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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 42


Chapter 42 - The Martial Talent Battle

Qin Nan now intended to list Ling Zixiao as a 'must-kill' target.

Initially, there was no personal conflict between himself and Ling Zixiao. Despite that, in order to suck up to Mo Li, he had bothered and mocked Qin Nan continuously. If it were not for the restrictions of the Mystic Spirit Sect's rules, this Ling Zixiao would even have attacked him.

However, Qin Nan did not lose his cool.

Due to the fact that Ling Zixiao possessed a ninth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit and a cultivation base of the eighth-layer Body Tempering Realm, Qin Nan was nowhere close to matching his power.

Even though he was too weak to face his opponent, Qin Nan would never show his enemies any mercy verbally. He turned around immediately and said with a wry smile, ’’Ling Zixiao, is bullying others the only thing you can do? When Huang Long dared you to battle him, you chose to keep silent, as timid as a rat. When Xiao Qingxue released her anger, you chose to be oblivious to it, as you were afraid. What right do you a coward have to judge me?’’

Qin Nan spoke rapidly;it was like a stream of pinballs firing onto Ling Zixiao' body.

When they heard this, Ling Zixiao and his crew twisted their faces.

They never expected Qin Nan's mouth to release such scathing criticisms.

This was especially so for Ling Zixiao, who felt a surge of hatred rising in his chest, but did not know how he could make a rebuttal;his face turned cold as he held in his animosity in agony.

’’Qin Nan...’’ After trying to hold in this animosity for a while, a word finally squeezed out from Ling Zixiao's mouth, who then let out a deep roar filled with a murderous aura, ’’You are just a piece of trash in my eyes. Who gave you the courage to talk to me like that?’’

Ling Zixiao had completely shown his true colors, and clenched his fists so tight that his knuckles could be heard cracking;he was longing to attack this ruthless Qin Nan and kill him straight away.

However, with the strict rules of the Mystic Spirit Sect, even the furious Ling Zixiao did not dare to do anything he could only bear with it!

’’No noise is allowed in the Skills Library.’’ At that moment, a regal voice was heard, causing Ling Zixiao and his crew to grow shocked expressions.

As the voice finished speaking, everyone felt as though their eyes were briefly blinded;they then saw an old man appearing out of nowhere before them.

This old man was the one guarding the entrance to the Skills Library;he was Old Shan, who was in charge of recording the entries of the disciples.

Old Shan briefly scanned the shocked faces of Qin Nan, Ling Zixiao, and the others before saying calmly, ’’If you have any conflict with each other, you can choose to have a Martial Talent Battle to decide the winner between you both. If you are not going to have a Martial Talent Battle, and continue to make more noise, you will be treated as breaking the rules and will be kicked out of the Skills Library.’’

Everyone still had blank expressions on their faces. Without a doubt, they were totally flabbergasted by the sudden appearance of Old Shan.

Qin Nan was stunned too, but as he already knew that Old Shan was no ordinary man, he was faster to recover from the shock, and said immediately, ’’Old Shan, I will not repeat this mistake again.’’

Ling Zixiao and the others collected their thoughts and instantly apologized with their foreheads covered in cold sweat.

How could they dare to oppose someone who can appear out of nowhere?

After Qin Nan finished his words, instead of spending time worrying about Ling Zixiao and his crew, he held his fists together and asked, ’’Old Shan, what is the Martial Talent Battle you mentioned just now?’’

As Qin Nan had already listed Ling Zixiao as his 'must-kill' target, if the opportunity arose, Qin Nan would surely deal him a thunderous blow.

This was the reason why Qin Nan asked the question.

Old Shan let out a gentle smile and said, ’’The Martial Talent Battle is to compare Martial Skill talents. Everyone possesses different levels of Martial Skill talents since they were born. In our Skills Library, there exists an 'Ocean Crescent Boulder', which is able to detect one's Martial Skill talent.’’

As Old Shan finished his sentence, before Qin Nan had a chance to say anything, Ling Zixiao spoke immediately, ’’Comparing Martial Skill talents? Tsk, tsk, this Martial Talent Battle is quite interesting.’’

After saying this, Ling Zixiao raised his head and looked disdainfully at Qin Nan, ’’Weren't you cocky previously? How about we settle it with this Martial Talent Battle?’’

He paused momentarily before a grin appeared on his face, ’’Of course, I'm not forcing you to since you are a piece of trash, I understand if your Martial Skill talent is shit.’’

With Ling Zixiao's current attitude, almost everyone on the scene could guess that Ling Zixiao was also extremely talented in Martial Skills, giving him such confidence.

It was as people guessed Ling Zixiao's Martial Skill talent was indeed powerful.

Being born with great Martial Skill talent was not all Ling Zixiao had;his Fiery Flute Martial Spirit was not only able to kill with sound, it could also boost Ling Zixiao's comprehension, spirit, and his Martial Skill talent!

That basically meant that in terms of Martial Skill talent Ling Zixiao would never back down, even if he was facing a tenth-grade Huang ranked, or even a Xuan ranked super-genius.

Therefore, when Ling Zixiao heard the explanation of the Martial Talent Battle from Old Shan, he almost cracked up laughing.

This Martial Talent Battle is perfectly designed for me!

All the disciples present looked toward Qin Nan disdainfully.

With Ling Zixiao showing such confidence, he surely possesses a great Martial Skill talent. Under such circumstances, would you, Qin Nan, run away cowardly, or choose to accept the challenge and brace yourself for the oncoming shame?

After seeing Qin Nan remain silent, Ling Zixiao's aura grew more arrogant, ’’So Qin Nan, do you dare to accept the challenge? If not, then get out of my sight.’’

Qin Nan let out a sudden laugh after seeing this reaction and said, ’’You want to compete in Martial Skill talent with me? Very well, I accept the challenge, but on one condition.’’

Upon saying this, he hesitated a little, as an evil grin appeared on his face, ’’If you want to challenge me, let's make it a bet instead. Whoever loses will be prohibited from entering the Skills Library for the rest of their life!’’

After hearing these words, Ling Zixiao and the other disciples twisted their faces.

Even Old Shan raised his eyebrows slightly.

They had never thought that, after Ling Zixiao's over-confident appearance, Qin Nan would instead turn it into a heavy bet.

The one who loses will be prohibited from entering the Skills Library for the rest of their life.

This Qin Nan, is he insane?

After seeing the crowd fall into silence, Qin Nan smirked coldly and used precisely Ling Zixiao's own words against him, ’’So Ling Zixiao, do you dare to accept the challenge? If not, then get out of my sight!’’

In that instant, the faces of Ling Zixiao and his crew grew even more contorted.

Ling Zixiao took a deep breath sweat could be seen forming on his cold face. If he did not accept the challenge, he would not have any reputation or fame left in the Mystic Spirit Sect.

As a result, he had no choice but to accept the challenge!

’’Very well, I agree to the bet!’’ Ling Zixiao laughed sinisterly and said, ’’If you wish to not enter the Skills Library for the rest of your life, I don't mind lending a hand. I'm looking forward to seeing what sorcery a piece of trash like you has up their sleeves!’’

Ling Zixiao's ferocious aura reappeared.

With my natural born Martial Skill talent, and with the help of my ninth-grade Huang ranked Fiery Flute Martial Spirit, why would I be scared of Qin Nan?

So what if this Qin Nan was hiding something?

Ling Zixiao could not believe that Qin Nan's Martial Skill talent would be more powerful than his!

Old Shan gave Qin Nan a thoughtful look before he smilingly said, ’’If you two have no objections, I now declare the Martial Talent Battle to be valid. Even if either of you has second thoughts during the battle, then you will still be prohibited from entering the Skills Library for the rest of your life. Now... let the battle begin!’’

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn


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