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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 435


Chapter 435: Chapter 435 - The Anger of the Sacred Leader

Chapter 435 - The Anger of the Sacred Leader

The roar was exceedingly obvious in the Qinglong Sacred Area!

The Sacred Leader’s cultivation was at the Martial Sacred Realm, one of the two most powerful experts in the lower district!

Previously in the Qinglong Sacred Area, if the Sacred Leader were to voice his opinion, it would then be considered as the final decision. Even the Peak Leaders could not oppose it!

However, on this particular day, Peak Leader Yang dared to voice out and stand against Sacred Leader Qinglong!

In addition to the crowd of disciples, even Qin Nan was startled.

Where did Peak Leader Yang get his courage from to challenge Sacred Leader Qinglong?

Sacred Leader Qinglong showed no sign of being offended as he spoke in a calm tone, “Why not?”

“That son of a bitch Qin Nan killed my son. He must be punished with death!” Peak Leader Yang stared at Sacred Leader Qinglong while uttering a thunderous yell, “I will not let this go if you won’t sentence him to death! Besides, I believe I’m not the only one to insist so. The rest of the Peak Leaders and the disciples are not convinced by this decision either!”

After saying this, Peak Leader Yang took out his Sound-Conducting Badge and transmitted a message.

The eyes of the other nine Peak Leaders flickered while they communicated with one another in secret. A while later, they seemed to have made up their minds.

“Right, he must be punished!”

“Sacred Leader, how could justice be served if he were not sentenced to death?”

“I agree with Peak Leader Yang!”


The other nine Peak Leaders took turns to speak, displaying their stance of siding with Peak Leader Yang.

Apart from that, the four vice-Peak Leaders were siding with Peak Leader Yang too.

Meanwhile, a few piercing sounds could be heard all of a sudden.

A few figures with powerful auras arrived at the same time, resulting in a marvelous scene.

“That’s the first vice-Peak Leader of Duanmu Peak, Peak Leader Murong!”

“Isn’t that Court Master Jin of Caomu Peak?”

“Shit, even the two vice-Peak Leaders of Tianxuan Peak are here!”


Countless envoys and disciples of the Qinglong Sacred Area wore utter astonishment on their faces.

There were currently twenty vice-Peak Leaders at the scene.

As a matter of fact, among the sixteen mountains of the entire Qinglong Sacred Area, there were only a total of thirty two vice-Peak Leaders. In other words, more than half of the vice-Peak Leaders had arrived.

“I support Peak Leader Yang’s view! Qin Nan must be put to death for justice to be served!”

“Qin Nan must die!”

“If Qin Nan didn’t die, how are we going to preserve the reputation of the Qinglong Sacred Area?”


After these twenty vice-Peak Leaders arrived, they immediately sided with Peak Leader Yang without any hesitation!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A few piercing sounds could be heard once again.

Five men and two women descended while emitting ferocious auras and wearing expressionless faces.

“Aren’t they the Prospective Saints;Li Tao, Ye Hu, and Wan Changyan?”

Gasp, and also Dao Poli, Long Shuang, Long Xuan, and Lu Jin!”

“Why are they all here?”


The envoys, custodians, and disciples of the Qinglong Sacre Area were left in awe.

The people within the Qinglong Sacred Area were classified into disciples, custodians, and envoysthree different groups. However, on top of them, there existed another category of disciples, known as the Prospective Saints!

This was referring to the peerless geniuses of the Sacred Area, who had the chance of becoming a Saint in the future and taking charge of the Qinglong Sacred Area!

In simpler words, the future of the two Sacred Areas mostly depended on these Prospective Saints!

And now, they had all arrived.

“We agree with Peak Leader Yang!”

“Qin Nan’s actions are not justified. He must be put to death.”

“Right, he must be killed!”


The seven Prospective Saints voiced out their opinions siding with Peak Leader Yang upon their arrival.

The words served as a great crash of thunder in the hearts of the crowd of disciples.

Ten Peak Leaders!

Twenty vice-Peak Leaders!

Seven Prospective Saints!

These people were all here to go against Sacred Leader Qinglong’s will, to put Qin Nan to death?

The disciples of the Qinglong Sacred Area were not dumb at all. It went without saying that they could sense a great storm was to take place soon in the Qinglong Sacred Area.

Sacred Leader Qinglong continued to wear a calm expression. As he was about to speak, a sudden yell could be heard.

“Me too.”

A distance away, a white-shirted young man slowly arrived by walking in mid-air. An imperious aura was emitted from his body, causing the crowd to fail to shift their focus from his figure.

His arrival served as a great explosion in the heart of the disciples.

Zhou Xuan!

The Saint of the Qinglong Sacred Area!

The future Sacred Leader of the Qinglong Sacred Area!

“Sacred Leader, I don’t agree with your decision.” Zhou Xuan brought his fists together toward Sacred Leader Qinglong and said in a calm tone, “I believe that Qin Nan must be punished according to the rules since he has murdered a disciple. Otherwise, as the Saint of the Sacred Area, I will not be convinced of the decision.”

The disciples inhaled deeply after hearing the words.

Such a great scheme!

Ten Peak Leaders, twenty vice-Peak Leaders, the Saint, and seven Prospective Saints joining forces together just to put Qin Nan to death.

At that instant, Princess Miao Miao and her companions were startled seeing this formation. They had not expected Peak Leader Yang to plan such a ridiculous scene in order to murder Qin Nan.

Meanwhile, Qin Nan’s eyes turned icier.

“Are you trying to threaten me?”

Sacred Leader Qinglong’s gaze scanned the Peak Leaders, vice-Peak Leaders, Prospective Saints, and the Saint as he spoke slowly.

Apart from Peak Leader Yang, these people’s gaze flickered slightly with a hint of struggle. However, the preceding scene allowed the struggle in their eyes to dissipate and be replaced with determination.

“We don’t dare to!” Peak Leader Yang showed no sign of intimidation facing Sacred Leader Qinglong, who continued to raise his tone, “I’m just saying that even if Qin Nan is a peerless genius, his sin of murdering disciples of the same clan shall not be forgiven. If you insist on letting him go, you are being biased toward him! Therefore, if you aren’t giving him a death sentence I, Yang Qihai, will no longer be a part of the Qinglong Sacred Area!”

“I agree with Peak Leader Yang! If Qin Nan’s life is spared, I will no longer be a part of the Qinglong Sacred Area!”

“I agree with Peak Leader Yang! Qin Nan must be slain. Otherwise, I’ll be leaving Qinglong Sacred Area too!’

“Same here! Kill Qin Nan, Qin Nan must die. Otherwise, there’s no point in staying here!”

“Support Peak Leader Yang!”


At that instant, a shocking sight took place on the sixteenth mountain of the Qinglong Sacred Area.

Ten Peak Leaders, twenty vice-Peak Leaders, a Saint, and seven Prospective Saints had gathered here with firm attitudes just to sentence Qin Nan to his death!

A great shock occurred among the envoys, custodians, and disciples of the Qinglong Sacred Area!

The same words subconsciously appeared in their minds at the same time.


Peak Leader Yang and his crew were without a doubt trying to force Sacred Leader Qinglong to abdicate!

At that instant, they instinctively glanced toward Qin Nan.

In their opinions, Qin Nan had not done anything wrong, but if these people insisted on killing Qin Nan, he would still be put to death.

The reason being that these people represented the top battling force, the authorities and the young generation of the Qinglong Sacred Area. If they all were to leave Qinglong Sacred Area, it will result in a great loss!

It would take at least more than a hundred years for the Sacred Area to recover!

Most people would choose to execute Qin Nan under such circumstances!

“You all…”

At that moment, Sacred Leader Qinglong slowly spoke. The entire world quietened down as everyone’s gaze locked onto the Sacred Leader’s figure. They were keen to know what decision the Sacred Leader would make.

It was as if the time froze at that instant. Each breath was extremely lengthy, like a century long.

The eyes of Sacred Leader Qinglong glistened as he uttered a thunderous roar.

“How bold!”

The entire Qinglong Sacred Area exploded as the sixteen mountains began to vibrate, shaking the Heavens and Earth.

The Sacred Leader had become enraged!

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