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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 401


Chapter 401: Chapter 401 - It's High Noon

Chapter 401 - It’s High Noon

...In the Triple Door on the island, with the blazing sun up high...

The flames inside Qin Nan’s body continued to burn, and even the Six-Dragon-Lined Golden Nascent Soul was unleashed. However, without him noticing, his body had begun to shiver, as if each time he raised his foot, he was raising a heavy mountain instead.

At that instant, Ying Xunlong and Xue Wuheng had achieved one hundred and ninety-nine steps, arriving right before the arch of the first door. Taking another step would allow them to pass the first door, which meant that they would be enduring the pressure from the second door from this point onward!

Their figures came to a stop while their breathing appeared to be unstable. They seemed to be waiting for something.

Like a turtle, Qin Nan slowly advanced forward. When he reached the one hundred and ninety-ninth step, his breathing was extremely heavy while his aura was incredibly weakened, as if he was on the verge of crumbling.

“Qin…Nan!” Xue Wuheng forced the words out from his throat in a stammering manner with a weakened tone, “…’ the first door!”

After saying this, five rays of green light were emitted from his back together with the gradual emergence of a frozen heart, as if the entire Triple Door was now experiencing a chilly winter.

It was as if his initially weakened body was rapidly filled with an endless force, allowing him to charge forward with ease and pass the first door, before his figure came to a stop at the two hundred and tenth step.

“Don’t… Don’t be fooled!” Ying Xunlong seemed to be exhorting the remaining force in his body as he spoke, “He did it on purpose… The pressure of the first door… will be tripled when you tried to cross it… If you aren’t ready for it… you will be knocked out from the Triple Door…”

The Triple Door;the pressure when passing each door was thoroughly different. If one did not brace themselves before entering the door, the person would be severely injured as a result.

This Xue Wuheng was vicious indeed, not giving up on any chance to provoke Qin Nan.


Qin Nan forced a smile onto his face.

“I’ going first…”

Ying Xunlong let out a groan as five rays of green light flashily appeared from his back, together with an atavistic beast emerging from the ground, which then let out a roar and shattered the pressure. Following this, the pressure suppressing Ying Xunlong significantly weakened, allowing him to catch up to Xue Wuheng.

Qin Nan glanced at their backs before staring at the giant arch of the first door before him. Without unleashing his Martial Spirit and hesitating, he gathered the force within his body and took a big step forward.


An unimaginable force crushed downward onto his figure like a few mountains stacking together.

Qin Nan’s body almost dropped to the ground due to the pressure. His face turned incredibly pale while his figure trembled vigorously, as if he was going to collapse at anytime soon.

An obvious contrast could be seen between Qin Nan and the two geniuses leading the way.


The same voice continued to echo inside Qin Nan’s heart while he was being suppressed by the terrifying pressure. While enduring the surging fatigue in his mind and the painful sensation from his body, he continued to advance, taking one step at a time. Each step seemed to be incredibly difficult and heavy.

Court Master Jin’s crew and the crowd of cultivators wore astonished looks.

They had not expected Qin Nan to pass the first door without unleashing his Martial Spirit. His determination could be considered relatively outstanding.

The reason being that they were utterly clear as to the pressure being applied when one was trying to cross the first door.

“That’s all he can do.”

Chen Ying twisted her lips in a disdainful way.

Court Master Jin, Chen Fei, and the rest frowned upon hearing this, but they did not say anything.

Meanwhile, on the blue brick path in the Triple Door, the figures of Xue Wuheng, Ying Xunlong, and Qin Nan were similar to the miniscule boats in the midst of a raging thunderstorm, as if they were going to capsize at anytime soon due to the terrifying waves. However, their shocking determination continued to support their fragile flesh as they endured the suffering from their fatigue and pain while they continued to move forward.

...One hour, two hours, three hours… At the moment when four hours had passed...

The faces of Xue Wuheng and Ying Xunlong were completely filled with agony despite the support from their Martial Spirits. It was as if they were carrying more than ten mountains each on their backs, causing an incredible pain to be felt when they tried to move their feet. The fatigue and pain were like a swarm of bugs tearing at their hearts with their sharp fangs.

Ying Xunlong suddenly raised his head and uttered a raging roar. Either his Martial Spirit or his cultivation was fully executed at that instant to support him as he raised his foot and took a step forward!


However, Ying Xunlong’s sturdy body slammed downward to the ground all of a sudden due to the pressure.

“I… I guess… I’ll be stopping… here…”

Ying Xunlong’s face turned pale as his battle intent completely vanished at that instant, indicating that he had given up.

It was as if the Triple Door could tell that he had given up, as the first and second doors emitted a brilliant glow onto his figure. Following this, his pale face instantly reddened while his aura recovered, as the terrifying pressure suppressing his body had disappeared.

“Giving up… so… soon…”

Xue Wuheng let out a mocking laugh. Following this, three rays of light were emitted from his body, which turned out to be three defensive Emperor Weapons, forming a defensive barrier around him against the pressure. In the meantime, he let out a roar and exhorted his full strength to take a step forward.

Two hundred and forty steps!


The three Emperor Weapons were instantly shattered into pieces by the terrifying aura!


Ying Xunlong opened his eyes and burst out cursing after discovering what Xue Wuheng had done.

The Triple Door was extremely magical, and was handy for training the disciples’ determination. Only those who were unable to tolerate the pressure would use their mystical weapons. That being said, the cultivators would choose not to use them most of the time.

Not to mention that Xue Wuheng was considered a talented genius!


Xue Wuheng let out a coarse laugh. So what if I’m being shameful. I’ve managed to achieve two hundred and forty steps, a step more than you, Ying Xunlong, which means that I’m stronger than you!

As such, the string that he had clenched tightly onto in his mind immediately loosened, causing him to completely lose his battle intent and give up.

The same as before, the two doors fired a glow onto his figure, aiding his recovery.

The moment Xue Wuheng recovered, his eyes sprung open as he stared at the figure that trembled as if it was in the midst of a thunderstorm, before he spoke with an evil tone, “Qin Nan, what are you waiting for? Give up now, it’s too painful for you. There’s no point in enduring the suffering, just give up!”


Ying Xunlong became enraged. This Xue Wuheng was too f**king shameful.

Even the crowd of cultivators on the shore frowned after hearing this.

While pressing forward in the Triple Door, one’s will and flesh would endure great suffering, as if the person was being burned in flames. Therefore, the seductive words that Xue Wuheng uttered were capable of disturbing Qin Nan’s determination, causing him to lose his ground!


As expected, the words resulted in a huge impact to Qin Nan, causing his thoughts to crumble rapidly. Countless thoughts of giving up immediately emerged like a surging spring, combining with the painful sensation from his flesh, causing him to find himself on the verge of giving up.


On the verge of crumbling, a sense of pride and determination was awakened within his bones.

Giving up?

Giving up just like that?

Would I be satisfied?

No way!

Deep within Qin Nan’s eyes that were filled with fatigue, a glow of light showed no sign of dissipating, as he gradually moved his body and raised his foot, and then landed it down.

I must continue to press forward!

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