care of them, in the end, men would strive for a greater height just like water would always flow to a lower height[1]. They still had a long way ahead, thus they had a chance to strive for greater heights by heading to the East Continent of the upper district. Therefore, they no longer had any plans to stay at the Qinglong Sacred Area, since the sect would eventually be conquered by other sect.

At that instant, the envoys, custodians, and disciples struggled to make a decision.



As a matter of fact, only their own wellbeing mattered in the end.

At that moment, Zhou Xuan took a step forward and spoke in a clear tone, “Fellow disciples, don’t you worry. We’ve already discussed with the Feiyang Sacred Area. If you’ve decide to leave the Qinglong Sacred Area with us, the Feiyang Sacred Area will specifically establish a Qinglong Peak for us. Everything will still be the same for you all!”

The ten Peak Leaders took turns to convince the crowd as well.

“I’ll go!”

“You’re right, there’s no point staying at the Qinglong Sacred Area!”

“I’ll leave too, sigh.”


The envoys, custodians, and disciples spoke at the same time.

In just a brief while, half of the people of the Qinglong Sacred Area had decided to leave.

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: A Chinese idiom. I believe its meaning is quite literal.


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