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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 414


Chapter 414: Chapter 414 - The Enemy of the Crowd

Chapter 414 - The Enemy of the Crowd

Inheriting everything?

Even the sixteen Peak Leaders were stunned.

It went without saying that Sacred Leader Qinglong and Sacred Leader Feiyang were the strongest presences in the lower district, with their cultivations reaching the Martial Sacred Realm. Even in the upper district, one with such a cultivation would be considered a formidable presence!

If one were able to inherit Sacred Leader Qinglong’s succession, it would provide a chance to the person to become a great expert despite possessing a relatively low ranked Martial Spirit!

The entire Duanmu Peak turned lively after a brief pause of a few breaths’ time.

“The succession of the Sacred Leader! I must acquire it!”

“Screw it! I’m going all out this time!”

“I’ve only obtained an Emperor Weapon last year. I must inherit the Sacred Leader’s succession this year!”


Everyone’s eyes turned fiery.

“What is he trying to achieve?”

Qin Nan wore a confused look.

From his impression, this Sacred Leader Qinglong was far too mysterious. Why would he offer his succession out of nowhere as the reward for this year’s competition?

However, Sacred Leader Qinglong suddenly gazed toward Qin Nan while his voice continued to echo in the ears of the crowd, “Try your best. You have a higher chance of acquiring the succession than anyone else here!”

Everyone’s gaze immediately landed on Qin Nan’s figure after the words were spoken.

The atmosphere of the scene instantly froze.

Although Qin Nan had slowly vanished from the attention of the crowd as the Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains was about to take place, the words of Sacred Leader Qinglong immediately caused everyone to take note of his name.

What do you mean by a higher chance?

Did that mean Qin Nan possessed more information regarding Sacred Leader Qinglong’s succession!?

Qin Nan’s expression instantly turned dark.

He could sense that more than half of the cultivators among the crowd were looking at him with evil grins.

In other words, it was highly possible that he would be hunted by every participant of the Grand Competition of Sixteen Mountains, similar to his previous experiences during the Trial of Versatility at the Mystic Spirit Sect!

Was Sacred Leader Qinglong planning to cause trouble for him!

Qin Nan subconsciously glanced at Sacred Leader Qinglong, and saw him wearing a calm smile, as if he had no idea what he had done, while implying ‘I’m only doing it for your sake’ with his expression.

Before Qin Nan could become enraged, Sacred Leader Qinglong’s figure vanished into thin air with a kick.

“Damn it!”

Qin Nan clenched his fists tightly.

This old man had even mentioned how he would try his best to look after him, and now look at what he had just done!

“Qin Nan, we must cooperate with one another. I don’t have any other request, just fifty percent of the succession will do!” The eyes of Sima Kong who was standing beside Qin Nan glistened;he no longer showed any sign of regret from before.

“Cooperate my ass…”

Qin Nan almost burst out cursing. He literally had no idea about Sacred Leader Qinglong’s succession. However, at that moment, he suddenly realized that the murderous intent in the eyes of Yang Taitian and the mysterious young man had grown even thicker.

“The words spoken by Sacred Leader Qinglong means that I’ll be targeted by countless people in the Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains. However, most people would not dare to engage me directly. The biggest problem right now is this Yang Taitian and the mysterious young man. On top of the command from Peak Leader Yang, the news regarding Sacred Leader Qinglong’s succession will definitely further provoke them to kill me…”

Qin Nan began to analyze the situation after calming his thoughts.

Although Peak Leader Yang was ranked last as he was the sixteenth Peak Leader of the Qinglong Sacred Area, he was somehow related to a faction from the upper district. Even Peak Leader Duanmu and Peak Leader Zhang could not harm him with ease, an indication of how formidable his background was.

Therefore, the conspiracy he had planned for Qin Nan by using Yang Taitian and the others as his pawns would not be that simple to deal with.

“Handle the soldiers with the generals, and the flood with soil. I’ve got no personal conflict with them whatsoever, but since they are planning to silence me because of the secrets of the Ocean of Death, I will show no mercy to them!”

Qin Nan’s eyes were filled with a glint of determination.

Same as before, if someone was trying to harm him, he would definitely make them pay ten times the price!

Besides that, after calming his thoughts, he realized that there must be some reason behind Sacred Leader Qinglong’s sudden action. It did not necessarily mean that he was trying to set him up.

“Sima Kong, do you have any idea what exactly this Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains contains? What exactly is the Qinglong Mystical Ground?” Qin Nan asked after regaining his calmness.

He was only participating in the competition for the rewards, thus he had absolutely no idea what the rules were.

That being said, only by understanding his opponents would he be able to secure continuous victories[1].

“So does that mean that you agree to us cooperating?” Sima Kong wore a joyful expression as he blurted out, “The Qinglong Mystical Ground is where the past Sacred Leaders of the Qinglong Sacred Area cultivated, filled with countless successions and fortunate encounters. When the current Sacred Leader Qinglong took over, he specifically transformed it into a training ground for the disciples. You will find countless beasts residing within it, and by slaying these beasts, you will collect points. Only those with sufficient points are able to activate the successions…”

Qin Nan’s eyes gradually glistened.

The rules were surprisingly simple—hunt the beasts, collect points, activate the successions.

Sima Kong paused for a moment before saying with a grin, “It goes without saying that we’re allowed to collect points by robbing others.”

Qin Nan glanced at him without saying anything.

Collect points by robbing others?

He would never take the initiative to do such thing.

“Activate the Qinglong Mystical Ground!”

Meanwhile, Peak Leader Duanmu in mid-air uttered a roar while taking out his badge.

The sixteen badges floating in mid-air each fired a beam of light that intertwined right in the center, forming a huge atavistic formation on the dojo.

Instead of a teleportation formation, the huge atavistic formation served as a giant key that penetrated the sky.


Following a loud crash, the crowd could only see the sky within ten li of the place shattering into pieces, revealing a brilliant glow, as if a door to another world had been opened.

The crowd of cultivators withdrew their gazes from Qin Nan’s figure and began to prepare themselves to enter the Qinglong Mystical Ground.

“Qin Nan!”

At that instant, a sudden deafening roar could be heard.

The one uttering the roar was none other than Yang Taitian.

The sudden roar served as a shocking explosion in the silent dojo.

The crowd immediately shifted their focus toward Qin Nan while wearing a curious look.

“I’m not sure what Senior Brother wants from me?”

Qin Nan wore a calm expression, without showing any sign of being intimidated.

“Nothing much.” Yang Taitian raised his head while placing his hands behind him, as if he was a powerful noble talking to a peasant, “I just want to remind you to be careful after entering the Qinglong Mystical Ground. That’s because I’ve got a habit of crippling my enemies once I attack, and furthermore…”

Yang Taitian glanced at the crowd while emitting an imperious aura, “I’ll be targeting Junior Brother Qin Nan in the Qinglong Mystical Ground;those who are interested are welcome to be my allies!”

After hearing this, many among the crowd shuddered violently.

Yang Taitian was waging war against Qin Nan with those words!

Qin Nan’s expression remained the same. The same move had been used by Mo Li, Ling Zixiao, and the others, thus he was not worried at all. After all, it had not even worked against him before, not even once.

“Qin Nan, what shall we do?” Sima Kong had a slight headache. At this rate, they were going to be the enemies of the crowd!

“There’s nothing we need to do.”

Qin Nan said in a calm tone.

“Aren’t you scared at all?” Sima Kong stared with his eyes open wide.

“Not at all.” Qin Nan shook his head while gradually saying the following words in a clear tone, “Think about it;one enemy, two enemies, three enemies, or even a bunch of enemies, are still enemies. What is there to be scared of? If worst comes to worst, if there’s one, I’ll beat one. If there’s a pair, I’ll beat a pair! If there’s a bunch of them, I’ll bury’em all!”

He instantly straightened his figure, resembling a sharp blade!

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: This is a Chinese idiom saying that knowledge regarding the opponents/situation/enemies is crucial to win battles/competition.


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