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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 423


Chapter 423: Chapter 423 - The Copper Mirror Displays Its Stren

Chapter 423 - The Copper Mirror Displays its Strength

Qin Nan was not as steady as he appeared to be facing the crowd of beasts. His focus was now like a string being pulled to its extreme. He did not dare let his guard down at all.

These are nine peak Martial Dominator Realm beasts and over forty Martial Ancestor Realm beasts staring at him. If he were to let his guard down for just a brief moment, the crowd of beasts would instantly tear him into pieces.

Is he being regretful?

Not by any chance!

This little asshole dares to steal his Primary Stones. Even if it means it would attract a Martial Highness Realm beast here, he still won’t hesitate to kill it!

Every dragon has its own inverse scale. Once triggered, even the Heavens and Earth would crumble!

“Since you are such a man of honor who values friendship, if you are willing to let go of the Young Master, we will grant you a merciful death.”

The Sky Thunderous Beast slowly spoke.

“A merciful death?” A cold grin appeared on Qin Nan’s face as he said, “Your so-called Young Master stole my Primary Stones out of nowhere. I’m just trying to take back my possessions. I never planned to take its life. What sort of offense did I commit?”

To his surprise, the crowd of beasts went enraged.

You dare to harm the Young Master for mere Primary Stones?


“Humph, you should be proud that our Young Master robbed you of your Primary Stones!”

At that instant, a cold harrumph appeared from the sky. Following this, the sky above crumbled at a rapid pace as an old man covered in blazing flames descended.

An aura of the Martial Highness Realm instantly swept across the entire place.

Qin Nan’s expression changed tremendously.

The old man was the Patriarch of the Fiery Wings Birds, the strongest presence whose cultivation had reached the half-Martial Highness Realm!


A sense of danger rose within Qin Nan’s heart. Without hesitation, he immediately exerted some strength trying to strangle the little beast.

Meanwhile, the old man had already made his move. With a grab using his left hand, his left palm immediately extended toward Qin Nan’s face at a terrifying speed. Before Qin Nan could react, the little beast was taken away by the palm.

“Kill him!”

The old man uttered the command without blinking an eye.


The sky within ten li exploded as the Sky Thunderous Beast, the eight Fiery Wings Birds, and over forty Martial Ancestor Realm beasts lashed out terrifying attacks consecutively, as if an atavistic ocean was crushing downward onto Qin Nan’s figure.

Nothing within ten li could escape from the attacks without taking serious damage!

“Ancient Mirror, what are you waiting for?”

In the nick of time, Qin Nan let out a groan.

“Fine, you owe me ten streams of Chaos Qi!”

The icy voice of a female appeared from the copper mirror inside Qin Nan’s divine Sense.

Following this, an atavistic beam of light burst out from Qin Nan’s body, which transformed into an attractive figure, as if a powerful emperor had descended from the Heavens!

“You imbeciles dare to disrespect me, be gone!”

The attractive figure uttered thunderous words while emitting a glorious aura, as if she was now the only presence between the Heavens and Earth. With a gentle wave, the incredible wave of attacks was thoroughly shattered.

At that instant, the old man engulfed in flames was stunned. The crowd of beasts was stunned.

How was this possible?

How could a peak Martial Emperor Realm cultivator summon such an expert?

Could it be that this man was the Saint of the Qinglong Sacred Area?

“Drop to your knees!”

The attractive figure let out an imperious aura and uttered the command as if she were the emperor of the Nine Heavens.

Following this, the beasts flying in mid-air all descended and dropped to the ground. They all bowed forward on the ground while their figures trembled vigorously, not daring to say anything.

“You are——

The old man whose body was encapsulated in flames was utterly shocked.

This wasn’t right!

No one in the Qinglong Sacred Area could possibly possess such a cultivation!

Qin Nan was stunned as well. Although he knew that the Copper Mirror was nothing ordinary, he never knew that the female inside the mirror possessed such a terrifying cultivation.

“Kneel down!”

Although it was impossible to see the face of the attractive figure, her eyes fired a cold gaze that locked onto the old man’s figure.

The old man shuddered violently. Despite his cultivation of the half-Martial Highness Realm, his heart was filled with the thought of submitting himself to the figure before him.

“Senior, please have mercy.”

At that instant, a hoarse voice could be heard. The space nearby was split open once again as a seemingly weak old man slowly walked out from the gap.

The old man was incredibly aged, as if his breath could stop at anytime soon.

However, the aura emitting from the old man’s body was greater than the previous old man who had been engulfed in flames!

Qin Nan’s heart skipped a beat. This man was none other than the Patriarch of the tribe of the Sky Thunderous Beasts. The strongest expert of the Qinglong Mystical Grounda half-Martial Highness Realm presence.

“Senior, if I’m not mistaken, this is only a clone of yours, right? Besides, I can sense the aura of a beast from you, thus I believe that we are somehow related…” The old man spoke slowly.

“That’s right!”

The attractive figure spoke in a cold tone, “As a Sky Thunderous Beast, your Primary Force of the Sky Thunder is almost enough for you to evolve into a Thunderous Highness. Unfortunately, your death is approaching.”

The old man’s expression stiffened.

The words were surprisingly accurate. It did have not many days to live.

The attractive figure then scanned the entire crowd and spoke, “The Young Master raised by both of your tribes, the bloodline it possesses is quite fascinating. I’m happy to spare your lives as my way of paying respect to its ancestor. By the way, this guy here is Qin Nan, and he has the ability to assist with your breakthrough!”

After saying this, the attractive figure vanished into thin air, allowing the entire place to fall silent.

The fear displayed on the face of the beasts crawling on the ground had yet to dissipate. The fiery old man and the Patriarch of the Sky Thunderous Beasts were left speechless in the air. Meanwhile, when the figure appeared from the Copper Mirror, the little beast trembled vigorously in its place and did not dare to move at all as if it had just encountered its senior.

Qin Nan was also slightly startled. The stuff he had just witnessed had surpassed his expectations.

He had not expected the Copper Mirrorthat was relatively useless usuallyto display such an extraordinary authority today. That being said, it appeared that the mysterious female inside the Copper Mirror was somehow related to the beast tribes.

However, what did the last sentence spoken by the Copper Mirror mean?


The old man with a weakened appearance and the fiery old man stared at Qin Nan with doubtful looks in their eyes.

That senior mentioned that the chance for their breakthrough lay in the hands of this peak Martial Emperor Realm disciple?

How was that possible?

Despite the countless doubts in their mind, the two had no choice but to believe it.

This was because they could sense the aura of their ancestors from the attractive figure; the ancestor of the Sky Thunderous Beast, the ancestor of the Fiery Wings Bird, and the ancestor of other beasts too!

As such, although the mysterious senior did not display her cultivation, her words were capable of forcing the crowd of beasts to drop to their knees.

Among the tribes of beasts, the bloodline played an important role of determining the authorities between one another. When a beast’s bloodline was strong enough, its aura alone could easily overpower other beasts with a weaker bloodline.

“Young lad Qin Nan, both of our tribes apologize for offending you previously. Please forgive us. Besides, regarding what the senior just said…” The old man with a weak appearance hesitated for a while before a ray of hope could be seen in his deep eyes, “Is it true that you’re able to help us?”

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