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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 424


Chapter 424: Chapter 424 - Electric Marrow, Fiery Heart

Chapter 424 - Electric Marrow, Fiery Heart

Qin Nan frowned slightly.

The Copper Mirror mentioned that he was able to aid the old man with his breakthrough, but his cultivation was at the half-Martial Highness Realm, how could I be any help to him?

After pondering for a moment, Qin Nan suddenly recalled that the Chaos Qi was the only possibility.

“I’m not sure if she was referring to this…”

Under the gaze of the terrifying crowd of beasts, Qin Nan raised his hand. A grey smoke could be seen rising from his palm.

The old weak-looking man and the fiery old man stared with their eyes open wide as soon as they saw the smoke!

“This is the Primary Qi! This is no doubt the Primary Qi!”

The old man with a weak appearance burst out screaming, his face thoroughly filled with disbelief.

He clearly knew the significance of the Primary Qi!

Meanwhile, although the rest of the beasts had no idea what this Primary Qi was, they could sense that if they were to consume this Primary Qi, it would grant them exceptional benefits!


Qin Nan’s eyes wore a shocked expression.

He had not expected the Chaos Qi to be this precious. Not only was it able to improve his Nascent Soul, both the Copper Mirror and this crowd of beasts were fond of it too!

“Young lad Qin Nan… No no no, Mr. Qin Nan, I’ve got a favor to ask…” The weak old man no longer displayed his status as a half-Martial Highness Realm cultivator as he blurted out in panic, “Is it possible for you to give me this stream of Primary Qi?”

While saying this, his eyes were filled with a passionate look.

As his death was approaching, if he were to obtain this stream of Chaos Qi, although it would not guarantee that he would be able to experience a breakthrough, it could no doubt extend his lifespan. Therefore, he could make use of the extra time to rank up to the Martial Highness Realm.

In addition to the weak old man, the little black beast and the fiery old man stared at the stream of Chaos Qi as well. If it weren’t for the remaining rationality in their mind, they would surely rush forward for the Chaos Qi.

Qin Nan’s first reaction was to reject it.

He did not have a great first impression of these beasts. Without the help of the Copper Mirror, he would already be at the Yellow Springs[1] by now.

The weak old man who was somehow aware of Qin Nan’s concerns immediately blurted out, “If Mr. Qin Nan is willing to give me the stream of Chaos Qi, I will pay you back with the heirloom treasure of our clan—a drop of Electric Marrow—as a way of compensating your loss! I previously noticed that you possess the Force of the Lightning Tribulation of the Martial Highness Realm. If you were to consume this Electric Marrow, it would bring great benefits to your cultivation!”

After saying this, the fiery old man and the rest of the beasts were utterly astonished.

That’s the Electric Marrow;a drop of Electric Marrow was only able to be formed when a Sky Thunderous Beast ranked up to the Martial Dominator Realm. It allowed one to discover the secrets of Sky Thunder, hence it was extremely precious.

Qin Nan immediately learned that the Electric Marrow was nothing ordinary judging from the reaction of the beasts. After a brief hesitation, he made up his mind and said, “This stream of Chaos Qi, I can give it to you on one condition!”

“And what is that?”

The old man with the weak aura wore a calm expression. He seemed to have prepared himself to pay any price just to obtain the Chaos Qi.

“This little brat must give me back the three hundred Primary Stones!”

Qin Nan’s aura changed into a murderous one while glaring at the little beast.

The little beast let out a weird cry angrily. This hooman is so stingy, why is he being so fussy over merely three hundred Primary Stones?

The weak old man and the crowd were startled. They initially thought Qin Nan would demand a great price, but it turned out to be this simple.


The weak old man straightened his face.

The little beast shuddered violently. Although it was afraid of neither the Heavens nor the Earth, it was slightly frightened of this old man. It then curled its lips showing its unwillingness before spitting out the three hundred Primary Stones. Following this, it unveiled its fangs toward Qin Nan in a growl. However, the reply it got was a kick to its face from Qin Nan, sending it flying a distance away.

The surrounding beasts could feel their lips twitching.

“Here it is!”

Qin Nan did not waste any time at all. He immediately gave the old man the stream of Chaos Qi with a flick of his finger.

“It’s the Primary Force indeed…” After consuming the Chaos Qi, the face of the weak old man instantly reddened and emitted a brilliant glow, a sign that his life force was gradually recovering. This caused him to be immersed in a great joy, “Thanks, Mr. Qin Nan. Here is the Electric Marrow!”

With a flick, a drop of ocean blue liquid flew forward.

At that instant, the area within three li suddenly darkened. It was as if countless rays of lightning were rumbling in the sky above.

Qin Nan’s left eye immediately discovered a strong presence of the force of thunder to be encapsulated within the drop of liquid. This force originated from the ancient world, known as Sky Thunder, which was slightly stronger than the Force of the Lightning Tribulation of the Martial Highness Realm!

“A precious treasure indeed!”

Qin Nan was slightly joyful. He swiftly kept the Electric Marrow in his pocket and prepared to leave the scene.

However, the fiery old man let out a cough and said, “Mr. Qin, is it possible to tell me the way you obtained this Primary Qi?”

“Old Fiery, stop your daydreaming. It’s incredibly rare to acquire this Primary Qi.” The weak old man spoke while shaking his head, “Obtaining a stream of it could be considered a great fortunate encounter…”

The fiery old man’s face darkened.

He did know the truth, but he insisted to ask the question due to the ray of hope he had in his heart.

“Are you talking about the Chaos Qi? I can obtain more of it if I have enough Primary Stones!”

Qin Nan spoke in a sincere tone.

However, the words served as a shocking explosion.

The weak old man, the fiery old man, and even the little beast were utterly dumbfounded.

This was Primary Qi!

And you were able to acquire them with mere Primary Stones?

Are you kidding me!

“Is...Is this true?”

The fiery old man’s breathing became exceedingly intensified as two beams of scorching flames were fired from his nostrils.

“No question about that.”

Qin Nan said calmly.

He was willing to tell them about the Chaos Qi as it was something that they desired. In other words, it was possible for Qin Nan to trade with them for more Primary Stones or cultivation resources similar to the Electric Marrow.

“Mr. Qin, I’ve got over a hundred Primary Stones here. Are you able to demonstrate it…”

The fiery old man immediately took out all his Primary Stones.

On top of him, the weak old man and the crowd of beasts took out all their Primary Stones, resulting in a total of over five hundred Primary Stones.

Qin Nan clearly knew the concerns of the beasts. He then sat down with his legs crossed while starting to devour the Primary Stones.

If anyone were to be here at that instant, they would witness a shocking sight.

A crowd of terrifying beasts opened their eyes wide and stared at a mere peak Martial Emperor Realm presence consuming Primary Stones continuously with full focus, not willing to miss a single detail.

Two hours after, Qin Nan managed to devour the over five hundred Primary Stones he had just obtained, and over three hundred Primary Stones that he had had, allowing him to produce three streams of Chaos Qi.

“No sign of leveling up still…”

Qin Nan rose from the ground while his eyes flickered with a hint of disappointment.

The weak old man and the fiery old man were aware of Qin Nan’s disappointment, causing their hearts to skip a beat as their hearts were filled with a bad feeling.

Could it be that he failed to acquire the Chaos Qi?

“Mr. Qin…” The fiery old man forced a smile onto his face, “It was indeed a difficult task to exchange one Chaos Qi for over three hundred Primary Stones. Don’t overthink it. That being said, if Mr. Qin were to acquire more Chaos Qi in the future, I hope that Mr. Qin would not forget about me. I would surely trade them for precious treasures——”

He did not have a chance to finish his words.

Qin Nan let out a calm smile and reached out his hand. A stream of Chaos Qi slowly appeared in his palm.

The voice of the fiery old man instantly stiffened.

The crowd of beasts at the scene was utterly astonished.

He...He...He actually did it!

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: I believe most of you guys would know what Yellow Springs is (pretty much hell). Going to the Yellow Springs means death.


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