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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 422


Chapter 422: Chapter 422 - The Surging Beast Tide

Chapter 422 - The Surging Beast Tide

Obviously, it had not expected a group of peak Martial Emperor Realm cultivators to be able to injure a peak Martial Ancestor Realm beast!

A rare sense of danger rose within its heart, causing its face to wear a hint of panic. Its body emitted a glow as a pair of incomplete wings grew out of it and flapped wildly as it tried to fly away.

The peak Martial Ancestor Realm giant bird recovered from the impact and let out a scream. With a flap, its feathers poured downward like a raging storm upon Qin Nan.

“Down you go!”

An explosion took place on Qin Nan’s body, which was engulfed in thunderous flames. An over ten zhang long cloak swept across the sky, shattering the feathers into pieces. It then encapsulated the fleeing little beast and with a pull, it was dragged before Qin Nan.

“Spit them all out!”

Qin Nan reached out his hand and clenched the throat of the little beast. His eyes were spitting fire while his body emitted a terrifying murderous aura, giving him the appearance of the God of Thunder!

Meanwhile, the peak Martial Ancestor Realm giant bird in mid-air was extremely furious, and was about to dive down. However, upon detecting Qin Nan’s aura, it did not dare to attack as it was afraid that its action would cause harm to the little beast.

Sima Kong and the others wore a stunned expression. It was their first time seeing Qin Nan become enraged.

“Mumu~ Mumu~ Mumu~”

The little beast retained its calmness and showed no sign of being intimidated. Instead, it waved its claws wildly in a prideful manner, as if it was trying to tell Qin Nan, there is no way you could make me spit out the Primary Stones, and don’t you be too full of yourself, my backup will be here real soon!

“You’ve got backup? Do you think I care!”

Qin Nan’s fury exploded at that instant.


Rob me of my pills?

I wouldn’t care who the f**k you are!

He instantly raised his fist and hurled it forward as flames exploded from it.


A series of explosions echoed among the woods.

The giant bird in the air was stunned. Even the little beast was left in awe.

This hooman... He really dares to hit me?


In the midst of its pain, the little beast became extremely enraged as it uttered a piercing cry.


The atmosphere of the ancient woods froze at that instant as the surrounding grounds began to vibrate vigorously.

“This ain’t good!”

Sima Kong and the rest were startled.

Their prediction was on point, this little beast did have a formidable background.


Following a loud crash, the sky above them suddenly darkened. A giant bird with a length of forty zhang and a pair of Fiery-Winged could be seen diving downward. A terrifying aura of the Martial Dominator Realm swept across the surroundings ferociously!

The beast was a Martial Dominator Realm beast and its cultivation was the peak Martial Dominator Realm!

“Fiery-Winged Bird, it’s the Fiery-Winged Bird!”

Sima Kong and the others wore an astonished look on their faces.

The Fiery-Winged Bird was ranked second among the beasts of the Qinglong Mystical Ground. It possessed the bloodline of phoenixes and the strongest presence in their tribe possessed a cultivation of half-Martial Highness Realm!


A succession of explosions echoed in the sky, as one after another Fiery-Winged Bird appeared as if they had just arrived from a distant place, causing the sky within eight li of the team to be dyed flaming red like that of an apocalypse.

In just the blink of an eye, eight Fiery-Winged Birds had arrived!

These Fiery-Winged Birds glanced downward and immediately saw Qin Nan holding the little beast in his hand. Their faces were filled with extreme rage as they raised their heads and uttered terrifying roars.


The surrounding space vibrated violently due to the terrifying roars, as if it was going to shatter anytime soon.

At that instant, the entire ancient woods trembled vigorously. Countless Martial Ancestor Realm Beasts continuously let out shocking cries and arrived at the scene as if they were being summoned there.

The next thing they knew, the area within ten li of the team was surrounded by eight Fiery-Winged Birds and over forty large Martial Ancestor Realm beasts!

“Who’s that being so bold!”

Following this, an icy yell exploded from high up in the sky. Above the eight Fiery-Winged Birds and the crowd of beasts, an enormous stormy cloud suddenly appeared, covering an area of thirteen li!

A giant beast with four sturdy limbs and an appearance similar to an ox covered in thunderous blue fur appeared glaring at Qin Nan with eyes full of sparkling lightning.

At that instant, Sima Kong and his companions became dumbfounded.

Sky Thunderous Beast?

Isn’t this the Sky Thunderous Beast, why is it here too!

Sky Thunderous Beast, the first-ranked beast of the Qinglong Mystical Ground, capable of controlling the thunder of the galaxy, utterly terrifying!

With the Sky Thunderous Beast leading eight Fiery-Winged Birds and over forty peak Martial Ancestor Realm beasts, even ordinary Martial Highness Realm experts would not dare offend such a formation!

Furthermore, such a terrifying formation was here merely because of the little beast!


The Sky Thunderous Beast uttered a roar as an exploding ray of lightning struck from above at a terrifying speed aimed at Qin Nan.

“You dare to do so, if I die, it will die with me too!”

Qin Nan swiftly recovered from his previous shock as thunderous flames were emitted from his hands while they clenched the throat of the little beast tightly.

He clearly knew that he could only guarantee his safety under such circumstances by threatening the safety of the little beast.

“Mm? The Thunder of Martial Highness? Thunderous Flames?”

A hint of surprise flickered across the eyes of the Sky Thunderous Beast. With a single thought, the exploding ray of lightning dissipated instantly.

Qin Nan placed his bet right, they did not dare to act recklessly.


Qin Nan suddenly turned his head around and yelled at Sima Kong and the others.


Sima Kong and the rest failed to collect their thoughts due to the astonishment.

“No one will be leaving today!”

The eyes of the Sky Thunderous Beast flickered with rays of lightning as its power instantly sealed the surrounding area, entrapping the team.

“I’m the one responsible here. Let my friends go, if not I’ll die with this little beast!”

Qin Nan’s hair danced wildly. Even facing such a terrifying crowd of beasts, he did not show any sign of fear.

“Those who threatened the safety of the Young Master are prohibited from leaving!” The Sky Thunderous Beast showed no sign of compromising as it continued to seal the area off. Meanwhile, the eight Fiery-Winged Birds and the Martial Ancestor Realm beasts wore an icy look while emitting ferocious auras. They were totally prepared to unleash their greatest attacks any second now, which were capable of destroying everything within ten li of the team.

“Is that so?”

Qin Nan did not hesitate as he clenched his hands more, resulting in the little beast to let out cries in agony.


The Sky Thunderous Beast wore a pale face.

It did not expect this man, who was as weak as an ant in front of it, to act so crazily. Judging from his ferocious expression, it did not doubt that Qin Nan did have the intention to kill the Young Master!

“I promise you!”

The Sky Thunderous Beast withheld its fury as it spoke. Following this, the force sealing the area instantly dissipated.

“Go now!”

Qin Nan turned his head around and let out a roar once again.

“Qin Nan, we….”

Sima Kong, Yan Zihan and Zhou Liqing felt their legs being exceedingly stiff, as if they were being covered with cement!


Qin Nan snapped.

“We.... Fine… Let’s go!”

After seeing the crazy expression on Qin Nan’s face, Sima Kong clenched his teeth and began running in the opposite direction.

Yan Zihan and Zhou Liqing withheld their complicated feelings in their heart and swiftly left the place.

The three continued to run at their fastest speed possible. After reaching two li away, they turned around and could only see Qin Nan’s figure standing in front of the crowd of giant beasts. Although he seemed to be tiny compared to the beasts before him, his figure stood firmly as usual.

For some reason, Sima Kong and Zhou Liqing subconsciously clenched their fists while Yan Zihan, who usually behaved coldly, felt her eyes turn slightly red.

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Editor: DOCuinn


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