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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 403


Chapter 403: Chapter 403 - The Maniac Qin Nan

Chapter 403 - The Maniac Qin Nan


The merciless pressure heavily struck Qin Nan’s figure once again, causing his extremely weakened flesh to slam right into the ground as he vomited mouthfuls of blood. Blood continued to flow out from the countless wounds on his body, dying him red.


In the midst of his struggle, his face was thoroughly twisted due to the pain. Only the determined look in his eyes remained the same. His body had already run out of energy and strength. His will was the only thing supporting his severely damaged flesh to rise from the ground and challenge the next step once again!


The pressure landed and suppressed his figure.

At that instant, everyone including Ying Xunlong and Xue Wuheng, or Court Master Jin’s crew, and the crowd of cultivators were absolutely astonished by the scene before them.

Without unleashing his Martial Spirit!

Without using any mystical weapons!

His weakened body continued to rise from the ground in a staggering manner while suffering the indescribable pain.

Although the scene was utterly devastating to witness, it was as if an invisible force was being unleashed from it, causing the crowd to feel a hint of sacredness while witnessing it!

The previous mocking comments and jealousy of the crowd no longer existed, as everyone’s focus was locked onto the figure before them.

Each time he fell to the ground, he would definitely rise again!

Could...could he actually overcome it?

Seven times!

Eight times!

Nine times!

After Qin Nan was struck for the tenth time, his figure slowly rose from the ground, as if standing alone would consume his entire strength. He slowly raised his foot and took a step forward, causing the terrifying pressure to strike him instantly.


The crowd’s hearts were filled with a blasting thunder. It was as if they could see a huge mountain dropping from the sky, aiming to shatter Qin Nan’s body into pieces.

Their minds went blank for a brief moment. As they collected their thoughts, they immediately witnessed a shocking scene!

Qin Nan’s figure bent forward due to the pressure, but an unknown strength burst out from his body, which surprisingly resisted the suppression with brute force!


Qin Nan’s eyes flickered continuously with a glint of determination. Although the glow was miniscule, it never dissipated. It was this insane stubbornness that allowed him to endure the continuous suffering from the incredible pain!


Qin Nan’s right foot eventually landed on the ground. At that instant, it was as if a shocking thunder had taken place among the crowd.

Two hundred and forty steps!

Qin Nan had achieved two hundred and forty steps!

Ying Xunlong, Xue Wuheng, Court Master Jin, Chen Ying, Chen Fei, and the cultivators were lost for words as their faces were filled with astonishment.

He did it!

Qin Nan really did it!

He actually reached the two hundred and fortieth step without unleashing his Martial Spirit!

Which genius throughout the past could match his result?


Chen Ying and Xue Wuheng could feel their faces burning as if a thunderous slap had been given to their faces.

Weren’t you mocking Qin Nan because he was only talented due to his Martial Spirit?

Weren’t you mocking Qin Nan that he was nothing but trash without his Martial Spirit?

Even they could not achieve the result that Qin Nan had just achieved!

At that instant, the whole place fell into a dead silence for a prolonged period, before an uproar took place among the crowd.

Gasp, he is the real genius!”

“Who could match his determination?”

“It’s not just a coincidence that he managed to acquire all those achievements!”


The cultivators were completely flabbergasted by what they just witnessed, and immediately expressed their compliments.

“He really did it…”

Ying Xunlong could not help but mumble to himself. He felt that it was irrational for Qin Nan to accept the bet with Xue Wuheng. However, he finally came to a realization;t did not matter if Qin Nan was only acting on impulse—his determination was utterly impressive!

However, at that instant.

Chen Ying let out a scream all of a sudden, “So what if he managed to reach the two hundred and fortieth step? He even boasted that he could achieve three hundred steps! There is no way he can reach the three hundredth step even if he unleashed his Martial Spirit! Impossible!”

The cultivators who were expressing their compliments immediately frowned and wore unpleasant looks.

Maybe it’s true that Qin Nan would never reach the three hundredth step, but could you even achieve two hundred and forty steps yourself?

“Little sis, mind your words!” Chen Fei snapped.

Sigh. Court Master Jin shook his head and exclaimed, “Such a shocking determination can be considered outstanding in the Qinglong Sacred Area. Too bad he boasted that he could reach the three hundredth step. Even if he ended up achieving two hundred and ninety nine steps, his reputation would still be damaged due to his ruthless decision.”

Chen Fei frowned his eyebrows.

The crowd of cultivators sighed consecutively.

Judging from the current situation, if Qin Nan were to unleash his Martial Spirit, it was highly possible that he could miraculously break the previous record of over two hundred and sixty steps. However, due to the bet that he agreed to, if he failed to achieve three hundred steps, it would serve as a damage to his reputation.

It would be such a pity if his name could not be remembered because of the bet.

Meanwhile, on the blue brick path of the Triple Door, Xue Wuheng wore a dark expression after being astonished briefly, before he spoke in a mocking tone, “Qin Nan, I admit that I’m impressed by your determination. However, you are already half-dead after reaching the two hundred and fortieth step. Even if you were to unleash your Martial Spirit, there’s no way you can achieve three hundred steps! HAHAHA, stop trying and give up now. You will never achieve three hundred steps no matter how hard you try!”

Ying Xunlong became enraged and was about to speak, but chose to remain silent after seeing Qin Nan’s staggering figure.

Qin Nan’s achievement could already be considered as a miracle, but he had unfortunately agreed to the bet. However, there really was no point of continuing advancing forward.

If he aimed to train his determination and ended up severely injuring himself, it would serve as a great loss.

He should at least act according to his capabilities.

However, Qin Nan’s figure continued to move forward.

His mind was already in chaos after his thoughts were devoured by the endless pain and fatigue. The only thought that echoed in his heart was the thought to continue moving forward.

Was someone complimenting him?

Was someone mocking him?

Either way, what the others thought had nothing to do with him. He showed no sign of stopping, as if he had gone insane.

“Continue...moving forward!”

As Qin Nan took the two hundred and forty-first step, a rare phenomenon took place all of a sudden!

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