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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 406


Chapter 406: Chapter 406 - Apologize

Chapter 406 - Apologize

“Three hundred steps… He really did it!”

Court Master Jin stood on the forbidden ground of the Triple Door while wearing a blank expression.

In addition to him, everyone was left in awe.

When they discovered that Qin Nan had lost his consciousness, they had all assumed that there was no way he could reach the three hundredth step. However, to everyone’s surprise, although he had fainted, his body never gave up!

That being said, that was not the end!

Qin Nan was like a relentless warrior, whose bloody palm continued to crawl forward at a slow pace!

One inch, two inches, three inches!

Three hundred and one steps!

Three hundred and two steps!

Three hundred and three steps!

He continued to move forward without showing any sign of giving up!

At that instant, everyone was utterly dumbfounded.

Hadn’t Qin Nan already achieved three hundred steps?

Why was he still moving forward?

They had no idea that Qin Nan had only agreed to Xue Wuheng’s bet in order to earn the extra two hundred Primary Stones.

His target was never only three hundred steps from the very beginning!

His target was to continue moving forward, until his body was shattered, until his blood stopped flowing!

Why would he be satisfied with three hundred steps?

He aimed to advance further!

At that instant, it was as if the Heavens and Earth had fallen into a dead silence. The manic-like determination that Qin Nan displayed seemed to possess an invisible force that collided with the hearts of the crowd.

Every time Qin Nan took a step forward, it felt like a bomb exploding in their hearts.

Everyone could feel their souls trembling at that instant.

Had they worked hard before?

Had they tried as hard as Qin Nan?

They only knew how to complain non-stop as the rank of their Martial Spirits was not high enough. They had only assumed their talents to be comparable to Qin Nan’s if they were to possess a high-ranked Martial Spirit, but was that the truth?

They did not even possess the will to fight until the very end;what right did they have to complain?

Why would they complain instead of trying harder!

“F**k this!”

At that instant, a raging roar could be heard.

It was Ying Xunlong, whose face had become twisted as he rose from the ground without any hesitation and halted his cultivation. He then took a step forward, aiming at the two hundred and fortieth step!

“I shall continue moving forward also!”

The remaining over twenty cultivators participating in the Triple Door wore determined looks too as they continued to proceed forward!

At that instant, a shocking sight took place on the path of the Triple Door. It seemed like everyone had just been reborn, as a boundless energy burst out from their body, allowing them to charge forward.

How was this possible?

They had witnessed Qin Nan working harder than them even though he possessed a greater talent!

What excuse did they have not to work harder?

Put your life at stake!

Go crazy!

In the Martial World, those who sailed their ships against the current would end up moving in reverse instead of advancing forward.

If one possessed the dream of becoming an expert, the person should never give up despite the circumstances!

Xue Wuheng’s soul received a great blow after seeing the scene before him, causing his face to turn pale. For unknown reasons, his heart was filled with a great amount of shamefulness.

What right did he have to mock Qin Nan, who was working this hard?

“Let’s go!”

Court Master Jin, who had returned to the shore, spoke to Chen Fei and the others.

“Court Master…”

Envoy Zhu was startled.

Weren’t they here to ask Qin Nan to teach them the Unconventional Pill Almanac?

“Chen Fei, I believe that Qin Nan has taught you something more beneficial than the Unconventional Pill Almanac.” Court Master Jin stared right into Chen Fei’s eyes.

Chen Fei recovered from the astonishment. In his eyes, a vague flame was ignited.

“Court Master, I’ve got it!”

Chen Fei nodded his head heavily.

In order to defeat his opponent, his first reaction had been to ask Qin Nan for the Unconventional Pill Almanac. However, he had never considered of improving his Pill Alchemy through his hard work.


Court Master Jin glared coldly at Chen Ying and snapped, “Apologize to him!”

He pointed his finger at the distant Triple Door.


Chen Ying’s attractive face turned slightly pale.

Apologize? Asking her to apologize? Why would she apologize to Qin Nan?

“Apologize! Court Master Jin is right!”

“She must apologize!”

“I don’t care who you are, you must apologize!”


At that instant, most of the cultivators among the crowd wore furious looks and yelled.

Court Master Jin wore a calm expression, although it felt like a raging storm was being accumulated, “You hear that? You must apologize, since you mocked Qin Nan before! A man who tried this hard and fought until the very end is one you should respect!”

Chen Ying’s face instantly turned incredibly pale.

She hated Qin Nan immensely, thus there was no way she would be willing to apologize to him. However, she could tell that Court Master Jin was about to explode. If she did not apologize, it would result in terrible consequences.

“I… I’m sorry!”

Chen Ying stood on the shore and lowered her head as she said in a dull tone while facing the Triple Door.

The cultivators could easily tell that she was unwilling to do so, but they ended up letting out harrumphs instead of commenting further.

“Let’s go!”

Court Master Jin wore a disappointed look as he made his leave.

Chen Fei and the rest immediately followed behind.

Qin Nan was clueless as to the events taking place. His body continued to move forward!

Three hundred and fifty-nine steps!

Three hundred and sixty steps!

Three hundred and eighty steps!

The night had passed as the sun slowly rose from the horizon while emitting its luminous light. Qin Nan’s figure had passed the three hundred and ninety-ninth step and reached the four-hundredth step!

At the same time, his body had crossed the second door!

The cultivators could not help but inhale deeply.

“Qin Nan is the first to cross the second door!”

“Crossing the first door alone would grant one extreme benefits. What kind of benefits will Qin Nan be granted in the end?”

“I kind of feel hot-blooded right now. I am so eager to rush into the Triple Door right now!”


In the midst of their chatter, the Triple Door experienced an unexpected change. Each of the doors were ignited with a mystical glow, which then intertwined and formed a blurry figure in mid-air.

The figure was none other than the Triple-Stacked Martial Dominator!

As soon as the figure appeared, it glanced down in Qin Nan’s direction while its eyes flickered with admiration. It then took a step forward and entered Qin Nan’s body.

Following this, Qin Nan’s body rose from the ground and sat with his legs crossed, as an utterly mystical aura was emitted into the surroundings.

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