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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 410


Chapter 410: Chapter 410 - Bring It On!

Chapter 410 - Bring It On!

The envoys in charge were one or two envoys that were appointed by each mountain to lead the participants from their respective mountains. Their role was to explain the rules of the competition, encourage the participants, etc.

Normally, an envoy in charge would not simply interfere with the Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains, unless the person was a spy from the other mountains planning to cause trouble by abusing the power that had been granted.

It was obvious that this Murong Xiang was picking on Qin Nan based on his words.

Before Qin Nan could speak, Fang Jian angrily exploded, “Murong Xiang, as the envoy in charge, what right do you have to stop Qin Nan from participating in the competition?”

“Hehe, Fang Jian, why are you being so furious? Open your dog eyes wide and look carefully at this!”

Murong Xiang let out a scornful laugh as he raised his hand. A badge emerged from the center of his palm, which was carved with the word ‘Mu’ on its surface.

The badge caused many among the crowd to be astounded.

The badge was none other than the badge of Vice-Peak Leader Mu of Duanmu Peak.

The badge itself represented the presence of the owner!

A cold grin appeared on Fang Jian’s face.

Even though he was clueless as to the reason why this Murong Xiang and Vice-Peak Leader Murong were picking on Qin Nan, but they had surely underestimated Qin Nan’s status. They had no idea that Peak Leader Duanmu and several Peak Leaders were supporting Qin Nan behind him!

It was ridiculous that he thought a Vice-Peak Leader badge was enough to erase Qin Nan’s right to participate in the competition.

Before Fang Jian could speak, Murong Xiang raised his tone incredibly, “Although the Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains is open to all cultivators below the Martial Dominator Realm, it serves as a proof of strength between the sixteen mountains! Qin Nan who is referred to as the peerless genius of Duanmu Peak only possesses a cultivation of peak Martial Emperor Realm. If he were to be defeated in the competition, how would the others see Duanmu Peak? Therefore, Qin Nan shall not participate in the Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains!”

The words caused the eyes of the crowd to flicker, but they remained silent.

Murong Xiang’s words did have a point, thus they could not find any way to refute it.

“Hehe.” The grin on Fang Jian’s face grew thicker, “Murong Xiang, stop wearing a fake disguise. Qin Nan is definitely qualified to join the Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains according to the rules. Even if Vice-Peak Leader Murong were to be here in person, he also has no right to stop Qin Nan from taking part in the competition.”

Murong Xiang’s eyes turned icy.

He had not expected this Fang Jian to be supportive of Qin Nan after he showed his badge.

This caused him to feel exceedingly furious.

It may be true that Qin Nan was a peerless genius, but he was the son of the first Vice-Peak Leader of Duanmu Peak. In terms of status, he was nowhere weaker than Qin Nan. Besides, it had been his father’s order to pick on Qin Nan.

Was it really that difficult for his father to deal with an insignificant Qin Nan?

“If he wants to participate in the Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains, he will have to pass my test!’

Murong Xiang withheld the anger in his heart and scowled.

Fang Jian was about to snap before Qin Nan’s calm voice interrupted, “I’m curious to know;what kind of test does Envoy Murong Xiang have in mind for me?”

“Qin Nan, don’t you worry about that…”

Fang Jian immediately transmitted his voice after hearing Qin Nan’s words.

“It’s fine. Someone is trying to pick on me. Therefore, I would like to see how they are going to do so!”

Qin Nan replied with a firm tone.

Murong Xiang’s heart was immersed in joy after hearing Qin Nan’s words, “Qin Nan, please don’t misunderstand my intentions. I’m only concerned about the entire Duanmu Peak. How about this;I’ve chosen three geniuses, and if you are able to defeat any of them, I’ll admit that your strength is strong enough to participate in the competition!”

Three young men immediately flew out from the crowd after he finished speaking.

As soon as these young men appeared, the crowd of cultivators was startled, as each of these young men possessed a cultivation of the sixth-layer Martial Ancestor Realm. On top of that, they were relatively well-known at Duanmu Peak, as they could be ranked in the top thirty among the geniuses!”

This allowed them to immediately realize that Murong Xiang had been waiting for Qin Nan to take the bait since the beginning!

“Murong Xiang, you…”

Fang Jian became enraged.

Asking Qin Nan to defeat any of them?

How was that even possible!

How long has it been since Qin Nan ranked up to the Martial Emperor Realm?

Murong Xiang showed no sign of wasting any time. It was crucial to forge the iron at a high temperature, thus he said in an indifferent tone, “Huh? I was told that Qin Nan had achieved four hundred steps in the Triple Door, granting him great benefits. Are you implying that he can’t even defeat a sixth-layer Martial Ancestor Realm cultivator? If that’s the case, what’s the point in participating in the Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains, he would end up shaming Duanmu Peak…”

In addition to Fang Jian’s words, the crowd of cultivators shook their heads as well.

These young men possessed extraordinary strength. Even though Qin Nan was a peerless genius who recently received great benefits at the Triple Door, his cultivation was only at the peak Martial Emperor Realm after all. Despite his talents, there was no way he would stand a chance against a sixth-layer Martial Ancestor Realm opponent!

There was not a single doubt regarding the outcome of the battle.

Sigh, how will Qin Nan react now?”

“Murong Xiang is extremely cunning. Even an ordinary seventh-layer Martial Ancestor Realm cultivator might be mismatched against any of them, let alone Qin Nan!”


Many of the cultivators let out a sigh.

However, before Murong Xiang finished his words, Qin Nan suddenly spoke while the cultivators were immersed in a chatter.

“Great, I’ll accept Envoy Murong’s suggestion, but on one condition.”

The words served as a great shock to the crowd.

“Qin Nan, you…”

Fang Jian panicked.

It was unwise to act on impulse right now. If Qin Nan ended up losing the battle, not only would he be prohibited from taking part in the competition, it would serve as a great damage to his reputation too.

Murong Xiang was stunned for a while, before he immediately collected his thoughts and blurted out with a joyful look, “Sure thing, what is your request? I’ll try my best to satisfy it!”

“Is that so?”

Qin Nan suddenly burst out laughing as he pointed his finger at the three cultivators, “It’s simple. I’m not planning to fight one-on-one in the battle…”

“Not planning to fight one-on-one?”

Murong Xiang was startled.

Following this, Qin Nan continue to speak with a thunderous tone, “If a battle is what you wish for, then I’ll fight the three at the same timebring it on!”

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