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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 428


Chapter 428: Chapter 428 - The Contest Begins

Chapter 428 - The Contest Begins

QIn Nan and his companions opened their eyes and glanced in the direction of the voice.

The ones arriving were none other than Xue Wuji and Xue Wuheng.

Both of their cultivations had substantially improved. Their entire figures were emitting a powerful icy force. Every step they took, it caused the surrounding grass to be covered in a layer of ice.

It was evident that they had both managed to find their respective fortunate encounters after arriving at the Qinglong Mystical Ground.

Yan Zihan and Zhou Liqing were slightly startled. They were not afraid of Xue Wuheng, but this Xue Wuji was somehow terrifying.

Qin Nan’s eyes turned cold.

He clearly remembered how Xue Wuji and Xue Wuheng had been acting shamelessly while denying their loss of the previous bet by abusing their strength.

However, before Qin Nan could make his move, Princess Miao Miao suddenly spoke, “Tsk tsk, where did these two shameless pricks come from? Not willing to pay their debts after losing the bet. The Princess has indeed learned a thing or two from them. Impressive, very impressive.”

The expressions on the faces of Xue Wuji and Xue Wuheng immediately stiffened.

If it were Qin Nan, Yan Zihan, or the others saying this, they would surely attack without hesitation. However, they could not measure the cultivation of this Princess Miao Miao. It was highly possible that she possessed greater strength than them.

“Humph, cut the nonsense. Only an hour left until the succession of Sacred Leader Qinglong is activated. That will be the time for you all to beg for mercy!” Xue Wuji said in a cold tone while standing aside.

All traps had been laid successfully. Qin Nan, do you think you still have the chance of surviving this time?”

“I’m waiting.”

Qin Nan said calmly.

Even though Xue Wuji was his enemy, his main focus here was to acquire the body part of the divine God of Battle. His enemies could wait.

Shoosh! Shoosh! Shoosh!

A series of piercing sounds could be heard all of a sudden.

A bulky bald man wearing a golden robe arrived in an astonishing fashion. Behind him stood a few young men who were all emitting powerful auras while wearing prideful looks.

Yan Zihan and Zhou Liqing were astounded seeing this.

“Isn’t this the son of the ninth Peak Leader who is ranked eighth on the ranking—Han Fei?”

“Why is Li Yunlong here too?”


They were familiar with the five people who had just arrived. Some of them were ranked in the top ten among the custodians, while the others possessed a formidable background, or even both.

Most importantly, why do these people know this is the location of Sacred Leader Qinglong’s succession?

The eyes of Han Fei and his companions flickered after seeing Qin Nan and his crew. Following this, they turned their heads around to chat with the Xue Brothers. It seemed like they were quite close with one another, as if they were old friends who knew each other from long ago.

“It’s most likely that Yang Taitian is behind all this, gathering his friends here to deal with me.”

QIn Nan mumbled to himself but his face remained calm.

“Yan Zihan, Zhou Liqing, how bold of you to be siding with Qin Nan!” At that instant, a snap could be heard as Yang Taitian and Xiao Hong arrived at the scene.

“Brother Yang! Brother Xiao!”

“Brother Yang, my pleasure to see you!”

“Hehe, Brother Yang, Brother Xiao, you are finally here.”


Xue Wuji, Han Fei and the others immediately greeted them with respectful attitudes.

Yang Taitian nodded his head while placing his hands behind himself. His eyes locked onto Yan Zihan and Zhou Liqing as he said coldly, “I’m going to target Qin Nan. If you were to side with him, it would mean befoeing me, which would lead to death when the time comes!”

Yan Zihan and Zhou Liqing’s faces turned pale.

It was obvious that these people led by Yang Taitian were here specifically to deal with Qin Nan!

A hint of doubt flashed in their hearts, but when they reminded themselves of the scene that had taken place in the Cave of the Bloody Serpent, they immediately made up their minds.

“Is that so?”

They wore surprisingly calm expressions.

How could they betray Qin Nan at this time?


Yang Taitian’s eyes flickered with astonishment. He had not expected them to share such a close relationship with Qin Nan. That being said, it did not matter much. They alone would not alter the plan.

“Qin Nan, I shall introduce myself since it’s the first time we’ve met. I’m Xiao Hong, Xiao Feipeng’s elder brother.” Xiao Hong calmly said, “I’m here at the Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains under my big brother’s request. Jiang Bilan is my big brother’s lover, but you continued to target her. My brother is pretty mad about it, so I’m sorry, I will have to kill you.”

Xiao Hong’s tone was extremely calm with no sign of a murderous aura. Despite that, the words still sent a chill down the crowd’s spine.

Yan Zihan and Zhou Liqing both took deep breaths.

Xiao Hong!

One of the three sons of the Xiao Clan, the current successor of Gambling City.

It was said that not only did he possess extraordinary talent and a formidable strength, his skill in gambling was outstanding as well.

However, Qin Nan clenched his teeth without giving Xiao Hong a glance.

Jiang Bilan!

Jiang Bilan again!

To his surprise, after what had happened last time, she had continued to work behind the scenes to gather more powerful foes for him!

And that so-called big brother of the Xiao Clan.

Qin Nan had never met him before, but for Jiang Bilan’s sake, he had already sent his third brother and now his second brother to deal with him. Did he really think that I would allow him to bully me this easily?

“Jiang Bilan, and the first son of the Xiao Clan. I will surely pay you a visit when this Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains comes to an end!”

Qin Nan inhaled deeply to calm his thoughts. His gaze ignored the presence of Yang Taitian and the others and focused straight onto the Bloodlust Lake.

Yang Taitian, Xiao Hong, and the rest did not expect Qin Nan to ignore their presence immediately, causing them to become enraged. However, they knew that now was not the ideal time to attack. Their priority now was to acquire the succession of Sacred Leader Qinglong. After doing so, they would have plenty of time to play with Qin Nan!

Meanwhile, eight hours had passed!

The entire Bloodlust Lake had turned extremely clear with no sign of blood. The initial eerie waves had vanished too.

Following this, the stone pillar in the center of the Bloodlust Lake suddenly emitted a beam, which transformed into a human figure, which was none other than Sacred Leader Qinglong!

“Not bad, I did not expect this many people to arrive here at the location of my succession.” Sacred Leader Qinglong said with a smile, “It’s very simple to acquire my succession. There exists a handprint on the stone pillar. If you possess sufficient talent and put your hand right on the handprint, you would be able to activate the stone pillar. You will then find a treasure inside it. I will not comment further regarding the treasure, but if anyone were to obtain it, ranking up to the Martial Highness Realm in the future wouldn’t be a problem at all.”

Even Princess Miao Miao’s breathing intensified after hearing this.

Oh mama, ranking up to the Martial Highness Realm!

A treasure alone was capable of assisting one to rank up to the Martial Highness Realm. How crazy was that?

Qin Nan was startled.

A single treasure. Does that mean this succession only contains a single body part of the divine God of Battle?

Sacred Leader Qinglong wore a satisfied look when he observed the reaction of the crowd, “Very well, let the contest begin!”

His figure disappeared after saying this. Meanwhile, on the surface of the stone pillar, a handprint emitting a colorful light could be seen, which was extremely eye-catching in the middle of the lake.

The atmosphere of the scene instantly froze, as everyone’s bodies became tense almost at the same time.

“Move out!”

Yang Taitian let out a blasting roar.

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