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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 43


Chapter 43 - Surprised, Shaken, Stricken

The words spoken by Old Shan caught the attention of all the freshly recruited disciples on the first floor of the library.

They had already witnessed the conflict between Ling Zixiao and Qin Nan at the White Jade Dojo.

The fact was, none of the new disciples were optimistic about Qin Han winning.

’’Tsk, tsk, this Qin Nan is pretty ballsy to come up with such a bet, eh? Where does his confidence come from?’’

’’In my opinion, this Qin Nan is completely out of his mind.’’

’’I think so too. Ling Zixiao is a super genius with a ninth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit;how is Qin Nan's Martial Skill talent comparable to his?’’

’’Looks like Qin Nan is about to go down hard, not being allowed to enter the Skills Library for the rest of his life.’’

’’HAHA, serves him right.’’


Hearing the conversations around him, Ling Zixiao's face grew even more conceited, as if he were sure to win this Martial Talent Battle.

On the other hand, Qin Nan's face was calm like the water's surface, as if he did not hear the people mocking him.

Old Shan scanned the crowd with a glance, but did not say a word;he then waved his hand, and a huge boulder appeared out of nowhere.

The boulder was the height of a man, with the color of ocean blue just like the sea;in the middle of the boulder was a crescent, which looked like the reflection of the moon on the surface of the sea.

Everyone's eyes were filled with astonishment.

Apart from being surprised at the boulder itself, they all had a more shocking question, how did this boulder appear?

Even Qin Nan's face showed confusion.

Not only could this Old Shan appear suddenly, he could also make a boulder appear out of nowhere. What kind of sorcery was this? What was his real identity?

Old Shan was not influenced by the stunned expressions of the crowd;he smiled calmly and said, ’’This boulder is the one I mentioned before: the Ocean Crescent Boulder. When you place your palm on the boulder, this Ocean Crescent Boulder will emit different types of light based on your Martial Skill talent. Before the Martial Talent Battle starts, I would like to tell you in advance that the lights emitted from the Ocean Crescent Boulder are classified into red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet seven colors with red being the lowest grade and so on, with violet as the highest grade!’’

The new disciples at the scene nodded their heads respectively, as an indication that they understood.

Of course, they had no way to attest to this, but besides, why would such a powerful person lie to them?

Old Shan glanced at Qin Nan and Ling Zixiao and asked, ’’Who's first?’’

’’Me, of course.’’ Ling Zixiao's face was filled with pride as he stepped forward and gave Old Shan a respectful bow, before scanning the crowd. His gaze stopped on Qin Nan as he smirked disdainfully, ’’Qin Nan, open your eyes and watch closely the grade of my Martial Skill talent;check out the color it possesses!’’

After saying this, Ling Zixiao reached his hand out with extreme confidence and placed his palm on top of the Ocean Crescent Boulder.

As soon as his palm touched the huge rock, the Ocean Blue Boulder emitted a buzzing sound. Immediately after, blue colored light rays filled the whole area.

Everyone opened their eyes wide;Ling Zixiao's Martial Skill talent has reached the blue color grade?

Even Old Shan had a slightly shocked expression on his face as he said, ’’Blue light rays, your Martial Skill talent isn't bad.’’

Everyone at the scene had their eyes filled with astonishment once again.

Being acknowledged by Old Shan means that Ling Zixiao's Martial Skill talent is overwhelming!

’’HAHAHA, Old Shan, my Martial Skill talent does not stop here!’’ Ling Zixiao let out a sudden laugh as a proud aura was felt from him.

Behind him, nine golden rays were seen, together with a Fiery Flute that slowly appeared among the golden rays.

After Ling Zixiao had unleashed his Martial Spirit, the Fiery Flute started to produce a sound even though no one was blowing into it;it was such a pleasant and pure sound that it caused people's minds and spirits to feel refreshed.

In that instant, the blue rays emitted from the Ocean Crescent Boulder suddenly transformed into blinding indigo rays, causing the new disciples to feel a slight pain in their eyes.

After a three second silence, the whole crowd exploded.

’’Indigo rays! Ling Zixiao's Martial Skill talent has reached the indigo-grade!’’

’’Oh my god, who could have known that Ling Zixiao's Martial Spirit has the ability to boost his comprehension toward Martial Skills.’’

’’Wow, a ninth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit is indeed extremely powerful!’’


Not only was the crowd dumbfounded, even Old Shan's eyes were filled with a hint of surprise as he said, ’’Being born with a blue Martial Skill talent, and apart from that, able to boost your Martial Skill talent to indigo level with the help of your Martial Spirit not bad, not bad, not bad indeed!’’

Even Old Shan said three 'not bad's in a row.

Based on Old Shan's attitude, it was obvious how powerful an indigo-grade Martial Skill talent was.

’’HAHAHA, thank you Old Shan!’’ Ling Zixiao laughed loudly and gave Old Shan a respectful bow;at the same time, his gaze fell onto Qin Nan.

At this moment, Ling Zixiao's eyes were completely filled with disdain and disrespect, and as if he were looking at an ant he said, ’’Qin Nan, weren't you being cocky? Today, I look forward to seeing what color grade your Martial Skill talent possesses. Of course, you can choose to surrender now;if you kneel on the ground and give me ten kowtows, I will not force you to keep your words. You will still be allowed to enter the Skills Library for the rest of your life!’’

After hearing these words, all the disciples collected their thoughts and their vision focused on Qin Nan.

Their gazes were filled with disdain and scorn, excited to watch the drama.

This Qin Nan, not only does he dare to compete in Martial Spirit talent with Ling Zixiao, he even suggests the loser be prohibited to enter the Skills Library for the rest of his life is he tired of living?

Old Shan could not help but gently shake his head too.

Initially, he had thought that Qin Nan would give him a surprise, but he was now sure to lose facing Ling Zixiao's Martial Skill talent.

The others might not know, but Old Shan was clear that among the disciples of the Mystic Spirit Sect there were only three of them, including Ling Zixiao, who possessed indigo-grade Martial Skill talents.

The other two were both core disciples of the Mystic Spirit Sect the real super-geniuses!

’’Ling Zixiao, who on Earth is giving you the courage to mock people like this?’’ Qin Nan had a disdainful expression, and went a big step forward while saying, ’’Ling Zixiao, please remember this;there will always be a person stronger than you in this world. Do you think your indigo-grade Martial Skill talent is the best in this world? Let me assure you, your thoughts are too naive.’’

’’You ’’ Ling Zixiao's face contorted, as flames of anger were ignited in his chest.

Why is this Qin Nan so cocky even at this stage, saying such disrespectful words? Do you really think your Martial Skill talent has surpassed the indigo-grade and reached the violet-grade?

Apart from Ling Zixiao, the disciples in the surroundings were furious too.

This Qin Nan is really stubborn;he dares to feel smug at this point!

However, as the crowd was furious, Qin Nan reached out his hand and placed his palm on top of the Ocean Crescent Boulder. A hint of red light was seen flashing weakly on the Ocean Crescent Boulder.

After seeing this, everyone was stunned, including Old Shan.

Red light? The lowest grade of Martial Skill talent?

Almost everyone in that instant felt it was ridiculous in their mind.

What the f**k, the lowest rank of Martial Skill talent. This Qin Nan still dares to talk shit here, and even came up with the bet of not entering the Skills Library for the rest of his life.

Where did his courage come from? Who gave him the courage to do so?

Ling Zixiao was stunned for three breaths' time, before recovering from the shock. The flames of anger previously burning on his chest were gone;they were replaced by a sense of amusement, causing him to laugh crazily as he failed to endure it, ’’HAHAHA, I f**king thought you have something up in your sleeves. Red light? The trashiest grade of Martial Skill talent;how dare you to be so co ’’

Ling Zixiao did not finish the word 'cocky'.

The crowd failed to react in time.

The rays of red light emitted from the Ocean Crescent Boulder instantly expanded, just like enraged beasts.

The color of the rays instantly turned from red into orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo until it reached violet.

Suddenly, the magnificent violet rays from the Ocean Crescent Boulder fired upward, as if a powerful emperor were at the scene;a strong reverent aura appeared, which covered the whole first floor of the Skills Library, the Hall made of crystals.

Under the bright illumination of the rays, the first floor Hall of Crystal was covered in violet.

The hall had transformed into a violet-colored ocean!

At that moment, everyone was completely surprised, shaken, stricken.

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