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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 418


Chapter 418: Chapter 418 - The Cave of the Bloody Serpent

Chapter 418 - The Cave of the Bloody Serpent

Qin Nan’s hair stood on end as his heart was infused with a strong sense of danger.

At that instant, he suddenly saw three figures standing a few hundred meters away, but was soon dumbfounded after he took a closer look.

One of them turned out to be Zhao Fang, while the other two beside him possessed exactly the same facial features as Qin Nan’s, despite the fact that the auras being emitted from their bodies were no doubt Jiao Shiyi and Xiao Feipeng’s.

Zhao Fang was feeling extremely pleasant.

He had just acquired Appearance-Changing Pills, which allowed him to transform the appearances of Jiao Shiyi and Xiao Feipeng into Qin Nan’s. Although it was only a change to their appearances, he was incredibly pleased.

As a matter of fact, he was here in the woods for a specific encounter that would grant him an even more terrifying forbidden pill than the previous one.

It took a great effort to pursue true love!


Zhao Fang was suddenly aware of a terrifying fluctuation of force not far ahead. His face was immediately covered in a joyous expression when he saw Qin Nan running toward him, “Junior Brother Qin Nan, why are you here? Are you here specifically for me?”

After saying this, he instantly saw Yang Taitian who was executing his killing blow.

The sight of this caused his pleasant feeling to turn icy.

“Yang Taitian, how bold of you, you dare to harm Junior Brother Qin Nan!”

Zhao Fang’s eyes spat fire as his figure sprang into the sky with a bursting aura. His usual hideous expression was replaced with a ferocious look, while each of his moves possessed the power of the Sun and Moon aimed at Yang Taitian.

“Zhao Fang, it’s you!”

Yang Taitian’s expression changed greatly.

Even though he was ranked first on the custodian ranking, Zhao Fang was still the First Senior Brother of Duanmu Peak. If he weren’t too busy with his homose*ual pursuits, his talent would be nowhere weaker than Yang Taitian’s.

“Junior Brother Qin Nan, run now!”

Zhao Fang uttered a ferocious roar.

Qin Nan was slightly startled. He had never expected Zhao Fang to lend him a hand.

“Don’t worry about me. This prick’s strength is far from outmatching mine!” Zhao Fang spoke without turning his head around, “I’m not helping you because of the love between us. As the Senior Brother of Duanmu Peak, I will never allow any of my Junior Brothers to be bullied!”


Qin Nan twisted his lips. The first half of the sentence disgusted him, while the second half was quite touching. He inspected Zhao Fang’s cultivation with his left eye of the divine God of Battle and took a deep breath, “Senior Brother Zhao Fang, thanks for helping me. I’ll surely repay your debt when I discover rare findings!”

After saying this, he swiftly left with a kick to the ground.

With Zhao Fang’s cultivation, although he could not defeat Yang Taitian, he would have no problem escaping in one piece.

“Qin Nan, it’s no use. You will never escape from my Six Godly Eyes!”

Yang Taitian uttered a roar.

The words caused Qin Nan’s figure to stiffen.

The power of the Six Godly Eyes was indeed overwhelming. There was nothing he could do even if he managed to keep at a great distance away.

“Six Godly Eyes my ass? You dare to act so smug right here? Qin Nan!”

At that instant, a disdainful voice could be heard accompanied by the arrival of Sima Kong.

Sima Kong had already changed his outfit. He was now wearing a robe and holding a Luopan[1] in his hand.

“Qin Nan, this Six Godly Eyes is tracking your aura!” Sima Kong let out a grin and said, “I’ll now help you erase the tracking!”

A horse whisk appeared in Sima Kong’s left hand, which he flung, firing countless drops of red liquid onto Qin Nan’s figure.


Qin Nan had no time to ponder further. He immediately dashed forward with a kick. To his surprise, it was as if the Six Godly Eyes in mid-air had lost its vision, unable to detect Qin Nan’s presence even when he was right underneath it.

“Who are you?”

Yang Taitian’s expression changed tremendously.

No one had ever discovered the secrets of his Six Godly Eyes. Why did this guy discover its secrets?

“Qin Nan, follow me. There’s something important that we need to discuss!” Sima Kong did not answer him. He entered the ancient woods straight away, followed by Qin Nan without hesitation.

When the two figures vanished in Yang Taitian’s vision, he almost vomited blood from his rage!

He had no idea how long it will take to encounter Qin Nan again if he were to let him escape here!

Meanwhile, Sima Kong’s voice came from the woods.

“Hehe, I forgot to tell you, I’m your Master Sima!”

Yang Taitian’s expression instantly stiffened.



In the ancient woods, Qin Nan and Sima Kong’s figures advanced forward at a rapid speed.

“How did you find me?”

Qin Nan asked.

This Qinglong Mystical Ground covered a vast area. It was extremely difficult to find anyone here.

There’s no doubt, with its help!” Sima Kong glanced at the Luopan in his hand while a prideful smile appeared on his face, “Once this treasure is activated, it could observe any living thing within three thousand li! Since your aura is so unique, I could find you with ease!”

“No wonder!”

Qin Nan nodded his head. Following it, his eyes glistened.

If Sima Kong possesses such an outstanding artifact, does that mean he could use it to find Princess Miao Miao?

“I did stumble into Princess Miao Miao recently. However, she is now outside the range of detection, thus I could not track her down.” Sima Kong said with an impressed tone as if he was aware of Qin Nan’s thoughts, “This Princess Miao Miao is not to be underestimated. She managed to loot three places of fortunate encounters when she just arrived at the Qinglong Mystical Ground and nothing was left for me…”

While saying this, his face was filled with helplessness.

Initially, he was planning to showcase his talents in this Qinglong Mystical Ground. However, he had not expected Princess Miao Miao to know the location of most of the fortunate encounters!


Qin Nan took a deep breath while nodding his head.

There was no need to worry about Princess Miao Miao. That being said, he had come to a realization after being hunted by Yang Taitian!

His strength was still too weak!

I must improve my strength as soon as possible!

If it weren’t for Zhao Fang and Sima Kong finding him coincidentally, he would not have been able to escape Yang Taitian’s chase this easily!

“Qin Nan, the reason I’m here is to work together with you.” Sima Kong’s eyes glistened as he spoke, “There’s a fortunate encounter here with the name of the Cave of the Bloody Serpent. This Serpent used to be a peak Martial Dominator Realm presence in this Qinglong Mystical Ground, but it has now passed away leaving various treasures in its cave!”

“The Cave of the Bloody Serpent?”

Qin Nan was startled.

He had seen this particular fortunate encounter on the ranking previously;it was ranked twenty-six.

Besides that, he had read the intel regarding the fortunate encounter, too. The Bloody Serpent possessed the bloodline of a true dragon, thus it had a great passion in collecting treasures, especially gems. Therefore, the Bloody Serpent would have collected tons of Primary Stones before it died.

Unfortunately, the fortunate encounter map had a price of thirty thousand points, thus Qin Nan had no choice but to give up on it. However, he did not expect Sima Kong to know its exact location.

“Qinglong Mystical Ground is the cultivation ground for past Sacred Leaders of the Qinglong Sacred Area. Sima Kong is only here for the first time, why is he so familiar with all these things?”

A doubt flashed across Qin Nan’s mind, but he did not investigate further, as everyone must have their own secrets.

“Sounds good.”

Qin Nan nodded his head and his eyes became filled with a look of determination.

If he were to acquire these Primary Stones, his divine Battle Spirit would have a chance to rank up to the Di rank, further improving his strength!

“This trip to the Cave of the Bloody Serpent is extremely dangerous. Therefore, I’ve invited two other geniuses to investigate the cave together!” Sima Kong wore a joyful look after Qin Nn accepted the invitation. With Qin Nan’s help, the trip would definitely be less dangerous.

Qin Nan nodded his head as he and Sima Kong proceeded forward swiftly.

A moment later, the two had arrived at an open ground.

Before Qin Nan could take a look at his surroundings, an icy voice appeared, “Sima Kong, so this is the helper you found?”

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: A Chinese compass, A.K.A Feng Shui Compass. FMI:


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