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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 41


Chapter 41 - The Skills Library

After the white-haired elder left, all the disciples collected their thoughts while glancing jealously at Huang Long and Ling Zixiao, albeit with a sense of fear.

Huang Long smiled and left immediately, ignoring the gazes.

On the other hand, Ling Zixiao had a smile on his face and walked toward the disciples;he appeared to be having friendly conversations with the disciples, but an obviously conceited expression remained on his face.

’’Hmph.’’ Upon seeing this, a look of disgust could be seen on Xiao Qingxue's face, ’’This Ling Zixiao is such a hypocrite.’’

In Xiao Qingxue's mind, her disgust at Ling Zixiao was on par with Mo Li.

However, as if he did not hear her grumble, Qin Nan said with glimmering eyes, ’’Sister Qingxue, can you tell me more about this Skills Library?’’

Xiao Qingxue could not help but smile after seeing Qin Nan's reaction. This Qin Nan is indeed a natural born Martial Addict;if something is relevant to Martial Skills, everything else is no longer a concern for him.

Despite that, it was also part of the reason Xiao Qingxue was so fond of him.

’’The Skills Library of the Mystic Spirit Sect... does not only store Martial Skills,’’ Xiao Qingxue continued with a faint smile, ’’You can also find the cultivation notes left by powerful cultivators of the Mystic Spirit Sect these are extremely precious. As for the rules of the Skills Library, you will learn them once you enter.’’

’’Cultivation notes left by powerful cultivators?’’ Qin Nan unconsciously clenched his fists in excitement.

Being one of the top four sects of the Luo River Kingdom, the Mystic Spirit Sect possessed a long history and a rich heritage;the number of powerful cultivators from the Mystic Spirit Sect was uncountable.

If this was the case, how many books of cultivation notes left by powerful cultivators were stored in the Skills Library?

When she saw his reaction, Xiao Qingxue was unsure of how to feel, as she continued, ’’For this trip to the Skills Library, remember that you must exit after five days. I'll be waiting for you outside.’’

After saying this, Xiao Qingxue's expression turned serious, as she said, ’’Qin Nan, your current cultivation base is too weak. You shouldn't focus only on Martial Skills you must improve your cultivation base.’’

After he heard this, Qin Nan's face returned to normal, and he said immediately, ’’Don't worry, Qingxue. I'll be back in five days.’’

After hearing Qin Nan's promise, Xiao Qingxue let out a relieved sigh and was going to give some advice. However, when she raised her head, she could no longer see Qin Nan, who had vanished into thin air.

As soon as he knew that there were a lot of cultivation notes in the Skills Library, Qin Nan did not plan to waste any more time, and rushed straight to it.

Not long after, Qin Nan arrived at the Skills Library.

A huge palace in the shape of a pagoda stood firmly before him;it had eight floors in total, which went straight up toward the clouds.

On the top of the palace, it felt like there was a large, invisible formation in action;the palace looked ordinary at first sight, but after looking at it for some time, one would feel tiny and reverent before it.

Meanwhile, a kind-looking old man sat at the entrance of the Skills Library. Some new disciples had already gathered before the old man.

’’This old man...’’

Qin Nan frowned his eyebrows. Since his divine Battle Spirit had reached the eighth-grade Huang rank, his eyes had gained a new magical power.

In his vision, this friendly-looking old man who was like your elderly neighbour possessed a terrifying power within his body;this power was more terrifying and intimidating than the one possessed by the white-haired elder at the White Jade Dojo.

’’I never thought that this old man guarding the entrance of the Skills Library would have a higher cultivation base than an elder of the Mystic Spirit Sect.’’

After his discovery, Qin Nan took a deep breath and withdrew his gaze.

In a blink of the eye, the disciples had all entered the Skills Library it was now Qin Nan's turn.

With one large step, Qin Nan came up to the friendly-looking old man and held his fists together, ’’Disciple Qin Nan pays respect to elder.’’

The old man raised his head and scanned Qin Nan with deep eyes while he smiled faintly, ’’I'm not an elder I'm just an ordinary old man. You can call me 'Old Shan' next time. You're Qin Nan, right? Not bad for a young lad enter with haste.’’

When he heard this, Qin Nan's heart skipped a beat. This Old Shan seems like he knew I was inspecting him with my eyes?

With this flash of thought, Qin Nan did not spend any more time thinking about it, and instantly said, ’’Thanks, Old Shan.’’

After saying this, he did not stay any longer and stepped through the Skill Library's entrance.

Old Shan gazed at the disappearing Qin Nan;a flicker appeared within his deep eyes as he laughed, ’’What an interesting disciple;being able to inspect me with at the fifth-floor Body Tempering Realm. Interesting, very interesting.’’


As soon as Qin Nan entered the first floor of the Skills Library, he was utterly shocked at the sight before him.

The first floor of the Skills Library had the appearance of a crystal palace;the floor, the desks, and the staircase were all made from a type of transparent crystal, which was eye dazzling.

Besides this, the desks of the first floor were filled with ancient books;every ancient book was labeled with the words 'Ultimate Martial Skill'.

’’Phew...’’ Qin Nan deeply inhaled and recovered from the shock. His eyes were filled with excitement, ’’There are at least ten thousand Martial Skills here on the first floor. What kind of cultivation notes left by powerful cultivators can be found on the second floor, the third floor, the fourth floor... or even the eighth floor?’’

Even someone who had reached the peak of the Ocean Qi Realm would still need to rely on Ultimate Martial Skills.

Only those who had become Martial Emperors would find Ultimate Martial Skills to be useless.

’’Screw it, no point thinking about it. I should check these Ultimate Martial Skills out. I should find a suitable one.’’ Qin Nan swiftly collected his thoughts and started looking through the books.

He spent five hours looking through the books.

In these five hours, Qin Nan was fully immersed in the Ultimate Martial Skills. Even though he did not learn any of them, his knowledge and experience were greatly increased after reading the training methods of these Ultimate Martial Skills.

’’These Ultimate Martial Skills are indeed powerful;however, there's nothing for sabers...’’

Qin Nan let out a wry smile after realizing this.

In the five hours of looking through at least a thousand Martial Skills, he did not find any saber Martial Skills.

’’I should keep looking.’’ Qin Nan was quick to calm himself, and continued the search.

Despite that, suddenly a wicked voice could be heard, ’’I was just guessing who this was;isn't this Qin Nan? It seems like us two are sharing fateful encounters, stumbling into each other after leaving the White Jade Dojo only a little while ago.

Qin Nan turned around and found the person to be Ling Zixiao.

Ling Zixiao was not alone;behind him stood a number of new disciples, creating massive pressure, just like stars revolving around the moon.

Qin Nan frowned he knew who these new disciples behind Ling Zixiao were;they were the geniuses he told himself to be aware of.

What Qin Nan did not expect was that Ling Zixiao would be able to convince these geniuses to follow him in such a short period of time.

’’So it turns out to be you, Ling Zixiao.’’ Qin Nan still showed no sign of respect as he calmly said, ’’Do you have a problem? If not, I will excuse myself.’’ After saying this, Qin Nan instantly turned around and walked away.

When they saw this, Ling Zixiao and the other geniuses' eyes burned with rage.

This Qin Nan is so cocky, leaving as he pleases, not giving us any respect!

Even though Ling Zixiao was filled with fury, he did not dare to do anything here. He smirked and said in a sarcastic tone, ’’Why are you in a rush? Could it be that you're frightened? Aren't you, Qin Nan, super confident in yourself? I thought you would have something up your sleeve, but it turned out to be nothing. Without Xiao Qingxue's protection, you are revealing your true colors simply trash.’’

Qin Nan's steps slowed to a stop as an icy expression rose in his eyes.

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