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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 433


Chapter 433: Chapter 433 - A Great Tremble

Chapter 433 - A Great Tremble

Yang Taitian, Xiao Hong, Xue Wuji, and the others could feel their bodies turning stiff.

It was as if their throats were stuck with a giant hand facing the crowd of beasts, prohibiting them from speaking as their hearts were filled with endless terror.

Planning to kill Qin Nan?

How was that even possible now!

Even if they were given a hundred guts, they would not dare to do so!


Princess Miao Miao could not help but let out a laugh, fully displaying her outstanding charm.

Qin Nan was such a badass to ask such a question. Wasn’t that the same as giving them a slap to their face?

“Guys, I did try to give you a piece of advice, but you chose not to listen to me…”

Yan Zihan shook her head while wearing a cold expression, without the slightest hint of pity.

She had tried to help them out of kindness, but they had become furious after hearing her words instead. Thus, they got what they deserved.

Yang Taitian, Xiao Hong, Xue Wuji, and the others felt like vomiting blood after hearing this.

Listen to you?

Who would have expected such a crowd of terrifying beasts to back Qin Nan up?

Why would they continue troubling Qin Nan if they had known this from the beginning?

“Say something!”

Qin Nan snapped.

This bunch of idiots had continued to target him a few times in a row. Did they really think I was someone to be bullied easily?

Yang Taitian and his crew shuddered violently after hearing the loud roar.

“Qin…Qin Nan…” Yang Taitian glanced at the eyes of the beasts glaring at him while forcing the words out, “It’s… it’s our fault all along… I apologize… for our misbehavior…”

“Apologizing to me?”

Qin Nan burst out laughing.

He had witnessed the true definition of shamelessness today.

These people had attacked him and almost killed him, and were now planning to settle the dispute with a mere apology?

What an absolute joke!


Qin Nan had no intention of wasting his time. His eyes turned icy as the thunderous flame in his hand took the shape of a long saber before he hurled out a slash.

Yang Taitian and the others were terrified, especially Yang Taitian, who could not help but scream, “Qin Nan, you can’t kill us. If you do so, my father will definitely make you pay! Besides, the rules of the Qinglong Sacred Area did say that no killing is allowed! If you were to kill us today, you would be targeted by everyone!”


Qin Nan’s eyes flickered coldly.

No killing was allowed?

Trying to scare me with your background?

If that’s the case, why did each of you dare to try and kill me!


In this situation of life and death, Yang Taitian, Xiao Hong, Xue Wuji, and the others unleashed their auras and Martial Spirits to brace themselves for the fight.

“I’m no longer the same anymore. Even if you all join forces together, death is still your only way out!”

Qin Nan’s roar felt like thunder as he unleashed his Nine-Dragon-Lined Golden Nascent Soul immediately. Ten rays of arcane light, together with the divine Battle Spirit, appeared behind him!


The divine Battle Spirit stomped its foot on the ground, causing the other Martial Spirits to tremble slightly.


His Nine-Dragon-Lined Golden Nascent Soul executed the Sky Thunder and the Flame of Phoenix in a bursting manner like a giant mountain suppressing the auras of Yang Taitian and his crew.


A magnificent aura was emitted from his body as he flung his saber downward.

The nine geniuses stood no chance at all facing the attack. They were instantly eliminated, causing blood to spurt everywhere.

“How powerful!”

Lei Bao, Huo Ba, and the crowd of beasts were astonished.

It was their first time witnessing both the Nine-Dragon-Lined Golden Nascent Soul and the tenth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit.

As such, they were even more convinced that Qin Nan’s future achievements would be incredible since he possessed both the Chaos Qi and such extraordinary strength.

Furthermore, once Qin Nan proceeded to the upper district and came into contact with more beast tribes, he would surely stir a great chaos!

...Meanwhile in the Qinglong Sacred Area...

“I knew it… the old man is on the verge of dying…”

Peak Leader Yang took a look at the message transmitted to him before his eyes flickered with excitement. He immediately took out a Sound-Conducting Badge and sent a message to the other Peak Leaders.

Now that Sacred Leader Qinglong’s death was approaching and due to the rare occurrence of the Ocean of Death, they had no choice but to carry out their plan in advance!

At that instant, a spiritual link in his heart broke all of a sudden.

Peak Leader Yang was stunned for a period of over ten breaths’ time, before his expression was replaced with rage as he uttered a roar, “Son of a bitch! You dare to kill my son! I’ll not forgive you!”

The roar caused the entire Qinglong Sacred Area to tremble, leaving a blank expression on the faces of countless envoys and custodians.

Following this, a series of enraged roars filled the Heavens and Earth!

“Peak Leader Yang, summon the portal to the Qinglong Mystical Ground at once!”

Peak Leader Han of the ninth mountain arrived with a hint of fury.

“All Peak Leaders, gather at once. It’s time to summon the portal to the Mystical Ground!”

Peak Leader Yang became enraged while his roar exploded in the Qinglong Sacred Area.

They immediately cooperated and took out their Peak Leader Badges that fired rays of light at the entrance of the Qinglong Mystical Ground to summon its portal.

At that instant, the whole Qinglong Sacred Area was astounded.

“What is going on? Why are Peak Leader Yang and Peak Leader Han going crazy?”

“Look, four vice-Peak Leaders are here too!”

Gasp, Peak Leader Caomu, the tenth, eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth Peak Leaders are all here!”



Following the continuous arrival of the figures, the people of the Qinglong Sacred Area went crazy.

Following the rare phenomenon taking place at the Ocean of Death, now this many Peak Leaders were planning to activate the Qinglong Mystical Ground in advance, what was going on?

Was this a sign that something serious was taking place in the Qinglong Sacred Area?


Under the gaze of the crowd, a total of ten Peak Leaders had arrived with Peak Leader Yang and Peak Leader Han in the leading position. They took out their badges respectively to open the portal to the Qinglong Mystical Ground.

...Meanwhile, in the Qinglong Mystical Ground...

A series of explosions took place high above in the sky, leaving all living things in the Mystical Ground in awe.

“Shit, someone is trying to open the portal with brute force!”

Lei Bao and Huo Ba frowned upon realizing something.


Qin Nan, Princess Miao Miao, and the rest were startled.

Trying to open the portal with brute force?

Qin Nan reacted swiftly. It was highly possible that Peak Leader Yang and the others were furious after realizing that Yang Taitian and his crew had been slain.

At that instant, following a loud crash, the sky above the Qinglong Mystical Ground crumbled, revealing a huge hole.

On the other side of the hole stood Peak Leader Yang, Peak Leader Han, and the others, a total of ten Peak Leaders. With a quick glimpse, their eyes all glared at Qin Nan’s figure.

“Qin Nan, you son of a bitch, prepare to die now!”

Peak Leader Yang and Peak Leader Han displayed their rage, stunning the crowd as the terrifying auras of the Martial Highness Realm swept across the place. The two Peak Leaders were planning to attack Qin Nan straight away!

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