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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 432


Chapter 432: Chapter 432 - The Rare Phenomenon of the Ocean of

Chapter 432 - The Rare Phenomenon of the Ocean of Death

...While the rare phenomenon was occurring at the Qinglong Mystical Ground, meanwhile in the lower district of the Canglan Continent...

In the northwest of the lower district lay a boundless ocean in which the water was black. A strong sense of death was emitted from the ocean, while deep within it lay countless secrets waiting to be discovered. This place was known as the Ocean of Death!

However, on this particular day, it was as if something within the Ocean of Death had been awakened by some presence, resulting in a shocking rare phenomenon.

This rare phenomenon served as a great explosion among the countless experts of the two Sacred Areas, causing them to be astonished.

“What’s wrong with the Ocean of Death?”

“Strange, very strange. It’s the first time such a rare phenomenon has taken place in it over the past few thousand years!”

“Come, let’s go and check it out!”


Several experts and Peak Leaders proceeded toward the Ocean of Death.

...Meanwhile, in the Qinglong Sacred Area...

“The rare phenomenon of the Ocean of Death might be related to the safety of our Junior Sister. We must go take a look ourselves!”

Peak Leader Duanmu and Peak Leader Zhang made up their minds after exchanging glances with one another, before their figures sprang into the air and headed straight toward the Ocean of Death.

In the meantime, many experts were startled after seeing them leaving the Sacred Area.

“Tsk tsk, Qin Nan is going to die soon. There is no way you would be able to rescue your Junior Sister!”

Peak Leader Yang stood on the peak of his mountain. He wore a cold smirk after seeing this. A brief moment later, his eyes were filled with a hint of confusion while he glanced toward the deepest region of the Qinglong Sacred Area.

For some reason, he felt that the rare phenomenon taking place in the Ocean of Death had something to do with Sacred Leader Qinglong.

It might even indicate that the old man was about to reach his limit.

“This is getting out of hand. I shall contact the upper district and let them investigate instead. If my instinct is accurate, it would mean that we have to carry out the plan in advance!” Peak Leader Yang’s eyes emitted a cold glow. He then took a deep breath before transmitting a message with his divine Sense.

...Meanwhile, deep inside the Qinglong Sacred Area...

Sacred Leader Qinglong stood in his residence while gazing into the sky.

His hair began to whiten in a rapid manner while his body emitted a strong aura of death, as if he could no longer conceal it.

“Since my death is approaching, I shall allow you to acquire the drop of blood in advance.” Sacred Leader Qinglong mumbled to himself, “Now that everything is brought forward, before my life comes to an end, oh Qin Nan, feel free to go all out.”



That being said, the series of events taking place had nothing to do with the Qinglong Mystical Ground.

...Meanwhile at the Qinglong Mystical Ground…

Yang Taitian, Xiao Hong, and Xue Wuji wore grins on their faces.

This had been their trump card all along!

The ability to summon the clones of two Martial Highnesses and three Icy-Fanged Tigers!

With such formation, Qin Nan would definitely be crushed to death despite any trump cards that he possessed!

Peerless genius my ass!

There were at least a few hundred ways to put you to death!

Princess Miao Miao wore a panicked look and was about to reveal her trump card. However, she suddenly realized that Qin Nan was wearing a calm expression, as were Sima Kong and the others, leaving her in awe, thus she stopped her actions at once.

Meanwhile, the two Peak Leaders and the three Icy-Fanged Tigers unleashed their strongest attacks!

The space surrounding the crowd crumbled as a terrifying force swept across it like a raging storm.

Qin Nan was like a tiny ant before the approaching force, who would die instantly if it were to land on his figure. Despite that, he continued to wear a calm expression on his face.


Peak Leader Yang and the Slaughter City Lord were slightly confused seeing this, but they immediately shook their heads. They were currently inside the Qinglong Mystical Ground, thus it was impossible for Peak Leader Duanmu and the others to arrive in time.

Even if Qin Nan could somehow summon the clone of Peak Leader Duanmu’s will, he would still stand no chance against the two with the aid of the three beasts!

That being said, a rare occurrence suddenly took place at that instant.


A heaven-shaking roar came all of a sudden coming from afar, as a beast claw surrounded by terrifying lightning could be seen traveling a great distance like a giant atavistic mountain, which then grabbed and shattered the combined attacks aimed at Qin Nan.

“This is——”

Peak Leader Yang and the Slaughter City Lord were utterly dumbfounded.

The three Icy-Fanged Tigers appeared to be aware of something, causing their pupils to contract while their faces were filled with terror.


The space above them cracked open while two terrifying beasts could be seen landing onto the ground, who were none other than Lei Bao and Huo Ba.


Following their arrival, a troop of giant Sky Thunder Beasts and Fiery Wings Bird appeared as well. In just the blink of an eye, they had surrounded the entire scene, causing the area within twenty li of the crowd to be encapsulated in lightning and flames.

Thirteen Sky Thunderous Beast!

Nine Fiery Wings Bird!

The two great beast tribes had arrived!


Following this, a series of roars filled the Heavens and Earth. The ground a distance away trembled vigorously as countless Demonic Flame Bulls, Imperious Demonic Apes, Goldy Bird Dominators, the Atavistic Tribe of Flying Bugs, etc.; all beasts of the Martial Ancestor Realm and the Martial Dominator Realm arrived at the scene like a surging tide, locking down the entire place by surrounding the crowd!

At that instant, the space within forty li of the crowd had transformed into an ocean of beasts!

Apart from the two great tribes, there were a total of one hundred and seven powerful beasts summoned here!

Even if a Martial Highness expert were to be here in person, he would feel his scalp going numb while his heart would be filled with a great shock seeing this highly-concentrated crowd of beasts and flee immediately.

Peak Leader Yang and the Slaughter City Lord were both dumbfounded.

The pupils of the three Icy-Fanged Tigers had constricted into lines like needles while their bodies trembled vigorously.

The scornful grin on the faces of Yang Taitian, Xiao Hong, Xue Wuji, and the others froze while their souls began to tremble!

What was going on!

Why were there so many beasts here!

Did this mean that every single beast of the Qinglong Mystical Ground had arrived here?

“Lei Bao, Huo Ba, I know that you are all the beasts of the Qinglong Mystical Ground. This man right here is a criminal wanted by the Qinglong Sacred Area. It’s for your best to just mind your own business. Otherwise, our Qinglong Sacred Area will surely exterminate you all…”

As expected of a Martial Highness, Peak Leader Yang swiftly calmed his thoughts and snapped.

That being said, before he could finish his words, Lei Bao and Huo Ba both became enraged.

“Piss off!”


They were only a step away from reaching the Marial Highness Realm after consuming the Chaos Qi. Furthermore, due to the outstanding talents of their species, the boundless Sky Thunder and the Flames of Phoenix combined into a destructive force crushing onto Peak Leader Yang’s clone like the surging wave of a raging ocean and smashed it into thin air.


Lei Bao uttered a ferocious roar.

All thirteen Sky Thunder Beasts and Nine Fiery Wings Birds, and the crowd of over a hundred beasts let out cries that almost shattered the sky into pieces, before executing their attacks aimed at the three Icy-Fanged Tigers and the Slaughter City Lord. In just the blink of an eye, they were all exterminated, not even a single trace of their remains was left behind.

The crowd was left speechless.

This was the definition of destruction!

Nothing could possibly stand a chance facing these terrifying attacks!

Once the two Martial Highnesses and the three Icy-Fanged Tigers were eliminated, the entire world fell into a dead silence. The countless beasts remained floating in mid-air, resulting in a terrifying suppression in the hearts of the crowd.

Yang Taitian, Xiao Hong, Xue Wuji, and the rest wore incredibly pale faces while their minds were left completely blank.

Qin Nan exhaled deeply before he walked up to the crowd and said calmly, “Are you still planning on killing me?”

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Editor: DOCuinn


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