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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 405


Chapter 405: Chapter 405 - Completely Fractured

Chapter 405 - Completely Fractured

It was as if Qin Nan’s devastated flesh possessed an endless determination, allowing him to endure the terrifying torture, as he continued to reach out with his hands to support him as he rose from the ground.


The pagoda emitted a brilliant glow as if it had become enraged. Following this, an even more terrifying force crushed down onto Qin Nan’s figure.

On Qin Nan’s twisted face, his eyes stiffened at that instant, as blood began to flow out from his nose. His weakened body ferociously slammed downward and dyed the ground red, while his extremely weakened remaining aura dissipated!

He seemed to be dead!


At that instant, Court Master Jin’s expression greatly changed.

In addition to him, everyone was startled.

If Qin Nan were to die here due to the Triple Door, it would serve as a great loss to the Qinglong Sacred Area!

Did a peerless genius just die before us?

“Qin Nan!”

Ying Xunlong’s face turned incredibly pale.

Xue Wuheng was stunned for a moment before he burst out laughing, “HAHA, Qin Nan, that’s what you get for being too cocky. Do you really think you can achieve three hundred steps with your will alone? You are only committing suicide!”

It did not matter what the others think, he was feeling exceedingly pleasant!

Once Qin Nan died, his brother would be appointed as a Prospective Saint, allowing his status to skyrocket and guarantee him a bright future.

As his brother, Xue Wuheng’s status would skyrocket too!

If Qin Nan survived, it would no doubt serve as a disaster for him!

There was no way he could pay him two hundred Primary Stones.

At that instant, despite Qin Nan’s seemingly dead body, his palm that was covered in blood shuddered slightly all of a sudden.

His reddened eyes sprang open in a struggling manner.

At that instant, the smile on Xue Wuheng’s face stiffened, while the others were astonished.

Qin Nan was not dead?

“So what if he’s still alive. There is no way he could reach the three hundredth step even after unleashing his Martial Spirit in his current condition…”

Xue Wuheng spoke while wearing a twisted expression.

Before he could finish his sentence, Qin Nan’s lips began to move as a voice was forced out from his soul.

“Continue...moving forward…”

Right, continue moving forward!

The Triple Door had been specifically built to train the disciples’ determination. If that was the case, it would definitely act according to the rules. Therefore, he would be able to advance as long as his will was determined enough.

The reason why he chose not to unleash his Martial Spirit was because there was no need to use it in the Triple Door.

Since the Triple Door did not require one to use their Martial Spirit, why couldn’t he reach the end merely with his determination?

If he failed to do so, what difference was there between him and an ordinary man whom Xue Wuheng and Chen Ying had mentioned!

As such, despite the sufferings, despite the agony!


I must endure!

I shall not rely on my Martial Spirit!

I must continue moving forward!

Even if my flesh were to be destroyed, I will never give up!

Qin Nan reached out his palm and pressed against the ground. He could no longer support his body to rise from the ground. Therefore, he decided to crawl forward using his hands.

Even if he was forced to crawl, he would crawl to the end and achieve three hundred steps!


That being said, the illusionary giant pagoda continued to strike Qin Nan’s body without mercy.

Qin Nan’s eyes were filled with a blank expression. Although there was still a faint breath remaining, he had completely lost consciousness.

On the shore opposite the lake, everyone was completely astonished.

As Qin Nan crawled forward using his hands, an incredible intent burst out from his body and penetrated the hearts of the crowd.

How determined was his will to allow him to go this far?

It was such a pity that his will alone was not enough to reach the three-hundredth step!


Court Master Jin let out a sign and said, “Be prepared to save him!”

Chen Fei nodded his head, as he prepared to make his move.

Chen Ying let out a sigh of relief, while her face was filled with a hint of disdain. Although Qin Nan’s achievement and will deserve to be respected, she was filled with hatred toward him. As such, her only thought was to witness Qin Nan’s defeat so she could mock him.

“HAHA, the victory of the bet is mine!”

Meanwhile, Xue Wuheng let out a laugh.

Although it was quite a pity for him that Qin Nan had survived, he was feeling excited as he had a chance to slap Qin Nan in the face after this.

Not many people would have the chance to slap a peerless genius in the face!


Following a deafening blast, Court Master Jin’s figure landed on the island while he reached out his hand and summoned a giant hand to grab Qin Nan.

Since Qin Nan possessed the Unconventional Pill Almanac, they had a favor to ask of him. Furthermore, Court Master Jin was incredibly impressed by Qin Nan’s determination, thus he was willing to personally rescue him.

He would have to pay a huge price to heal Qin Nan’s current injuries.

However, his giant hand suddenly came to a stop while he stared at the sight before him, his face filled with utter astonishment.

Court Master Jin’s reaction immediately attracted the attention of the crowd. With a glance, they could only feel their brains buzzing!

Envoy Zhu was stunned!

Chen Fei was stunned!

Chen Ying was stunned!

Everyone at the scene was stunned!

Xue Wuheng and Ying Xunlong also realized something was wrong. They unconsciously glanced toward Qin Nan’s figure. Following this, their expressions immediately stiffened as their eyes were filled with an astonished look.

They could only see Qin Nan’s figure twisting on its own while gradually crawling forward.

It was obvious that he had already lost his consciousness!

But his body was still moving!

It was as if his determination was carved onto his soul. His determination was carved into his bones!

He was not willing to give up even though his bones were completely fractured, while he lost his consciousness!




The giant pagoda floating in mid-air emitted a succession of blows as if it had become furious.

Despite the fact that Qin Nan’s body was trembling after receiving the succession of powerful blows, his body continued to move forward by a tiny margin!

A tenth of an inch, three-tenths of an inch… One inch!

Qin Nan’s palm that was covered in blood had reached the three-hundredth step!


A loud explosion could be heard as the first and second door emitted a brilliant glow, as if countless mystical beings had begun to sing while celebrating Qin Nan’s achievement!

Three hundred steps—accomplished!

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