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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 430


Chapter 430: Chapter 430 - The Cunning Sacred Leader

Chapter 430 - The Cunning Sacred Leader

Qin Nan’s pupils contracted greatly.

The faces of Princess Miao Miao and the others turned pale.

It was too late to attack now due to the great distance between the two parties.


Xiao Hong, Xue Wuji, and Xue Wuheng could not help but burst out laughing.

Qin Nan’s outstanding strength had given them a great shock!

But so what?

The succession of Sacred Leader Qinglong was still theirs in the end!

Meanwhile, Yang Taitian had placed his hand on the handprint, his face showing a hint of excitement.

This was the succession of Sacred Leader Qinglong, which would guarantee him to be able to rank up to the Martial Sacred Realm in the future! Furthermore, it could also alter his destiny, allowing him to be highly anticipated in the eyes of his father and others, granting him a bright future!

A breath, two breaths, three breaths… A period of over ten breaths’ time later, the crowd finally realized that something was not right.

The stone pillar showed no reaction, as if it was thoroughly dead.

Xiao Hong, Xue Wuji, and Xue Wuheng’s expressions stiffened. Even the excitement on Yang Taitian’s face froze.

What’s going on?

Why wasn’t the stone pillar reacting?

According to the words of the Sacred Leader, one would be able to activate it if the person possessed sufficient talents!

Were you implying that I, Yang Taitian, who possessed a sixth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit and was ranked first among the custodians, was not talented enough?

After another period of over twenty breaths’ time, Yang Taitian’s face darkened extremely as he uttered a roar, “Han Fei, get your ass here and try to activate it!”

Han Fei’s figure trembled after hearing the roar. He immediately went forward and placed his hand onto the handprint.

One breath, two breaths, three breaths… After a period of over ten breaths’ time, the stone pillar remained silent.

“Your turn!”

Yang Taitian’s forehead was covered in veins due to his anger.

The others immediately went forward. However, the stone pillar still showed no reaction after everyone took turns to have a go.

“My turn!”

Xiao Hong’s expression darkened as he went forward and placed his hand on the handprint. The stone pillar continued to remain silent.

“How could this be?”

Xue Wuji and Xue Wuheng took turns to try too, but the outcome was still the same.

At that instant, the entire place fell into a dead silence.

In addition to Yang Taitian and his crew, even Qin Nan’s team was astounded.

This didn’t look right!

All these geniuses failed to activate the stone pillar?

“Let’s go and take a look!”

Princess Miao Miao collected her thoughts and uttered a command.

Yang Taitian’s crew was going to stop them from proceeding further, but on another thought, How could they activate the stone pillar if they themselves had failed to do so?

Under the crowd’s gaze, Princess Miao Miao had a go, Sima Kong had his turn. Even Yan Zihan and Zhou Liqing tried to activate the stone pillar. Despite that, the stone pillar remained silent.

At that instant, everyone fall silent.

Something must be wrong if all of these geniuses failed to activate it!

Did Sacred Leader Qinglong pull a prank on them on purpose?

That didn’t sound right too. Why would a Sacred Leader do such a thing?

The crowd was filled with doubts that they could not find explanations to.

“Let me have a go.”

Qin Nan was clueless as to the reason behind it either, but he had to acquire the body part of the divine God of Battle.

He then approached the pillar and placed his hand on the handprint.

Yang Taitian, who was feeling extremely unpleasant, could not help but say in a mocking tone, “Qin Nan, do you really think that you are extraordinary right now? All of us could not even activate the stone pillar, and you still think that you stand a chance? Ridiculous!”

The others shook their heads as well.

They did not believe that Qin Nan would be able to activate the pillar.

However, at that instant, as Qin Nan placed his hand on the stone pillar, a rare phenomenon took place!

The stone pillar let out a buzz while countless beams of light were fired into the sky.

Yang Taitian was stunned.

The crowd was stunned.

What the f**k was going on?

Why was Qin Nan able to activate the stone pillar?

The crowd could only see the rays of light combining in mid-air before slowly transforming into a figure, which turned out to be Sacred Leader Qinglong.

Sacred Leader Qinglong stood in mid-air while glancing at Qin Nan in a gentle manner, “Qin Nan, previously at Duanmu Peak, I did give you a hint, but there were too many people back then, so I couldn’t be too obvious about it. The truth is, this succession is specifically prepared for you!”

After hearing this, the faces of Yang Taitian and the others instantly darkened!

Specifically prepared for Qin Nan?

Damn it, if it was prepared for Qin Nan from the beginning, why would you reveal it to everyone in a serious manner at the start of the competition?

Wasn’t that playing a joke on us?

They had even fought one another in intense battles just to compete for the succession, and you’re telling me that all of their efforts were actually in vain!

Qin Nan was startled.

Specifically prepared for me?

Before he could ponder further, the entire stone pillar was suddenly filled with cracks. Following this, it shattered into pieces with a loud explosion.


A terrifying suppression aura was fired into the air all of a sudden.

“This ain’t good…”

Princess Miao Miao let out a scream.

Apart from Qin Nan, the crowd was struck by an invisible force, causing everyone to be sent flying and landing at the lakeshore.

“What on Earth is going on…”

Yang Taitian and his crew immediately recovered from the ground. When they saw Qin Nan, who was perfectly unharmed in the center of the lake, they could not help but burst out cursing.


Were you being serious?

Not only was the succession specifically prepared for Qin Nan, he even knocked them away!

Not only was this Sacred Leader Qinglong playing a trick on them, he was bullying them too!

However, the next thing they knew, they were left in awe after witnessing the scene taking place before them.

A shocking red light was fired into the sky from the center of the lake, dying the area within twenty li the color of blood.

The space surrounding the area vibrated vigorously. Even the ground trembled violently!

It was as if countless demonic figures had risen from the ground while emitting shocking cries!

Its entry was worshiped by all creations!

“This is…”

Qin Nan glanced at the object before him and his mind went blank. He could feel countless claps of thunder striking his soul.

Within the debris of the shattered stone pillar lay a jade box, and inside it was a drop of purple blood.

It was as if the blood itself contained some sort of intelligence, as it shuddered violently when it saw Qin Nan, as if it had just awakened from an unending sleep!

A great lust for battle was emitted from it, intending to battle the Heavens and the Earth, and everything it stumbled onto. Even after a hundred years, a thousand years, or ten thousand years, its will would never die!

Fight! Fight! Fight!

It... was the blood of the divine God of Battle!

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Editor: DOCuinn


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