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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 415


Chapter 415: Chapter 415 - Time is Running Short

Chapter 415 - Time is Running Short

Sima Kong stared with his eyes open wide. This guy is indeed lustful toward battle, but the seemingly idiotic words do make me feel kind of hot-blooded.

“All disciples, enter at once!”

Peak Leader Duanmu shouted.

Many cultivators who had participated in the competition before immediately sprang forward and entered the portal. The remaining disciples immediately imitated their movements behind them.

Qin Nan took a glance at Princess Miao Miao and the others, before he went into the portal with a kick.

A moment later, the portal vanished.

“Who do you guys think will come first in this Grand Competition? I think Yang Taitian has the highest chance.” One of the Peak Leaders eventually said.

“Yeah, I think so too. Congratulations in advance to Peak Leader Yang.”

Another Peak Leader voiced out.

“I appreciate that.” Peak Leader Yang was a middle-aged man with silver hair. It was as if each of his hairs possessed a boundless murderous intent, causing one to shiver. His gaze landed onto Peak Leader Duanmu’s figure as he spoke with a calm smile, “Peak Leader Duanmu, it seems like you have high hopes for that Qin Nan, am I right? I’m sorry, it appears that my son is not too fond of Qin Nan.”

The eyes of the surrounding Peak Leaders immediately glistened.

In the entire Qinglong Sacred Area, Peak Leader Yang was the only one who dared to speak to Peak Leader Duanmu in such a tone.

Peak Leader Zhang was first to speak while wearing a smile, “It’s common for disciples to have some conflict with one another. It’s reasonable for Yang Taitian to challenge Qin Nan since he is not convinced of Qin Nan’s talent as a peerless genius. However, I do hope that Yang Taitian will not receive too great of a shock.”

“Shock? Hehe, Qin Nan will surely be smashed with his weak cultivation!”

Peak Leader Yang instantly snapped after uttering a hollow laugh.

“Is that so?”

Peak Leader Duanmu squinted his eyes, in which sparkles of lightning could be seen.

“There’s no point arguing over this right now. I do have another question. Peak Leader Yang, how many disciples are the Eastern Continent recruiting in two years’ time?” Peak Leader Caomu interrupted by switching the topic.

As expected, it instantly grabbed the attention of the remaining Peak Leaders.

The upper district consisted of five continents;the lower district was connected to the Eastern Continent of the upper district.

There existed four great factions in the Eastern Continent, each thoroughly surpassing the two Sacred Areas.

These four factions would recruit new disciples from the two Sacred Areas every five years, and there were only a few limited places. If a disciple were to be chosen to enter the upper district, not only would it ensure a bright future for the disciple, the respective Peak Leader would receive great benefits too.

Therefore, every year when the factions from the upper district were recruiting disciples, the Peak Leaders would compete with one another.

Peak Leader Yang was closely related to the ‘Dao-Seeking Mount’, one of the four great factions of the Eastern Continent of the upper district, hence no one would dare to offend him.

It was said that Peak Leader Yang was actually the son of an elder from the Dao-Seeking Mount.

“There are quite a few places, but it all depends on the performance of the two Sacred Areas.”

Peak Leader Yang spoke calmly after hesitating for a brief moment.

The eyes of the other Peak Leaders glistened slightly. Now that Peak Leader Yang and Peak Leader Duanmu were having a stand-off with one another, they clearly knew that the words that Peak Leader Yang uttered were forcing them to take sides.

Were you interested in securing a place so your disciple could head to the upper district?

Then stand on my side!

“Hah! Do you think the Dao-Seeking Mount is recruiting their disciples through mere connections? Do you think you are the leader of the Dao-Seeking Mount?”

Peak Leader Zhang spoke with a calm tone while letting out a smile.

“That’s right!” Peak Leader Yang’s eyes flickered with disdain, “It’s true that I can’t allow anyone to join the Dao-Seeking Mount, but I can at least guarantee that that brat Qin Nan—the so-called peerless genius? He could never join the Dao-Seeking Mount!”

The surrounding Peak Leaders raised their heads slightly.

Although they would not believe Peak Leader Yang had the authority to permit everyone to join the Dao-Seeking Mount, he would surely have enough power to prohibit one from joining the Dao-Seeking Mount.

Peak Leader Yang paused for a while before his eyes were filled with mockery, “Of course, the Qinglong Mystical Ground is thoroughly filled with dangers. It’s highly possible that Qin Nan will be slain there. Who could guarantee his safety? I shall excuse myself now as it’s getting quite late today!”

After saying this, his figure disappeared with a flicker.

The rest of the Peak Leaders were startled. Did that mean that Peak Leader Yang was planning to eliminate Qin Nan?

Since when was the conflict between Peak Leader Yang and Peak Leader Duanmu this great?

“Let’s pay master a visit!”

Peak Leader Duanmu and Peak Leader Zhang took a deep breath and proceeded to a residence located deep within the Qinglong Sacred Area.

It was as if Sacred Leader Qinglong had already anticipated their arrival. He stood firmly in the residence. Despite his not-so-tall figure, it felt like he could support the entire Heavens and Earth.

“Master…” Peak Leader Zhang was about to speak.

Sacred Leader Qinglong waved his hand and interrupted him, before speaking with a deep look in his eyes, “I know what you are trying to ask. I’ve got other plans regarding my succession. As for the conspiracy that Peak Leader Yang has set up, don’t you worry. Qin Nan is able to take care of himself!!”

Peak Leader Duanmu and Peak Leader Zhang were stunned.

Since when was Sacred Leader Qinglong so trustful in Qin Nan?

With the thought, they immediately realized that Sacred Leader Qinglong had also arrived in person when Qin Nan had been in grave danger previously. That alone was quite uncommon indeed.

Even though Qin Nan was considered a peerless genius, he was only a mere genius whose strength was still growing!

“Those bunch of pricks has been preying on the Ocean of Death for so many years, the same amount of time they have spent trying to get rid of me, and they still haven’t given up until today. Therefore, let’s settle this once and for all with Qin Nan being the spark!” Sacred Leader Qinglong’s eyes flickered coldly, “I don’t care what kind of beast or monster they are, we shall bury’em all!”


Peak Leader Duanmu and Peak Leader Zhang both emitted ferocious auras.

Over the past few hundred years, they had been enduring the immerse pain. Now with Qin Nan’s appearance, it was their time to strike.

That being said, Peak Leader Duanmu and Peak Leader Zhang had not taken note of what Sacred Leader Qinglong meant when he had said ‘trying to get rid of me’ just then.

“Leave now.”

Sacred Leader Qinglong uttered the order.

Peak Leader Duanmu and Peak Leader Zhang immediately left the place.

Sacred Leader Qinglong sat on top of a platform made of stone in the residence. His white hair danced wildly with the wind, while a hint of fatigue was displayed on his ferocious-looking face.

An aura of death was emitted from his body.

A sigh could be heard echoing in the residence.

“Time is running short… Qin must…grow faster…”

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