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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 400


Chapter 400

Chapter 400 - The Crew from Caomu Peak

“Qin Nan, are you already having difficulties?”

Xue Wuheng’s cold voice appeared behind him, whose pores began to emit an icy aura, causing the area five meters around him to be covered in ice.

His figure sprang forward as if the previous pressure suppressing him had vanished, allowing him to reach the hundredth step.

“Xue Wuheng, what are you being proud of?”

Ying Xunlong let out a harrumph as a golden glow was emitted from his body, causing his body to grow bigger while uttering a series of drum beats, resulting in a shocking sight.

His current flesh was slightly stronger than Qin Nan’s.

Qin Nan showed no sign of being influenced after seeing the two geniuses advancing at a greater speed in front of him. He continued to take one step forward at a time while breathing heavily.

A moment later, Xue Wuheng and Ying Xunlong had both reached the one hundred and eightieth step. Even for these two geniuses, advancing a step further felt like an incredibly difficult task.

As for Qin Nan, he had now reached the one hundred and fortieth step with his slow pace.

Behind him, quite a number of cultivators had managed to pass the hundredth step mark.

If someone were to glance downward from above, the person would feel like the cultivators had turned into turtles slowly advancing on the blue brick path. Their foreheads and bodies were covered in sweat. Each of their breaths felt like they were inhaling flames, bringing a burning pain to their throats. Some of them even became anxious and hot-tempered due to the suffering from the suppression.

“I can’t move anymore! I’ll be cultivating here!”

Finally at that instant, a cultivator let out a roar and sat down with his legs crossed and his eyes shut.


The first door suddenly fired a brilliant glow onto the figure of the cultivator.

Seeing the cultivator giving up served as the final blow to the resistance of the people around him, as seven other cultivators chose to give up and sat down with their legs crossed. Once again, the first door fired a glow onto each of their heads.

“So it appears that the benefit from the Triple Door will be granted after one gave up. At the same time, those who took more steps would obviously be given a greater benefit than those with fewer steps…”

Qin Nan turned his head around and observed the situation that the cultivators were experiencing, allowing him to have a clearer grasp of the rules. He then wore a firmer look on his face.

The Triple Door is a test, a test focusing on one’s mentality.

Once you clenched your teeth and endured the suffering due to the suppression, you would be receiving a great benefit in return!

“Time to keep going!”

Despite the fact that Qin Nan felt his feet were as heavy as mountains, he continued to step forward while clenching his teeth.

...Meanwhile, opposite the lake...

Over two hundred cultivators could only wait where they were since they failed to acquire a jade boat, and prepared themselves to get moving once someone fainted due to the pressure of the Triple Door.

A few figures landed along with a series of piercing whooshes all of a sudden.

The one leading the crew was none other than Court Master Jin, with Envoy Zhu, Tie Mu, Chen Ying, and a young man following behind him.

Their arrival served as a detonation of a grenade.

“What’s going on?”

“Isn’t that Court Master Jin? F**k, isn’t that young man Chen Fei?”

“Chen Fei, the genius in Pill Alchemy? What are they here for?”


Their arrival immediately attracted the attention of the crowd.

“Such a pointless fuss!”

Chen Ying said in a cold tone.

She was feeling extremely unpleasant—not only had their Peak Leader been startled by the fifth-grade Xing ranked pill that Qin Nan had refined, he had even personally paid a visit to Duanmu Peak so he could recruit Qin Nan, but ended up getting rejected. In the end, the Peak Leader had no choice but to order Court Master Jin and the others to find Qin Nan in order to acquire the Unconventional Pill Almanac!

It was Peak Leader Caomu who realized that Qin Nan had acquired the Unconventional Pill Almanac from the Demonic-Cored Highness.

As a result, Chen Ying was incredibly jealous, Why was Qin Nan the one that acquired the succession of the Demonic-Cored Highness instead of her?

“Qin Nan should be inside the Triple Door.”

Court Master Jin swiftly scanned the crowd. Before he could make his move, the custodian who had been placing the jade boats for the cultivators at the beginning exclaimed with a shocked tone all of a sudden.

“Is this Qin Nan out of his mind? He dares to bet with Xue Wuheng that he could achieve three hundred steps!”

The words served as a huge explosion.

“Shit! Are you sure?”

“Three hundred steps? Are you kidding me!”

“This Qin Nan is insane!”


The entire crowd was astounded.

Even Court Master Jin and the others wore blank expressions on their faces.

Most of the cultivators of the Qinglong Sacred Area had been to the Triple Door before. Even those that did not would have at least heard of the Triple Door.

It’s impossible to reach the three hundredth step!

In the midst of astonishment, Chen Ying’s face was filled with a hint of disdain, “See? I did mention that this Qin Nan is extremely full of himself! If he wasn’t lucky enough to stumble onto those fortunate encounters, how could he be this outstanding with his Martial Spirit alone?”

“Shut it!”

At that instant, Chen Fei snapped, “Little sis, don’t be ridiculous. Don’t forget the reason we’re here!”

Chen Ying’s face turned pale. This was the first time her brother had scolded her, but upon thinking about the reason behind it, she could not help but wear a helpless look.

Before they arrived, Chen Fei’s rival—the Princess—had managed to refine a tenth-grade Xing ranked spiritualized pill, thus displaying a better talent than him. If Chen Fei could not acquire the Unconventional Pill Almanac, he would definitely be smashed facing the Princess.

In other words, they were trying to ask Qin Nan for a favor!

“Let’s put that aside for now. We shall observe the duel between Qin Nan and Xue Wuheng.”

Court Master Jin was interested in the bet. He raised his hand and tapped at the space before him. Following this, a watery screen began to take shape in front of the crowd. On the screen were Ying Xunlong, Xue Wuheng, Qin Nan, and the others who were having a difficult time advancing forward.

The crowd of cultivators was dying to know the situation taking place in the Triple Door, hence they immediately gazed at the screen summoned by Court Master Jin.

“Ying Xunlong and Xue Wuheng are powerful indeed. They have already reached the one hundred and ninety-ninth step, and it seems like they are still at ease!”

“They definitely won’t have a problem achieving two hundred and thirty steps!”

“Qin Nan doesn’t look good. It seems like he is about to reach his limit even though he is currently at the one hundred and eighty-third step!”


The cultivators immediately expressed their thoughts after discovering the situation through the watery screen, before shaking their heads.

“I knew it!”

Chen Ying disdainfully shook her head.

Aiming to achieve three hundred steps despite the fact that you were already struggling at the one hundred and eighty-third step?

What a ridiculous joke!

That being said, she could not shift her focus from the screen, as she was eager to witness Qin Nan’s defeat with her own eyes!

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