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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 434


Chapter 434: Chapter 434 - No Way!

Chapter 434 - No Way!

Ten Martial Highness arrived at the scene at the same time, their terrifying auras nearly shattering the Heavens and Earth.

Even the ferocious beasts like Lei Bao and Huo Ba appeared to be extremely weak at that moment, let alone Qin Nan who was facing the attacks of two Peak Leaders.

As for Qin Nan’s companions, they were similar to a piece of sand in a boundless desert, miniscule like an ant.

“Stop it!”

At that instant, a loud roar echoed within the Qinglong Sacred Area.

It was as if everything in the surroundings had turned stationary. Even the figures of Peak Leader Yang and Peak Leader Han froze in place, unable to move at all.


A figure floated above the figures of the ten Peak Leaders, who turned out to be Sacred Leader Qinglong!

Sacred Leader Qinglong waved his hand, causing Qin Nan, Princess Miao Miao, and the others who were previously in the Qinglong Mystical Ground to be teleported to the sixteenth mountain. The entire Qinglong Mystical Ground was thoroughly activated, dragging all custodians who were still battling against one another out from the Mystical Ground before they could react.

“What’s going on?”

“What exactly is happening?”


The custodians wore blank expressions and were further astonished after seeing ten Peak Leaders and Sacred Leader Qinglong floating in the sky above them. The words that they initially wanted to say were stuck in their throats.

Although they were clueless as to the situation, it was definitely something serious since the Sacred Leader and the Peak Leaders were here!

Meanwhile, the entire Qinglong Sacred Area was astonished. Countless disciples and envoys had their attention attracted by the scene taking place at the sixteenth mountain. They were curious to know what exactly had happened that caused the ten Peak Leaders to open the portal to the Qinglong Mystical Ground with brute force all of a sudden.

“Why were you planning to open the Qinglong Mystical Ground without my permission?” Sacred Leader Qinglong lowered his gaze, glancing at Peak Leader Yang and Peak Leader Han and snapped, “You two Martial Highnesses are trying to attack a disciple? How disgraceful!”

Everyone was stunned after hearing the words.

“Sacred Leader!” Peak Leader Yang, whose hair danced wildly stood, in mid-air. He stared at Qin Nan and let out a scream, “This Qin Nan dares to break the rules and kill my son. Why can’t I attack him?’

“My son was killed by him too!”

Peak Leader Han stepped forward, his face filled with great murderous intent.

“He killed my son too!”

“And my son too!”


The vice-Peak Leaders of different mountains stepped forward while wearing hideous expressions.

The disciples of the Qinglong Sacred Area were dumbfounded.

Was Qin Nan out of his mind?

Did he really kill all of them?


At that instant, an extraordinarily loud laughter broke out on the sixteenth mountain.

The crowd immediately glanced toward the voice’s direction, and realized that the one laughing was none other than Qin Nan.

Following the laugh, Qin Nan raised his head while his clothes flapped due to the strong wind. He stared right at Peak Leader Yang and Peak Leader Han without showing any sign of being intimidated and snapped, “So what if I killed all of them? I had no business with Yang Taitian, Xue Wuheng, Han Fei, Xiao Hong, and the others, but they targeted me instead and tried to eliminate me a few times in a row! They even summoned the clones of Peak Leader Yang and the City Lord of Slaughter City, and three Icy-Fanged Tigers just to slay me! Under such circumstances, why can’t I kill them instead?”

The words served as an explosion, leaving the crowd in awe.

The custodians, the surrounding envoys, and disciples were utterly shocked.

Peak Leader Yang snapped, “Son of a bitch, enough with your lies!”

“Lies?” Princess Miao Miao took a step forward while uttering a hollow laugh, “Hey old man, I’m impressed by how shameless you are. Fortunately, the Princess happened to have a Memory Crystal here. We shall let the crowd decide if what he said was lies!”

With a flick of her finger, a crystal was fired into the air which transformed into a screen displaying the series of events that took place at the Bloodlust Lake.

At that instant, the disciples of the entire Qinglong Sacred Area were left speechless watching the screen.

Yang Taitian, Xiao Hong, and Xue Wuji were extremely cruel in their way of targeting Qin Nan. It was obvious that they were trying to kill him!

Under such circumstances, Qin Nan managed to summon the beasts and turned the table around, before slaying his enemies. There was nothing wrong about that!

It didn’t make sense if you were allowed to kill Qin Nan while Qin Nan was not allowed to fight back!

Anyone with common sense would think so too!

On top of that, the custodians, envoys and disciples keenly detected something strange. Why was Yang Taitian able to summon the Peak Leader Yang’s clone? Why was the second son of the Xiao Clan there? Why could Xue Wuji summon the Icy-Fanged Tigers?

It was no doubt a trap!

A trap aiming to murder Qin Nan!

“This is ridiculous!”

Peak Leader Yang yelled all of a sudden, “Yang Taitian and his crew were only planning to have a duel with you. Besides, why would you insist on killing them after the danger had been resolved? In my opinion, the Qinglong Sacred Area should grant Qin Nan a death sentence! Otherwise, the fairness of our Qinglong Sacred Area would be doubted by the world!”

“I agree with Peak Leader Yang!”

“Qin Nan’s behavior is too cruel. A person like him should be killed immediately.”

“I think he is a peerless genius just like Tang Qingshan, who also has a great thirst for blood. He must be put to death!”


Peak Leader Caomu and the other Peak Leaders expressed their thoughts at the same time, all supporting the decision of giving Qin Nan a death sentence.

The disciples of the Qinglong Sacred Area frowned.

What was going on?

Qin Nan did nothing wrong, but the Peak Leaders still demanded Qin Nan to be killed?

Could it be...

The disciples were immersed in great shock.

Princess Miao Miao, Sima Kong, and their companions wore furious looks. Judging from the circumstances, it appeared that Peak Leader Yang had somehow joined forces with the other nine Peak Leaders to eliminate Qin Nan!

Qin Nan’s eyes turned cold.

“Now that Peak Leader Duanmu and Peak Leader Zhang are not here, and Peak Leader Yang desperately wants me dead, it’s highly possible that something serious took place when I was in the Qinglong Mystical Ground…”

Qin Nan quickly thought.

However, the situation right now was definitely out of his grasp. He could only rely on Sacred Leader Qinglong.

Sacred Leader Qinglong wore an expressionless face while watching the Peak Leaders making a fuss before him. After a prolonged period, he spoke in a calm tone, “Peak Leaders, calm down for now. Although it looks like it’s Qin Nan’s fault for killing your sons, he was only protecting himself. Therefore, I’ve decided to leave it be. No one is allowed to mention it from now onward!”

Sacred Leader Qinglong raised his tone toward the end. His voice echoed continuously within the Qinglong Sacred Area, causing the crowd to be hot-blooded as if it was the chime of a giant bell.

Apart from Peak Leader Yang and Peak Leader Han, the eyes of the other Peak Leaders flickered as they remained silent.

The people of the Qinglong Sacred Area let out sighs of relief.

It seemed like the great fuss was coming to an end.

“No way!”

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