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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 411


Chapter 411: Chapter 411 - Suppressing with a Single Move

Chapter 411 - Suppressing with a Single Move

Facing three of them at the same time?

In addition to Murong Xiang, the entire crowd was stunned.

That’s three sixth-layer Martial Ancestor Realm cultivators who are ranked in the top thirty on the custodian ranking. One would at least need a cultivation of the eighth-layer Martial Ancestor Realm to fight them at the same time!

Despite Qin Nan’s law-defying talents, there was no way the strength of a mere peak Martial Emperor Realm presence like Qin Nan could be equivalent to the eighth-layer Martial Ancestor Realm, right?

At that instant, the crowd was left in awe, as if they were witnessing an ant waging war against a giant!

“Qin Nan!”

Fang Jian’s expression changed greatly and he was about to say something.

“HAHAHA!” Murong Xiang interrupted Fang Jian by bursting out laughing, “Qin Nan, that’s what you’ve said. I shall satisfy your request then and let the three battle against you! Of course, if you are able to defeat them all, you will then acquire the right to participate in the competition!”


Qin Nan nodded his head without showing any expression. He glanced at the three opponents while his body began to emit battle intent.

“Eat this!”

The three cultivators had already made a deal with Murong Xiang in private. However, they never expected Qin Nan to be this full of himself. They uttered a roar and swiftly surrounded him from three directions.

They had been cooperating for many years in the Qinglong Sacred Area, thus as they initiated their move, they immediately positioned themselves in a powerful formation.

The surrounding cultivators were astonished.

“Is this the Three-Orientation Formation?”

“It is said that once this formation is executed, the target being trapped within it will lose his sense of direction.”

“They had already prepared such a powerful move for Qin Nan!”


The Three-Orientation Formation was executed with the auras and cultivations of three cultivators occupying three different directions while synchronizing with one another, resulting in an illusion that misdirected the target’s senses.

Even eighth-layer Martial Ancestor Realm experts without a certain knowledge and talent in formations would not be able to execute this formation.

“Damn it!”

Fang Jian’s face turned pale.

There was no doubt that they were planning to severely injure Qin Nan using the formation.


Qin Nan’s figure was instantly encapsulated within the formation after it took shape.




The three cultivators stood at three different directions while performing a symbol each with their hand gestures. Following this, a mystical glow burst out from their gestures that intertwined with one another and gradually formed an ancient word ‘Yan’ (言) above the formation. Each stroke of the word possessed an atavistic feeling to it.

The surrounding cultivators were utterly astonished.

“That is definitely a killing blow!”

“That move is capable of dealing with an eighth-layer Martial Ancestor Realm cultivator!”

“Are they planning to murder Qin Nan?”


They initially thought the cultivators were only planning to teach Qin Nan a lesson, but instead their first move was executing ‘Xu Yan Sha’, a terrifying force-accumulating blow.

“How bold!”

Fang Jian’s expression changed greatly as his body fired the aura of the Martial Dominator Realm into the sky.

“Envoy Fang Jian, what are you trying to do? This is a duel, you are not allowed to interfere!”

Murong Xiang wore a smile on his face as his hands grabbed forward and summoned two long golden whips resembling two dragons, which then transformed into countless illusionary figures that surrounded Fang Jian’s figure.


Fang Jian immediately became enraged.

Murong Xiang’s eyes flickered sinisterly, “Envoy Fang Jian, don’t you worry. They won’t kill him. They will at most cripple him. It’s a duel after all, there is no guarantee that a serious injury would not happen…”

When Qin Nan planned to challenge them all at once, Murong Xiang had immediately come up with a conspiracy—letting the three cultivators beat Qin Nan half to death. Even if anyone were to be furious, Murong Xiang could still blame Qin Nan for being too scornful and taking the initiative to challenge them to a duel, allowing him to avoid being responsible.

As such, he was never worried of the consequences.

However, before Murong Xiang finished his words, a terrifying aura suddenly burst out from the Three-Orientation Formation.

The cultivators who were sharp with their senses were immediately dumbfounded.

The three cultivators who were maintaining the Three-Orientation Formation in particular were the most astounded as they felt like a ferocious beast was awakening from the formation.


The three cultivators wore pale faces as they immediately exhort their full strength without any hesitation to suppress Qin Nan.


Meanwhile, a terrifying thunderous flame like the rage of the Heavens suddenly burst out from the Three-Orientation Formation and thoroughly shattered the formation.

Murong Xiang and the rest of the cultivators stared with their eyes open wide.

They never expected such an outstanding Three-Orientation Formation to be shattered this easily.

At that instant, they could only see Qin Nan raising his head at the center of the formation. His hair danced wildly despite the absence of wind, while the ten-zhang long cloak formed by the thunderous flames swept across the air, resulting in a piercing sound like a raging cry.

It was as if they were no longer staring at Qin Nan, but a god becoming enraged.


Qin Nan let out a roar while his body was encapsulated in thunderous flames. He then let out a grunt while hurling out a punch aimed at the word ‘Yan’!


The crowd could only see the ancient word ‘Yan’ being instantly shattered. Following this, the endless thunderous flames formed a sea of flames crushing down onto the three cultivators, sending them flying backward.

The force exerted was extremely destructive!

The three cultivators who were apparently ranked in the top thirty on the custodian ranking were defeated by Qin Nanwhose cultivation was only at the peak Martial Emperor Realmwith a single blow!

At that instant, the entire dojo of Duanmu Peak was immersed in a dead silence.

Murong Xiang, Fang Jian, and the crowd of cultivators were utterly flabbergasted.

What was going on?

What the hell just happened?

How was it possible for Qin Nan to defeat them with a single blow?


Qin Nan exhaled deeply as if it had been a long time since he had last exercised. The thunderous flames emitting from his body gradually dissipated. The aura of his cultivation remained at the peak Martial Emperor Realm.

“Oops, I’m sorry. I accidentally won the battle, sorry for letting you down!”

Qin Nan brought his fists together while glancing at the crowd. His gaze then landed onto Murong Xiang’s figure with a sincere look.

Murong Xiang’s breathing came to a halt at that instant.

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: Xu = Illusionary, Yan = Words, Sha = Kill, These words represent the chant/hand gesture that each of the cultivators are performing to establish the formation.


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